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Litigation Support Services

Why do Law Firms Need Litigation Support Services? Need to know now!

Law Firms are usually characterized by their practice areas and the type of services they provide. Most law firms handle different cases from all parts of a country, even from around the world. Attorneys and paralegals usually remain immersed in several legal tasks. While handling personal cases, ranging from serious injuries, medical negligence etc. Due to this wide range of cases, it can be difficult for law firms to handle without the use of litigation support services.

Therefore, when it comes to trials, you want to ensure that your case has been examined. Also all the evidence has been gathered. Only the dedicated team of Litigation Support Service will work with you to ensure the case, no matter what it involves. They handled as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The legal industry is going through a digital transformation and new services are being integrated with every passing day. One such alternative service delivery model is Outsourcing and also law firms across the world are embracing it. Let’s discuss some of its advantages.

Managed Priorities & Workload

Legal process outsourcing services give you an opportunity to focus on what you do best: deliver excellent legal services. A litigation support service provider will take over time-consuming, repetitive tasks that are necessary for running a law firm efficiently. This allows you to prioritise your responsibilities, which saves time and money!

Why do Law Firms Need Litigation Support Services? With a full-service legal support provider like AEREN LPO, you can reap a variety of benefits, like having a team of skilled legal experts available round-the-clock to support you with all aspects of litigation.

Efficient Augmentation

Most attorneys will tell you that they can’t give too much time to a case as they must prepare for other matters. The fact is that many times, you will find your attorneys wearing multiple hats, working for a fair settlement, and simultaneously preparing for trials. So how do you ensure that your legal team will be ready for trial? The answer is simple—you should consider hiring a litigation support service provider. Who can work on your case behind the scenes. While your attorneys have more time to concentrate on ensuring that the cases are prepare properly.

Hence, if you don’t have enough employees to meet the necessary deadlines, you can consider hiring outsourcing litigation services. Furthermore, these services can be specially design to bridge the efficiency gap that may arise in the operation of your firm.

Decrease Expenditure

Law Firms would need to hire legal secretaries and paralegals, who not only type documents but also work on legal research, answer emails and phone calls, maintain files and records, draft pleadings and motions etc. However, the hiring process is time-consuming and expensive. If you outsource some of these tasks to a specialized legal support services firm, you can reduce your recruitment costs significantly.

Utilize the Time to Growth

Law firms have come to realize that outsourcing litigation support services are a win-win situation. Whereby they get time to focus on the current resources at their best while their outsourcing partner manages almost all the tasks. This improves client servicing and relationships, allowing the firm to boost its overall growth.

Time Zone Differences

Law firms can make the best use of outsourcing if they choose companies serving from regions with massive time-zone differences, such as countries in Asia like India or the Philippines. Why? Because you can assign the work to your outsourcing firm in such areas at the time of your day-end. And you can have that work done and delivered by the time you come back to the office the next day.

Data Security

Data security is one of the top concerns of any firm. When it comes to legal business, you know how important it is to secure your clients’ highly sensitive data. However, you need not worry anymore. We understand these needs. As we provide services that incorporate information security compliance and data protection as an integral part of our service offering.

When it comes to litigation support services, quality matters a lot. You need a dependable personal injury litigation support partner. Which will be able to provide you with a wide range of innovative and reliable legal services at competitive rates.

AEREN LPO is an experienced legal outsourcing provider that evaluates clients’ needs and delivers exceptional results. We possess the expertise required to handle various types of cases.

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Litigation Support Services

Real Benefits of Legal Coding That Empowers Legal Professionals for Litigation Support Services!

Legal documents can increase from a single form to hundreds of pages. Litigation Support Service with best legal document coding is very effective. Besides, as it enables attorneys to dig deeper into the relevant documents requires for cases. Since, the legal codings of the documents, you can accurately extract crucial information from a document collection. But the process of hiring and training full-time coding experts is expensive. 

Expedited discovery needs can come and go, so having these resources on an ongoing retainer will affect the present significant costs to the firm. There are ways to do your erectile dysfunction treatment, you can check at The best way to implement effective legal coding is to outsource the Litigation Support Services that specialize in the field. 

Dedicated teams of outsourcing service providers are adept and perform the legal coding tasks accurately while lowering the cost incurred as compared to the internal resources. Through this, the data will acquire quickly, enabling the attorneys to expedite review in preparation for trial.

Perks of Legal Coding

Easily Access Key Information

An error-free document eases the litigation. Well-indexed and sorted documents facilitate finding information and searches of key terms and relevant names. It not only saves your time but also augments the quality of the services they provide to their clients. 

Outsourcing is the foremost effective way to utilize legal coding. It boosts productivity while reducing the cost, also a win-win situation for legal firms and attorneys. 

Automated analytics tools which attempt to classify relevant data without manual intervention are not free from error. Many times these tools also miss out on information that gathers from a thorough review carried out by trained litigation coding professionals.

Litigation Support Service To Streamline Review


It is a procedure by which the boundary of documents is establish by identifying logical breaks. Large documents with no metadata, unstructured data dumps and unscanned images without any physical boundaries defined it to be critical to understanding. Legal outsourcing services providers have the expertise and a well-equipped team to unitize thousands of documents in a day! 

Bibliography Coding

It should be utilize to extract objective and subjective data from documents. Some data points include the date, author, recipient, document title, document type but, custom coding palettes are readily facilitating and can be tailor to your individual case needs. 

Subjective Coding

Reviewing complex documents such as contracts is a challenge to attorneys and law firms. Documents that have legal jargon do not only require indexing but also subjective codings. In subject coding, we abstract the key names, important terms, signatory parties etc.

Manual Redaction

Such documents deemed relevant to the case should be in a confidential manner where personal information subject to attorney and client privilege must be redacted beforehand or withhold. You can simply outsource the redaction task without fear of any compromise on data privacy.

However, these tasks should be outsourced to litigation support service providers whose dedicated trained teams code documents accurately. Outsourcing with AEREN should save your time, cost and allows legal professionals to focus on core tasks. 

Hence, outsource your legal coding and other litigation support with AEREN LPO, today. Visit

Litigation Support Service

Active Litigation Service: All You Need To Know!

Any legal representation in court or any proceedings provided by a legal solicitor. Performing for the person who needs a legal process comes under the litigation service. However, to overcome your troubles, active litigation service is a prerequisite.

You may know the basics of a litigation service. But do you know how to prepare for one before it begins? Since, to make a litigation service successful, it’s important to proactively prepare your workflow and many more things in intellect.

Legal writing, case research, legal solution, summarization of records, and legal transcription have come under the Litigation Support Services. Keeping track of all this work and team effort is essential for effective litigation services. Some points you must keep in mind before working with any litigation service. 

Preparation for Litigation

Before indulging in anything you need to prepare before getting into the lawsuit. And meet the deadlines while keeping the case within the budget. 

You need a cooperative unit that can work on case. Including legal writing and research prior to the case at their level best. Also, the team provides you with legal solutions. Important records, or facts and, ensures that they are transcribed in an appropriate way. This helps you out to complete the work within due dates. Prior preparation for the litigation is necessary to get the best result to come out. 

Best Communication and Access

As you all know, Communication is the only key to get into anything. Every step within litigation involves communication. Best communication with everyone will protect you from digging into the mud. 

From the client’s perspective, the litigation team should provide all the information to their clients about the case. No key information should hidden from the clients. It will help the clients to know the status of their case. Moreover, colleagues from the litigation team can have access to the information they need. The team should provide all the information on the time when needed with other colleagues. It helps them in research and solutions. The litigation team should provide the required information to the opposing counsel as well under the privacy policy.

Security on Priority 

Since attorneys are designe to work for the legal industry they should consider security as their topmost priority. The litigation team understands the necessity of confidentiality and security in litigation which should be performed in a mannered way.

By digitization in the modern era, you can control, edit, monitor access to your documents and information. And ensure your work is protects and follow the industry standards for security. Some basic tools that can help you with the same are available in the market.

Some basic necessities is require to start a litigation service. We have to prioritize our work. So that we can handle the rising challenges in litigation quickly. And increase efficiency & quality in output to optimize the cost benefits to our organization.

Key Performance Touchstones To Outsource All Your Legal Workflow Management Assisted Tasks

Legal firms, corporate houses, legal publishing houses, attorneys. And many legal outsourcing experts current unsettling agitation is the looming voluminous caseload. Since, low to mid-level legal assist tasks. And a deterministic solution in fixing an easy. Also streamline, and all through the year organize workflow management. For all levels of the organization.

Therefore, Off-shore outsourcing is a definite long term as well as short term solution that legal firms and organization. So, it can decide to move their workloads. And eliminate backlogs and increase efficiency in the way they conduct their business and relationship with their clients.

Therefore, AEREN LPO is throughout in the forefront for pioneering legal outsourcing . And leads our clients in strategic decision making and making leaps by delivering the consistent value. Since no legal task is too small to go unnoticed or pushed to the background. Since, everything has its own significance in the legal journey. And we ensure to deliver from large to small projects. So as the dedication, commitment, and full justice in making your outsourcing benefits manifold.

Access to Proficient Legal Experts

Hence, our attorneys, project managers, paralegals are not only experienced and deftly skilled. But hugely accomplished, qualified, and thoroughly adept in their practice areas. Moreover, each project is steered with the best of minds in the industry delivering world-class solutions every step of the way for all your concerns.

Latest Technology

We use and strategize technology both in-house. As well as the third party that enhances the access to perks a technology or a software brings into the workflow process, the much needed time, cost-saving, and quality infused in delivering everyday projects.

The Choice To Scale And Hire

So, we believe in not limiting ourselves to only a certain way of work done is done and considered. We believe in flexibility in needs, skills as well as the seasons of change that happens in any workplace environment. We give the utmost flexibility to our clients to choose to scale, hire, rehire, or limit resources at any time throughout the year.

Multi-dimensional Saving

Therefore, outsourcing is all gains, saving, and quality in all retrospectives. Since, A combination of the best resource assets, technology access, and management of everyday operating costs and training with complete transparency in bringing result-driven legal workflow management leads to huge perks and intangible profits expanded benefits.

Accord to Security and Confidentiality

Every project is guaranteed to uphold data security, confidentiality, and compliance adherence at all levels consistently. Since, not only limited resources and point person is in access to the information with the complete onus of responsibility in dealing with sensitive information in all of our project levels. Equipped with the industry state-of-the-art facilities and secured servers, we give utmost importance to mitigate data breach discrepancies.

Pilot Projects

To test the flow of project management and requirement understanding. So, we undertake free pilot projects to assess, co-ordinate and streamline the actual project workflow before the actual nod and initiation with further payment options in carrying out the complete project.

Hence, we ensure to deliver solutions customized to every fine detail and fulfill all our client requirements in each of their legal workflow tasks, including project initiation, continuation, mobile car wash near my location and completion with us. We offer end-to-end legal outsourcing in Contract Management, Managed Document Review Services, Global Immigration Management, Litigation Support Services, Global Compliance and Regulations, Legal Research and Analysis, Merger and Acquisition, Deposition Summarization and Transcription Services and Para Legal and Virtual Assistant Services.

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Protect Your Contract Litigations With Aeren LPO Support Services

Litigation support services is a state of chaos. If not duly streamlined in the first place or being accurately prepared in the later stages. Contracts if not managed cleverly and neglected to check on responsibilities or left forgotten. Also increase your definite one-way path to litigation.

When it comes to contract litigation, the scrutinized outlook towards the contract terms, responsibility, accountability, compliance. And the status of the stakeholders involved in the first place, incorrect or missed data, date checks. Also modified or not updated new agreements in the course of the contract period. And changes in the contract or the stakeholders previous to current contract tenure owing to special considerations. Like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the performance of a contract. Or the non-performance can lead to litigation scenarios. Since, the factors are varied and diversified in relevance to a contract outcome and situation.

At AEREN LPO, we have umbrella legal cover for you when your chances of litigation arise. And devise ways to deal with and protect your business and clients’ interest from any undue distractions. We have you secured both for Contract Management and also to handle all your extended Litigation Support Services.

Contract Management

Therefore, End-to End contract management in keeping your contract secure, streamlined, and organized. This ensures all your contracts are accounted for. And you have your contracts ready when either your business has to face or tide through litigation.

End-to-End Contract Lifecycle Management

End-to-End contract lifecycle management to focus on various contract activity stages like drafting, negotiation, execution, amendments, and renewals. However, this ensures a complete contract management care at every stage. Also broadens one’s scope, perspective, and functional handling of contracts.

Contract Standardization and Harmonization

Therefore, Contract Standardization and Harmonization to bring uniformity across all your contract templates. With our standard library of agreements, clauses, and T&Cs. A clear contract strategy across any contract assists you in getting the perfect contracts.

Contract Abstraction and Summarization

Firstly, Contract Abstraction and Summarization in getting you the essence of the pages of contracts. And make them quick to locate and easy to understand. Secondly, This expedites your process and avoids voluminous and tedious overseeing and averts checking difficulties every single time.

Litigation Support Services

Therefore, Law-suit handling and focused back-end support services like the review, analysis, and research with drafting for pleas and other legal documents and assist you completely in litigation. Since, Managing business continuity plans in your contracts and provide accurate review and analysis to protect you from future litigation chances.

Hence, Talk to our experts in finding the best solutions to contract management and litigation support services for your business.

How Contract Litigation Is On The Rise With Covid-19 And The Need Of Litigation Support Services

When the world unaware of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and seemingly blissful otherwise, everyone was dealing with litigation on a day to day basis. Litigation Support Services hugely made the whole process of litigation smoother, faster, and completely efficient and kept you up breasted on all the changes and assisted in the lawsuits.

Now with the ongoing pandemic, everything that was has gone for a toss and there were certain periods in between in the last few months when everything was complete chaos with everyone overwhelmed with no effective countermeasures to start with.

The sudden overhaul in lockdowns, people coming down with the coronavirus, rest confined to their homes, new government regulations coming up in relevance to the COVID-19, there were many challenges when people in business were flummoxed and looking out to grasp a way out of this existential crisis.

Contracts disputes in business increased overnight with a wide plethora of contractual reasons ranging from dates extension, supply chain cut, lockdown, and new global regulations between countries in carrying out business, ultimately leading to non-performance, delay in completion, orworst case contract closeout abruptly.

How to handle a breach of contracts when there are contracts directly or indirectly been affected globally?

And when to proceed to litigation?

These two questions are now for every business situation that is being currently encountered in one way or another.

Upholding and obliging to every contract is the building block of the business relationship. However, currently, this has been proving more challenging. Find here San Diego Downtown. While some have found ways to tide out with their solid business continuity plans and alternative measures specific to the pandemic, some businesses didn’t find themselves so lucky mostly based on the nature of their resources and services and had to falter and thus putting them on the risk path to litigation.

Once the contract is in ligation there are wide aspects of contract provisions, remedies, and alternatives to focus on for a further strategic endeavor, compensation, or a better deal outcome from it.

At AEREN LPO we have a skilled resource team of litigation support services attorneys to take you forward for a smooth lawsuit handling process ahead. Call us today or visit our website to know more about our Litigation Support Services.