Aeren LPO Academy


Creating talent for tomorrow

Aeren LPO Academy is a unique investment from Aeren LPO that solidify our commitment to provide our clients with the best talent that can address their most complex business requirements expeditiously.

The Academy not only helps Aeren LPO to make their employees nurture skills & knowledge but keeps them abreast of latest development in Legal Industry and technology as well as providing aspiring LPO professionals with structured training on domain knowledge, soft skills, process, and technical expertise to deliver end-to-end business solutions. Aeren LPO Academy provides both training and certification courses to In-House Legal Resources as well as to aspiring legal & Para legal LPO professionals.

Aeren LPO Academy Framework

1.) Training Mechanism – Developing competence

Our resources go through a rigorous capability-building process to remain updated in order to address any challenges so as to deliver the best out of the best to the clients.

  • Classroom training – domain, soft skills, technical and process skills. 
  • Technology assisted learning.
  • Live Project Training.
  • Study Material.
  • Self-learning. 
  • Peer knowledge sharing and mentoring. 

2.) Certification Mechanism

We provide two levels of certification to aspiring legal & Para legal LPO professionals that helps Aeren LPO to produce future talent to meet its growing resource requirements.

  • Basic
  • Advance 

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