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Top 10 Covid-19 Legal ServicesTrends For Law Firms And Business

The year 2020 completely changed the world’s perspective, with COVID-19 affecting people globally. And for the huge impact of losses and scare it caused worldwide. Here are the top 10 COVID-19 related legal services trends that were exclusive or relative in response to COVID-19.

Work-from-Home (WFH)

Therefore, WFH has become the universal phenomenon with lockdowns bringing countries, continents, states, and even inter-city borders to a complete standstill. Bigger organizations are extending WFH till June 2021 to tackle COVID-19.

Since, all legal services and solutions is adapt in a WFH environment. Or with a lesser percentage of staff in an actual office set-up.

Virtual Meetings

Firstly, Virtual Meetings were the first step towards continuing business amidst social distancing and WFH. Since, Zoom, Google Meet became the new mode of workplace meetups and for connectivity.

Clients and attorneys kept in touch and follows on obligations through virtual meeting spaces. Also, stays update and in touch for all their legal requirements.

Force Majeure

Therefore, Lot is talk and re-talk on every aspect of force majeure. And its provisions in regards to millions of contracts worldwide. But, the term trended everywhere for solutions to COVID-19 disruptions in legal responsibilities.

However, Contracts is either evaluate for a force majeure clause. Or amend to include one to protect the business losses in these hard times.

M&A for Antitrust Reviews

Mergers & Acquisitions of giants during pandemic have come under the lenses and ask for more comprehensive evidence to dispel monotony notions in anti-trust reviews and closely monitored.

Now M&A is critically view for the authenticity of the purpose. And the courts is approach for stopping the sudden boom in acquisitions.

Virtual Assistants

Improving staff availability due to the COVID-19 with Virtual Assistants and Outsourcing Solutions has been growing. Legal resources are affected by COVID-19, making businesses looking for cost constraints and procurement to fill the shortage.

Therefore, this has led more legal firms and businesses to drive their legal services towards virtual assistants, and legal process outsourcing companies as alternatives to compensate for their staff shortages, government regulations towards lockdowns, and other factors.

Business Continuity Plans

Business Continuity Plans for every organization were re-evaluated and reviewed for better future strategies and coming out of the current inadequacies and losses in carrying out business.

Moreover, Business Continuity Plans paved the way for contingency measures to overcome challenges and issues related to COVID-19 in sustaining the business.

Material Adverse Effects (MAE)

In light of COVID-19, a lot was discussed on what constitutes MAE and for one to refrain and abide by the contract responsibility and chalk it out to risks under MAE. Visit Material Adverse Effect provides the much-needed leverage in business while in the renegotiation of terms for termination circumstances of a business.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

OSHA guidelines were incorporated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the USA to minimize COVID-19 risks for employees in workplaces paving way for regulations to protect all the employees and monitoring the COVID-19 scenario.

Contract Breaches and Non-performances

Contracts all over the world went for a complete overhaul in struggling to cope with contract breaches and non-performances at the beginning of 2020. Since, contracts are expected to gain momentum and perform better in the nearing of the end of 2020 by integrating contingency measures implemented under re-negotiated contracts.

Employees’ Welfare for COVID-19

Moreover, new guidelines and support for employees is directly affects by COVID-19 or their family members and children’sneeds of care is review globally for leave requirements, pay benefits, insurance, and maintaining confidentiality and sensitivity while dealing withthe positively affected employee.

Therefore, we are now in the third quarter of the year 2020 and by now, things are looking to marginally improve by people becoming more cautious and aware to the spread and taking precautions, adapting to the new ways of working and living, and businesses changing their strategies to turn this year and the future in their stride.

Redressing Covid-19 Related Business Operations Through Litigation

Keep your organization with the best defense mechanism that might have arisen due to the coronavirus pandemic. By Litigation Services of Aeren LPO.

As the days go by before complete trails for vaccination are made available with a definite cure, there will be scores of organizations heading towards litigation services for many new issues that are being faced from their end. In the last couple of months to the upcoming few more months down this year before things go back to normal for many in the business, there will be a load of litigation instances to be ready for.

The major threats that will be leading some businesses to face litigation services will be involving around the issues like:

Contractual Obligations

Contractual obligations will be the first and foremost hit, for the majority of the organization that deals with reduction in productions, services, delivery and timeframe in the middle of the pandemic spread, containing it and lockdown measures. This would be a tougher time for start-ups and SMBs to keep their employees, infrastructure and also focus on contractual terms and obligations on delivery or completion.

Shortages in Supply Chain

Shortcomings due to shortages are not a surprise when a business is partially hit. The supply chain takes a brunt when some in the beginning to the end of the chain is facing operational issues due to lack of employee inaccessibility to production premises, governmental regulations to be compliant with COVID-19 containment and less to no shipping possibilities. This brings critical shortages in procuring.

Pay-cuts, Layoffs, and Termination

Businesses are now in time to sustain their business for current and in the long run and hence would be forced to deal with losses in terms of pay-cuts, layoffs, and terminations. This needs to be dealt with a lot of empathy and within the employer-employee relationships. Organizations need to bring about compensatory, understanding or validate their defenses for their in-house challenges.

Shortages in Supply Chain

Shortcomings due to shortages are not a surprise when a business is partially hit. The supply chain takes a brunt when some in the beginning to the end of the chain is facing operational issues due to lack of employee inaccessibility to production premises, governmental regulations to be compliant with COVID-19 containment and less to no shipping possibilities. This brings critical shortages in procuring.

Pay-cuts, Layoffs, and Termination

Businesses are now in time to sustain their business for current and in the long run and hence would be forced to deal with losses in terms of pay-cuts, layoffs, and terminations. This needs to be dealt with a lot of empathy and within the employer-employee relationships. Visit Organizations need to bring about compensatory, understanding or validate their defenses for their in-house challenges.

Jurisdictions related to General and Specific Cases in US Courts

Litigations in the USA are broadly classified into two jurisdictions namely general and specific. When it comes to general, it is an all-claims jurisdiction. And for specific, it’s any suit related jurisdiction. The defendant can work on jurisdictional challenges when it comes to face litigation and hence protect them from US Courts.

Cross-border Litigation

With multi-national organizations now dealing with the crisis not just in the home base, but in different countries, work cultures, and varied governmental rules and regulations, now is the time to stay ahead by focusing on steadying up the across the country defenses to protect your business from being caught up in any litigation suits.

COVID-19 has opened up many businesses and people to challenges and vulnerabilities that were not previously anticipated in this currently large scale. Since now its already happening, its better to strongly suit up for defense and do your best in protecting your business, people and the organization.

At AEREN LPO, we have come up with COVID-19 litigation defense mechanism strategies to help our clients and assist you A-Z in your litigation discovery process.

Aeren LPO’s 10 Point Solutions to Overcome Covid-19 Legal Staffing Challenges

US Department of Labor in their latest graph shows that in just two weeks a staggering 10 million workers in the United States have filed for unemployment. The statistics also include furloughed employees. The economy did shutdown intentionally to deal with the pandemic. Also at the same time, legal firms and corporate houses now have the legal sustainable responsibility to our clients first and the economy as a whole. It’s like never before we have dealt with the confinement of this large scale.

Staffing needs are critical in running a strong work environment culture in any organization. Choosing wise ways in this time of need to help in continue giving our services to the clients even at these hard times is a strong feat everyone needs to strive for and stop getting pulled into a  deep whirlwind of Corona pandemic.

Keeping less of your workforce temporarily till the pandemic subsides for the better, the overall burden for each one becomes high. Plus the cost of handling much staff in-house is not feasible in a normal economic time when there are options like labor arbitrage, let alone at this time of pandemic lockdown.

We at AEREN LPO give you the top legal talents for various avenues like

  • Enterprise law firms
  • Small and medium-sized law firms
  • Boutique law firms
  • Corporate houses
  • Legal publishing houses

Our 10 point solutions to overcome COVID-19 legal staffing challenges are:

  1. We truly understand your legal needs, the necessity behind each legal service carried out with your organization, challenges of yours will be overcome, done and delivered legal perfect for your organization.
  2. We are here to provide you with outsourcing legal staffing solutions and at the end of the day ensure your maximum satisfaction in every aspect of the legal outsourcing job being carried out with our legal staffing solutions.
  3. We will handle your critical functions that press for time concerning COVID-19 worldwide emergency and essential legal services.
  4. We will ensure your client will be delivered with prompt services by collaborating with your business continuity plans and give you a stronger legal work front.
  5. We will work with your immediate short term legal business footing goals along with added other services on legal operations maintenance in the long run.
  6. Our attorneys will help you find legal solutions around Corona pandemic related restrictions with our team of attorneys, our infrastructure in handling the project with giving you updates to your contracts and reviews in terms of customized software platforms or novel solutions.
  7. We will turn your changing work environments more flexible according to yorleny’s and also make it to your utmost efficiency and give you the bets legal decision making with your required legal staffing with legal home cleaning services in Florida.
  8. Our attorneys can also become your virtual employees and take complete consideration for your organization’s legal needs and deliver your mission and vision and give you full collaboration, control and faster turn around time delivery of your projects.
  9. Scourging for talents and a constant lookout for competitive attorneys and paralegals never stop and we provide that to you constantly and whenever required with skillsets and reliability.
  10. Our agile and virtual legal staffing solutions can give you streamlined and dedicated full-time legal solutions that provide seamless integration with your organization’s current pandemic business decisions and continuity with the future.

We at AEREN LPO are pioneering in new ways with legal process solutions in outsourcing and virtual staffing to give the best economically feasible legal solutions and legal quality both in terms of cost and resources from our team of attorneys.

Contact us to know more about COVID-19 unabated legal solutions to your organization.

How To Phoenix Rise Your In House Legal Business From Covid 19 Uncertainty

The answer you are looking for is the Business Continuity Plan. Maybe there was not a team for BCP as such before. However, now its high time we have a dynamic team from all levels of legal departments and higher management with spontaneous skills, suggestions and providing solutions for immediate steps of measures to be implemented even as we are processing this and then followed by the next levels and long terms plans for business continuity by an organization for Corona preparedness.

Sustainability is the key.

The right decisions and path of growth now taken will keep you guided in tiding this crisis and spearhead the business. The key factor to be considered all along is -Sustainability.

How you sustain your attorneys, paralegals, their jobs and their work environment?

How you sustain the infrastructure and resources?

How you sustain the organization’s cash flow liquidity for the short and long term?

How you sustain in continuing to provide services for your clients as before or find novel ways of giving the same professional level of services with an essence of ease for both, at times like now.

How crisis management by sustainability should be tailored for keeping in mind different areas of strengths and pain points for an organization?

With an eye for sustainability, throughout the whole crisis-evaluation plan, will keep your legal business steadfast in the long run and recover back from the times now everyone in the organization together faces.

What legal requirements are necessary for having a Sustainable business continuity plan in place?

Once the above questions are answered from the organization’s standpoint of view, let us introduce you to how the Business Continuity Plan for Legal Services will aid you in achieving your business goals with result-oriented solutions.

Plan objective exclusively to your firm’s Business Continuity Plan

The plan should have a purpose and a structured level of points highlighting the critical to lower levels of goals that provide complete protocols, identify risks, provides information for every critical business legal service, clarify each attorney and paralegals roles and identify pain points with counter-measures.

Risk Assessment for identifying your legal firms source of disruptions

The risk assessment will evaluate by providing the name of the risk, definition and what was the nature of the risk.

A clear insight into the risks will help in identifying the kind of disruptions the organization will handle in the coming days and give an idea for what it is prone due to the overall new government measures, compliances, in-house personnel working from home and infrastructure, security and nature of legal services.

Legal Services Impact Analysis

Once the risks are assessed, now it’s time to determine what the particular risk has a direct impact on a given legal service or resource. This will identify the overall impact the risk will have on legal services in-house.

This is graded by identified risk, the probability rate of the risk that occurs and the corresponding impact rating of the risk with the consequences that should be dealt with.

Prevention and Response Measures

Break down the risk consequences into various levels and layout prevention counter actions to either in-house or with the consulting legal outsourcing room addition company partner rhode island-based northeast kitchen and flooring, RI so that the remedial measures can be clearly anticipated and equip with solutions or prevent it altogether.

The response actions give emergency procedures that need to activate when encountered with a critical risk say for example Level 0 to Level ‘n’, with Level 0 being a very high level of risk.

Quick Recovery Solutions

Recovery Solutions are a step by step procedures. When it comes to Business Continuity Measures, documentation is considered a very vital aspect to keep records of the legal and business situation so that it will aid at the next risk encountered and provide a working proof with a Pivot Academy success rate of how the various action plans are carried out.

The Business Continuity Plan templated with the above number of criteria keeps track of the whole COVID-19 legal business impact measures tactful, by working out the contingency plans for our current scenarios hugely impactful and emerge back powerful as the rising phoenix but this time stopping a virus from wreaking havoc.

Collective Challenges Legal Industry Battles to Tackle Legal Business Amid Covid 19 Conundrum and the New-Age Solutions

Less than a couple of months ago, the world was a different place. Now the newer world at this current times sounds scary, uncertain and even doubt the importance of our business we were doing all along.

World numbers on March 31, 2020 stand at 803,011 coronavirus cases with 39,025 deaths and 172,396 recovered affecting across 201 countries and territories with the USA numbers alone at 164,435 in total COVID -19 cases. The UN is calling towards a USD 2.5 trillion relief packages as aid across developing countries by putting a clear message across the world, that   COVID -19 is a threat against all of humanity.

With every country of the world coming to a rather rude abrupt halt with each one of us working from home or even worse, it has now become more prominent than never before to analyze the new strategy of doing business especially when it now comes to legal elements.

The current situation is a double-edged sword with deep impacts on legal personnel, the way we do business, offer services to the utmost capacity without hindrance or slowdown in the work culture. It is a double-edged sword because everyone is affected by this. Either the business is overwhelmed without adequate handling situations for times like now under a lockdown or the prospective clients who will be doing business with, are affected by their health, individual monetary resources availability or other family obligations.

To humanely, critically and at the same time keep it more business-like we need to approach this whole scenario from five different angles for the legal sector

  1. Providing End-to-End Agile and Virtual Legal Services.
  2. How services can be rendered and what type of services should be given priority.
  3. Agile Working Environment with being globally interlinked to one another.
  4. Legal Firms and Corporate Houses Current and Future Goals to Focus.
  5. Pandemic challenging Legal Process Outsourcing business solutions.

Providing End-to-End Agile and Virtual Legal Services.

Let’s start by acknowledging the single atomic unit of the legal industry-Attorneys.

We cannot deny when it comes to legal each Attorney is the single atomic point of contact for skills, expertise, knowledge and the complete know-how.

Every organization and the individual has a responsibility now to their own and for the organization and clients, they work with.

An individual attorney now should make the most of this pandemic time business by knowing and understanding their clients more to deliver them the legal services and requirements at dire times like this.

The organization the Attorney is associated should quickly consider for an agile working environment, making it humanely and professionally possible for the services to be carried out for the Attorney and also to ensure that the right work environment is provided without additional stress and further the smooth delivery of the service.

The clients should also be considered for their new working environment and a spontaneous and new way of collaborative working solutions should be adopted. It can be from a fully equipped home office with the software and tools being provided.

When a fully equipped home office is not completely feasible, find solutions through day-to-day collaboration tools like Slack, Skype, etc.

This is called the End -to- End Agile and Virtual Legal Services Management.

When this is achieved even though a general slow economy crisis exists, the legal business can make the best of the situation.

How services can be rendered and what type of services should be given priority.

Legal industry deals with a host of legal services that accommodate a variety of factors. Low-end voluminous and repetitive legal tasks, mid-level legal skill tasks and the high-end strategic decision-making services at a higher level of the hierarchy.

For businesses now invoking the ‘force majeure’ clause to combat the situations which are above human control, presumably, an act of God, which we do not agree with since it was we the people who made this to a global level of a catastrophic phenomenon with affected and death numbers accelerating every day globally.

So in this unlikely business times, the force majeure protects the people and business who at these times of economic slowdown have difficulty adhering to the prior set of contract agreement on deliverance. One could plan for the future course of action based on this or change schedules and keep you protected from liability.

Now with the state-of-the-art technology and with the advanced security standard protocols businesses can be carried out without a hiccup with the regulated legal software services, tools, and domains.

Find every detail of the legal services that your legal firm and business deals with and work towards it. Get in touch with the clients, make a priority of the cases, background works if any need to be assessed, verified and carried out.

Research and Analysis, the next level of course certifications, sorting out the priority of contracts and discoveries based on new or changed dates. A document review considered priority before would have changed status with new emergencies of business with legal relationships. Making libraries of global compliance or customizing new templates and integrating tech to find new solutions for various legal service requirements. The possibilities are endless when we are preparing to deal with a changing world.

Agile Working Environment with being globally interlinked to one another.

Firms which operate globally across are now facing challenges in terms of their office closing in some geographical locations while in some countries offices are working on batches and shifts keeping the same group of people in the same set of environment.

Now it’s the time to assess every branch of your offices and find out any existential contractual crisis and consider for a better way to handle them. If a branch of a given country is completely shut down with government regulations, the attorneys can get in base with the offices which are still operating in the new agile working environment and bring solutions to work in a new way.

It’s just a matter of time, dedication and a little bit of practice that the legal industry can cut on the losses and unknowns and emerge a winner with the new solutions and different ways to do the same business and maintain client relationships for a win-win situation on both the sides.

Legal Firms and Corporate Houses Current and Future Goals to Focus.

The ripple of the shock waves of the corona virus is just midway and it takes economies a long time from now to reel from this. Assess the current stand of your legal business, clients, legal services, and legal technologies. Make an agile legal working environment a possibility and reality across your workforce.

Economic recessions short time and long-time effects, layoffs, pay cuts, new HR policies for COVID –19 affected employees and organizations or sometimes when we are dealing with mass sad deaths for this global pandemic, the future course of actions, protecting our critical employees their families and the whole business as a whole to tide through even months after Corona takes a break or until science makes it wholly stoppable.

Pandemic challenging Legal Process Outsourcing business solutions.

Agile working environment in CA, multi-step process in commercial moving services, virtual legal services, global integration with quality and competent legal services will become a reality with Legal Process Outsourcing. In the will to support their clients in every way possible in handling the everyday legal challenges, we at AEREN LPO are completely equipped to manage our client projects at full scale and willing to take that extra step forward to protect our clients at this time of crisis. Lots of businesses and clients are dependent on the legal sector for daily business and LPOs will give you the boost and time in need of partnership in keeping the promises for your clients true.

We help you find ways to upscale your business with the resource availability and overcome the current adverse situation and work towards a world where business, livelihoods can no more be challenged by dangerous viruses and lockdowns.