Case Study


Contract Lifecycle Management:

One of our clients from USA opted for the complete Contract Lifecycle Management Services.

Our Solution:

Aeren LPO initiated the process as per client’s requirement through initiation to execution stage. We focused on entire contract administration, which involves contract request, contract author, contract negotiation, approvals, execution, amendments, revisions and repository storage.

During this stage, our 24*7 help desk was always there at client’s disposal so as to fulfill any query if raised.

In such a case where client’s contracts were to be renewed and not to be disposed, our legal team assisted the client in getting the contracts renewed as per the terms and conditions of the renewal.

Contract Abstraction:

One of our major clients from Norway gave us large no. of files for availing Contract Abstraction service. This service is wholly technology driven process, which is further divided into three-tier process.

Our Solution:

In the First stage we perfectly located operating contracts in a proper hierarchy, managing amendments and other supporting documents in an organized manner with its related master document.

Secondly, we tracked and extracted contract termination, renewals and other relevant information as per Client’s required metadata fields.

Finally, entire data was uploaded onto a common repository system in a streamlined manner. We believe in providing our finest services for maintaining long-term relations with our clients.

Contract Migration:

Large number of our clients opted for Contract Migration process. We provide wholly IT enabled CLM platform for contract management and administration.

Aeren LPO receives client’s entire contract portfolio both in manual and digital format and Contract Migration is a process wherein we sustain legacy of contracts in a streamlined way in an automated CLM platform.

Our Solution includes various steps:

  • We work on our migration strategy, planning, reviewing contracts, data extraction, cleansing, merging, linking and uploading.
  • We do contract migration form Drop box, Microsoft Share Point libraries and other storage devices.
  • Aeren LPO facilitates clients in reducing risks with minimal efforts by using different tools and platforms.
  • We surface auto renewals to eliminate unnecessary and hidden costs.
  • Our strategy results in successful data migration and system configuration process that truly lays the groundwork for success.

Post Contract Administration and Compliance:

AEREN LPO has even handled a client from the UK which had only opted for the post contract execution services. These services include the Contract Administration and its Compliance. It is basically a part of the whole contract lifecycle management process but we specifically provide such service because our teams of contract specialists have an extensive experience of over a decade in conducting such processes with utmost efficiency.

Our Solution:

We prepared an assessment report for every contract to have a detailed analysis of each and every contractual terms and obligations. It also enabled them to make a risk assessment and accordingly prioritize each contract.

In the next stage we tracked contract from initiation to discharge process.

In case where client wasn’t able to fulfill the contractual terms and conditions on time our team assisted them in negotiating with the third party and getting the obligations discharged without causing any damage to the client. Our team got each and every contract of the client complied with in a time bound, consistent and cost effective manner.

Contract Review and Analysis:

One of our clients from USA, approached us for review and analysis of certain documents.

They handed over to us around 50 contracts to be reviewed. We have a team of expert attorneys which have made their mark in delivering such services and earning the client’s trust.

Our Solution:

Aeren LPO prepared an analysis report for each and every contract.

We prepared a basic report of every contract and all the contract files relating to a particular vendor were put together and were arranged in a parent-child hierarchy including Amendments, Addendums, Schedules, Attachments, Work orders, Statement of Work & change orders and other miscellaneous documents were further tied with their respective master agreements.

Contract Harmonization and Standardization:

One of fortune 500 companies which has multinational presence apposed us for availing our services as it was difficult for the legal department of the client to keep track of all the executed contracts consisting diversified laws of different countries.

We provided Contract Harmonization and Standardization services to them.

Our Solution:

Aeren LPO analyzed the applicable law of each and every country where client had executed the contracts. We harmonized the contracts by including common terms, conditions and clauses in entirety and we created a library according to the applicable country.

Further, our team drafted standard contract template which helped our client to draft the final version of it, which significantly paper writing reduce the time and cost (involved in- house and incurred by the external law firm).

Legal Research:

One of our law firm clients from USA gave us a Legal Research project in respect of matrimonial dispute.

Our Solution:

We provided both pre and post litigation research with appropriate case laws and also analyzed the various legal provisions spread across diverse legislations.

One more IT based company in UK were interested in knowing the various federal and domestic laws required for the compliance in order to setup an office in India.

Our Solution:

Our team of legal researchers analyzed and provided all important provisions consisting domestic and federal laws applicable to the client’s company and we also prepared a detailed report in this regard. Further, we also assisted our client to get his company registered in India.

E-Discovery Services:

AEREN LPO has handled a lot of MNCs from USA and UK in the field of E-Discovery Services. One such client from USA was a big financial institution which approached us with a RFP for reviewing numerous documents stored electronically and were related to the ongoing litigation.

Our Solution:

AEREN LPO’s team of discovery specialists possess an extensive experience in handling the whole discovery lifecycle. The team and its project manager interacted with the client to assess the latest developments in the litigations.

Our team successfully executed an in depth analysis on the data delivered to us based on the guidelines and parameters provided by the client.

After that, with the help of software our team of discovery specialists arranged, organized and uploaded the entire set of documents for review and identified documents for relevance and confidentiality.

We at Aeren LPO apply the six sigma methodologies for security etiquette, quality control and ensure the highest quality work within the time frame fixed by our client.

Document Review:

One of our clients from England which is a legal firm there, contacted us as they wanted to avail the Document Review Services.

Our Solution:

Our legal team after having a detailed discussion with the client understood each and every requirement and guidelines of the client. Immediately after discussion, a project manager was appointed to the client and he gathered an expert team of reviewers who conducted the first pass review of the various documents through the use of predictive coding in order to analyze their relevance and earmarked them.

After the above information was processed and loaded onto a searchable database, our team conducted a second more detailed review to determine the classification of the documents in order to mark them as:

  1. Responsive
  2. Non Responsive
  3. Privileged
  4. Confidential
  5. Key or Hot

Based on the classification, our team determined those documents that the client should withhold from being produced so as to protect their best interest. This whole process was successfully executed and the services were delivered within the budget and the time span fixed by our client.

Legal Transcription:

We have a long list of clients who believe that the industry standards are very complex when data is summarized/transcript as they need to spend too much in terms of time, effort and money. For instance one hour of clear audio takes four hours of transcription (one hour of transcription time for a 15 minute of recording).

One of our clients sent us certain numbers of audio files with mixed data of audios including single speaker and multiple speakers.

Our Solution:

Aeren LPO transcribed the data in a preferred format and we provided a quality service within turnaround time.

Deposition Summary:

One of our oldest clients from Illinois who is a big legal firm contacted us and explained their problem of hefty load of deposition transcript.

They availed our service of Deposition Summary.

Our Solution:

We provided them with a latest format for deposition summary highlighting dates, exhibits, references, key topics, quick page highlight, name of parties involved and their statements.

Then we started reviewing and summarizing, going through each page of the various documents that was sent to us digitally onto our secured repository.

We were appreciated for our quick turn-around time and eye for the minute details.