Litigation Support Service

The Legal Process Outsourcing Units have now been serving the Legal Industry in USA and other European regions since last decade. Helping with menial jobs such as managing and compliance of vastly scattered data across organization’s technology network, these units provide benefits such as reduction of work pressure on in-house staff, access to high quality legal service and external talent, cost cutting, saving on operational cost, increased focus on core functionalities, increased financial savings and increased competitive advantage

Litigation processes can be quite challenging and incomprehensible. The processes involved can get quite time-consuming and attorneys and law firms often require assistance. This is where Litigation Support Service come into play. They provide assistance to the clients, litigation lawyers, and paralegals with essential documentation and information concerning all areas of law and render best possible solution for their legal concerns so that the case proceedings could go as smoothly and swiftly as possible and any other assistance the law firms or attorneys may require for preparing the cases.

  • Legal Writing
    • Drafting of Motions and Pleadings
    • Preparation of Legal Forms
    • Legal Memorandum
    • Appellate Briefs
    • Trial Briefs
    • Complaints
    • Answers and Affirmative Defenses
    • Counterclaims and Replies
    • Discovery Requests
    • Deposition Summaries
    • Legal Coding/Indexes
    • Arbitration Letters, Settlement Letters, and so on
  • Case Research
  • Legal Solution
  • Summarization of Records
  • Legal Transcription