Why Offshore E-Discovery Services? The Untold Secret!


Why Offshore E-Discovery Services? The Untold Secret!

In E-discovery, parties can impel the other party to provide them such documents that may be pertinent to their claim, whether as a claimant or defendant. Implying with E-Discovery Services rules, it can be complicated for the parties. Since they have to go through lots of documents in order to review.

Prolonged Discovery Process 

It is the duty of the attorneys to conduct review of documents. It’s require to produce during E-Discovery Services because it may consume significant time and effort. Traditionally, Attorneys themselves review the documents to identify irrelevant or privileged documents. However, the advancement of technology and the volume of documents that should be subject to review during discovery exploded with information. Such electronically stored information is a must to discover and that will be nearly 90% used.

Earning Document Review Services

In document review services attorneys reviewed 

  • Responsiveness
  • Relevance
  • Privilege
  • Work-product Confidentiality & issue codes

This process takes a large segment of litigation effort and costs. Also, it is consideres too monotonous. For that reason, this part of discovering or reviewing is often outsource with offshore providers through E-Discovery Services provider. Offshore legal providers assisted with expert attorneys the best design and develop databases. It includes managing, sorting, indexing, abstracting, and coordinating the large volumes of data produced in major litigation. 

Managed Document Review

Reducing Cost

Legal services are outsourced from India to lower costs and shorten the discovery timeline. The offshoring of the document review process is termed as ‘’Managed Document Review’’ with the help of E-Discovery Services. Moreover, it proved to reduce litigation costs by three quarters from law firms. 

The Indian legal system is quite similar to the United States and English is the primary language for law students. This will help in hiring qualified document reviewers quickly. The general charge of document review is $150 per hour but by offshoring. You can leverage this facility in between $30 to $40 per hour. If the firm chooses to outsource E-Discovery Services to offshore document review providers like AEREN LPO, they can reduce costs for their clients.

Apart from the financial aspects it is also considerate of the efficiency and availability of clock services. While tapping in the pool of globe, the review time becomes half because of the difference in time zones. Offshoring of E-Discovery Services also allows in-house attorneys to engage in work demanding usage of core competencies, generating higher rates of returns rather than using their efforts on the task that other professionals can perform at low costs.

For conducting the review, some document review softwares is often required as well as knowledge and expertise for best results. You can either go for linear review or  technology assisted;  both services are provided by specialized companies with well-versed review workflow and technology which maximize productivity.

Litigation Support Service

Grasp More in Bridging Document Review Service  

This whole document review process is predominant, through an important pre-trial procedure your task should be performing well by offshore Litigation Support Service providers.

AEREN LPO has been offering efficient E-Discovery Services for over a decade, helping clients use reliable, cost-effective strategies, and high-end technology. Our attorneys come from the best law schools and use the available resources to ensure complete customer satisfaction. What differentiates us is our core set of beliefs to ensure that all our clients are happy with the work performed by our team. 
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