Any industry that depends on direction, collaboration, and communication can benefit significantly from transcription. A chat, meeting, presentation, or any other vocal communication is captured using video or audio. And the material uttered is subsequently typed down on paper, a process known as transcription. The precision and speed of the service’s transcription will determine whether it is word-for-word or includes some corrections and mistakes. AEREN provides various legal transcription services by prioritizing matchless speed, high accuracy, and new-age legal transcription

Depending on the circumstance, some clients have a limited timeframe and need a transcription immediately. A lacking of the required information can lead to a total failure result. Although inaccuracies aren’t always present, in certain situations. The project managers and participants are aware of them and know to seek for and check for them. With AERENs human and New-Age legal transcriptions, high-quality audio or video file is transcribe with accuracy close to 99%. 

Does Speed equal Accuracy?  

In certain situations, time is more critical than accuracy. A timeline is always provide in the document, and the specifics is fill in or interpret if need. The importance of transcription speed would be higher than accuracy in these circumstances.

The Education, Research, interviews, Dissertation Lectures Academic Interviews and Presentations, and Entertainment- their universities worldwide transcript the audio recordings to help students to understand better. 

In several industries, transcription accuracy is not just important, but critical. There are other industries where inaccuracies cannot be ignore or compensated for. The specifics are crucial for success, and there is no room for guesswork, or the project is doom.

Medicine, corporate research, and Scientific Research are more important to be accurate mistranscriptions can result in an issue of health or life.

High Accuracy, Matchless Speed and New-Age Legal Transcription Experience with AEREN LPO! 

Each transcription appears straightforward and serves a distinct purpose with the different document types. It is a specialized service that requires a distinct skill set to meet the client’s specific requirements. Although there are many software to deliver transcripts to make it easy. But a quality check is require to review the accuracy of transcripts. 

With AEREN LPO, you get the simulation of AI, but with the hand of human expertise! 

With AI intervention you get an easy transcript but, by adding human assistance. Quality check of expert attorneys helps you to achieve high accuracy standards. Our tailored Legal Transcription Service includes a wide spectrum of services. It include transcription of depositions, testimonials, official court hearings, interrogations, legal briefs, client letters, general legal correspondence, documents, notes etc. We understand the client’s specific needs, and then determine which transcription type will best suit –edited, verbatim, intelligent verbatim or phonetic transcription.

Our entire process goes through stringent monitoring and maintains international quality standard. This need to be done with the highest level of accuracy since every single word is important and can lead to a change in court decisions. We bring value in terms of TAT, endeavour, assets and capital. We follow the strictest code of confidence with all the documents as privacy is a big concern for us.

What we focus on:

  • Following the AI model with the hand of human expertise. 
  • Transcription from the source material (Digital recordings) i.e. audio or video transcription.
  • Proofreading and formatting of automatically transcribed files through transcription tools.
  • Live dictation via stenographer.

You can count on AERENs legal transcription service to deliver what you need.