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Excerpts From a Discussion Between Legal & Tech

LEGAL- Hi, is this seat vacant?

TECH- Yeah! Please feel free to sit.

LEGAL- How are you doing?

TECH- I am doing great. What about you? 

LEGAL– I am great. Actually, I came down here for a meeting with a client.

TECH- Oh, nice! It’s been a long time since I had a physical meeting. 

LEGAL–  Oh, I understand. Technology has really eased communications. Hey, on that note, I was curious about a few things that you would be probably able to answer. If I may? 

TECH- Yeah, I am all ears.

LEGAL- What does the word ‘LEGAL TECHNOLOGY’ mean?

TECH- Alright! It’s a technology or software that substantially changes the way we use legal services in our daily lives. It eases the practice of law for attorneys and legal professionals while also helping the common man to have access to legal competence or justice.

LEGAL– Sounds very promising! How exactly will it ease the way the legal industry works? 

TECH– So, look at how the use of technologies has increased computing power to deliver faster and more accurate or enhanced voluminous data sets. Exactly like that, legal technologies can create a game-changing experience for attorneys. As you already know the legal system is vast and constantly changing, however, with legal technology, attorneys get insight into the legal domain within a second.  

It can make their work more efficient and precise. The software we make is designed to add convenience to process the law industry while maintaining communication with clients, share real-time updates, and helps to perform research work thoroughly by reducing the time.

Let me give you the example of AEREN LPO which is a legal process outsourcing company disrupting the market with the latest technology that provides quality work for its clients. 

LEGAL– That’s so much to process! Thanks for the example. I will definitely check it out. On another note, do I have to be concerned if legal technology is taking over my job? Would it mean that people won’t need an attorney anymore? 

TECH– Hold up! Do you really think so? Just tell me if your car can drive you to your destination without your guidance? 

LEGAL– Well! That’s true, it’s not possible without my guidance.

TECH– Exactly! Legal technology is best leveraged by attorneys like you to reap the benefits for your lawsuit or business. While humans are more active in taking decisions, technology is foremost in performing the best in tech tasks. With your guidance, legal technology becomes more accurate and presents the best results. 

LEGAL– That’s awesome!

TECH– It will automate most of your manual business or management-related work and help you utilize your saved time on your core competencies. Legal technology will also help you in better communication with your clients.

Online research platforms could help attorneys to stay up-to-date with the law. The electronic court filing is also in trend. Litigation support software is made to assist attorneys in the process of litigation and many more.

LEGAL– I think I have been assuming all the wrong things about Legal Technology. So, if I want to jump into a legal tech career, how easy would it be?

TECH– It would be pretty simple. 


TECH– First off, you should consider your organization’s pain points. You will be surprised to know that many organizations fail to consider ‘What problems do they need to solve?’ before wondering ‘What software do they need?’. Your weakness should be addressed first before implementing technology. Only then technology comes out with the best results to enhance your business. 

LEGAL– This was such an enlightening conversation. You cleared my doubts regarding the use of legal technology. Thank you so much!

TECH- It was my pleasure.

LEGAL- My client is almost here! I will get going then. Hope to see you around soon. 

TECH- All the best for your meeting!. Take care and see you!

Want to Discover Facts & Retrieve Documents? Here’s How to Go About It!

In e-Discovery, attorneys must go through electronic data with purpose. Well, discovering the digital truth is a matter of facts, not only just documents. Such tools are essential for attorneys during the e-Discovery process, but without expert contextual analysis, you could miss some important points of information that may make or break your case. 

Some attorneys don’t know how to communicate their information technology goals to produce efficient e-Discovery for maximum impact. Rather than betting on the capability of the software, your legal team needs to focus on the ability to maximize e-Discovery by analyzing the relevancy. Software and technology are paramount, but you’re there to operate them so you should know what’s the right time and place to apply.

Retrieving Redundant Documents is Time Wasted

As an attorney, you need specific information but you wouldn’t be able to read every document in an entire office building just because you know the document you’re seeking is in that building only. You would specify the focus like which department? Where is the seat of the person who has information? The same goes with e-Discovery, you have specified all 5 ‘W’ and 1 ‘H’ to gather specific information.

‘’The American Bar Association’s 2020 legal technology survey reported that almost 20% of attorneys still don’t do early case assessments and 41% report they never use an e-Discovery solution. Some 21% of attorneys report they don’t know if they outsource (computer forensic specialists), which frankly is a scary statistic given the ethical responsibilities of lawyers when it comes to e-Discovery,’’ according to the report. 

Early Case Assessment 

By artificial intelligence, you can focus on the facts & efforts on the correct data and can accelerate early case assessment. Sometimes this leads to further discovery, but it may lead to a reassessment of the entire case strategy.  But e-Discovery is the solution after this early case assessment phase. Attorneys will know if there’s a need to discover more evidence or how to target correct evidence.

AEREN LPO delivers its method of e-Discovery that meets the duty of competence. We have specialized document review experts who lead the project and are fully equipped & trained to streamline daily workflow procedures with routines, quality checks, and compliance to provide the foremost Legal E-Discovery Services

Still Negotiating Terms? Here Are Some Pro Tips for 2021!

The COVID- 19 has exponentially changed how companies work these days. This has led to the creation of new market dynamics which expects re-evaluation of all existing systems and processes. Everybody is on the lookout for ideas and insights to grasp every moment. And when it comes to businesses, contracts are their lifeline. As the world still fights against the uncertain and unpredictable coronavirus, negotiators are grappling with the need for change in priorities and practices.

Moreover, organizations either want to change or need change to ensure the best contract outcomes by adding good structure and critical information to it. This is a step to quickly resolve any disputes or adapt to unforeseen changes. Most problems arise because of the lack of clarity on the purpose of contracts and their accountability.  

Does It Matter That Contract Negotiation Is Divisive?

It matters, but its extent varies. When you deal with extensive long-term agreements and business-to-business relationships, there are more contracts and more negotiations. While requirements in short-term agreements are well defined and unlikely to change. Therefore, focus more on long-term agreements or where outputs are harder to define or subject to change. As you grow the risk curves, the quality of your negotiations has an increasing impact on your overall performance.

What Must You Do To Improve?

  • Focus on Primary Role of Contracts

When both parties enter into a business relationship for mutual gain, then negotiation is a must to ensure profit, protection, and security for all involved.  A complete guide should be created including the framework for managing uncertain changes or focusing on the areas of risk.

  • Achieving Goals Depends On Clarity of Outcomes 

Successful negotiation depends upon accurate information exchange, openness and, understanding of terms. Your achievement of goals depends upon the clarity of outcomes you seek for. Negotiators must have knowledge and data which helps to understand consequences and make judgments accordingly.

  • Understand the Counterparty

When it comes to contracts, buyers have different priorities from suppliers and vice versa. However, the negotiation planning should be based on an understanding of variations, the market and, how best to address them.

  • Be Honest in Your Intent

Ensure that your negotiators are skilled in evaluating the intent of counterparties. Some parties engage in positional tactics, seeking to impose their terms on the counterparty. This is easy to understand and that’s why contracts are not delivered to serve their true purpose.

A good contract is a result of the successful negotiation of terms between the parties involved. In, contract negotiation process, one should keep things in mind to make it the best bet to draft mutually agreeable contracts. Outsourcing the contract negotiations not only provides you best results quickly but also lets you focus on your core areas. 

Global Immigration Management

Here All You Probably Need To Know About The New Rule of H-1B Visa CAP!

There is a fiscal year annual number limit placed on the number of foreign workers authorized for an initial grant of H1B visa status. The annual cap offers 65,000 initial H1B visas with an additional 20,000 H-1B visas reserved for foreign workers who have earned a master’s degree from U.S universities. Since the demand for H1B visas usually exceeds these numbers, the selection of Cap subject H-1B applicants has historically been made through the random lottery process. The new rule seeks to replace the random selection system with a process that gave priority to highly paid H-1B workers. With the best global immigration management service, you’ll be able to work in this process.

Summary of New Rule

According to the new final rule, ‘’USCIS will rank and then select registrations’’ based on ‘’the highest corresponding Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) wage level that the offered wage will equal or exceed for the appropriate Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code and areas of planned employment,’’. USCIS described that the new rule gave priority to those who have the highest wage in every occupational category and geographic location, which may limit employers to effectively sponsor only the most highly paid H-1B workers. 

USCIS declared that the ‘’final rule will not affect the order of selection as between the regular cap and the postgraduate diploma  exemption.’’ However, the H-1B rules will favour registrations for common wage levels 2, 3, and 4, at the expense of level 1 registration submissions. In particular, an employer offering a wage level 1 under the regular cap, and an employer offering a level 1 or 2 under the master degree exemption, may have a lower chance of selection as per the new rule. 

H-1B Electronic Registration Process

In 2020 USCIS implemented a new electronic registration process for the H-1B CAP. Here, It is required that the beneficiary who is seeking to file an H-1B petition must hold a postgraduate diploma. After that, they need to register electronically & required to pay the associated $10 H-1B registration fees. The Procedure is simplified with the paperwork & data exchange as well as provide overall cost savings to employers seeking to file an H-1B CAP Petition.

It only requires basic information regarding the prospective petitioner and each requested worker. The registration period is already opened for 14 days of the financial year. Then, the H-1B selection process will run on properly submitted electronic registrations. Those who selected in registrations will be eligible to file H-1B CAP subject petitions. Whole selections will take place after the primary registration period closes, so there is no requirement left to register when the primary registration period opens.

About the New Rule 

The rule clarifies that the selected wage level, as opposed to the offered salary amount, will be the controlling factor. If an employee might work in multiple locations, they may fall to the lowest level that proffered wage will equal or exceed for all areas of intended employment.

DHS claims that the new wage-based H-1B selection process is profitable to achieve the administration’s goal of improving policies such that H-1B classification is more likely to be awarded to petitioners seeking to employ higher-skilled and higher-paid beneficiaries. Nevertheless, given the ongoing pandemic and economic downturn over the past several months, it remains to be seen whether market conditions can accommodate such a significant change at this time.  Now, it’s further delayed till 14 Nov 2022.

Trump administration had imposed a ban on the entry of new H-1B visa holders which is going to expire on March 31, 2021. Biden has not yet decided on this ban. The Future course of H-1B CAP selection will be based on his decision over this ban.

How End -To- End Global Immigration Management Services Keep Your Legal Firms And Business Ahead In The Next Wave Of Immigration Modus Operandi?

Immigration currently amidst the COVID-19 pandemic looks like a distant reality. However, the process with the government of the respective countries only looks slightly delayed or changing, but inevitably things will speed up for prospective immigrants sooner with break throughs coming through for COVID-19 cure and eventually international borders re-opening.

So, its never too early for being ready and prepared.

Highlights of Key Areas in Global Immigration Management Services

Virtual Assistants of Immigration

Visa filing and processing is an exhaustive comprehensive process. Our immigration lawyers can provide complete virtual assistant services for your legal firm and business immigration resource requirements. Our lawyers are adept in the Immigration handling process across the US and Canada.

Clients and Communication

An immigration process is never completely fulfilled without quality time, inputs, and getting the right communication across the clients in every step of the way. Communication is vital that so much could go wrong and haywire without the clients in a constant loop for information verification, proofs, credentials, and other crucial immigration processes.

Drafting – A Skill in doing Immigration right

The necessity of quality drafting is critical for the immigration process. A slightest of error in the drafting will drastically slow down the whole immigration and at worst bring about a halt. Drafting involves two fundamental criteria.

First, drafting the right subject and body for visa petitions, supporting letters, cover letters, and application forms.

Secondly, knowing what criteria, types, numbers, and schedules exist for the whole drafting purpose. Missing important documents while in the drafting stage will hinder the whole process required for immigration.

Immigration Laws are subject to change with the Post-Pandemic Era

With the United States government bringing about a change in the eligibility of people for immigration directly and indirectly in relevance to the COVID -19 pandemic, lots of changes and updates like RAISE Act under the Trump administration, and other regulations are incorporated for immigration. Clear and definitive information on updates and the required follow-ups on the immigration laws is a must for smoother immigration process henceforth.

Knowing Immigration Software Platforms

Immigration is all about collating accurate data in the right medium. Immigration software platforms like INS Zoom, LawLogic, and  BlueDot are some perfect ways to integrate the immigration process.

Quality Reviewing

The immigration process undergoes lots of fact checks with the information provided. Hence, it’s fully understandable and mandatory to perform prior reviews according to Law Offices of Mark L. Miller for ensuring the quality reviewing for a scrutinized immigration process.  A thorough review ensures the client from not having a second review under Request for Evidence (RFE) from the USCIS. And if asked, for the second review in certain circumstances, a quality review and required information for evidence collection to be performed again becomes imminent.

AEREN LPO team of immigration attorneys are qualified and competent with skillful experience to work with legal firms and business in carrying out all the end-to-end support for Global Immigration Management.