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A New Era of Chatbots Revolutionizes the Legal Industry- Where Do We Stand?

At the end of 2019, and six months later, a global pandemic was struck, and therefore the world was plunged into a remote working environment, exponentially increasing the usage of chats and collaboration of these platforms. 

We had just realised that the developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning had sparked the emergence of chat messages and their rapid adoption. 

Although the concept of an AI bot continues to be in its elementary phase where high-level executives across industries have eagerly installed chatbots for doing a lot of activities, like boosting employee work productivity, engagement of customers and reducing support costs etc.

Realizing the enormous potential that chatbots hold, most executives have already introduced chatbots in their organization to achieve the advantage of the early adopters. About 80% of businesses attempt to deploy chatbots by 2020. Chatbots are estimated to grow into a business of approximately USD 8 billion by 2022.

What Are Chatbots?

Chatbots work using Natural Language Processing (NLP), which is an artificial intelligence field concerned with interactions between human languages and computers. Any kind of data provided by the users is analyzed and processed by the chatbot to respond accordingly.

We have realized the importance of having a smart way of engagement and communication with users and hence enterprises across the globe are considering chatbots as their initial step towards a whole digital transformation. The continuous research & development in AI and Machine Learning, promote the creation of Chatbots for the connate, precise, and intelligent responses. As we can see some of the statistics –

  • TEAMS- User increase of 31 M users in one month, and a further 40M within the proceeding 4 months to 115M daily users.
  • SLACK- On boarded 9,000 additional companies in one quarter, a 25% increase.
  • ZOOM- Hosted 300M daily meeting participants in April 2020.
  • WHATSAPP- 41% usage increase in March 2020.
  • WECHAT- Daily users increase from 1.1 to 1.2B users.

Legal Industry and the Chatbots

Chatbots did find their place within the legal industry. The first legal chatbot was created in the United Kingdom named DoNotPay to fight against the unfair issuance of parking tickets.

How AI Chatbots Help the Legal Industry

  • Easy Information Access & Management

Lawyers and paralegals go through mountains of information on a daily basis. A chatbot may be a perfect solution for saving time and hassle of analyzing documents. Users can get quick information from the Q/A interface of Chatbots they require.

  • Onboarding & Employee Management

A chatbot also helps in HR and administrative related works in any legal organization. Employees don’t have to float around the HR department for insignificant issues, they can use a chatbot for leave application management, a smooth onboarding process, and setting up notifications & reminders etc.

  • Integration With Intranets

If your legal department uses intranet for internal communications, then here’s a quick merger in-between. This adoption not only boosts the rate of the intranet but helps users to find all necessary case-related information.

  • Brilliant User Experience

Here’s a quick case scenario for an improved understanding of the term brilliant user experience. The litigation is filed when a company announces a third-party merger. Firstly, chatbots go through the information based on the legal firms and provide relevant information about the mergers and attorneys related to cases.

  • Role of a Legal Advisor

New advancements in natural language processes have boosted the potential which improves human understanding and results in a longer phrase, wider terminology, and more synonyms. This understanding of language gives more accuracy & precise responses. Chatbots are really helpful for a legal firm and also a significant step towards AI and digital transformation in this era. AEREN has perfectly adopted the new transformations. It maintains a team of trained legal professionals with the best Legal Process Outsourcing Services experience who do the best technology tasks and perform quality control. 

When a Layman Met an LPO Professional! Read On To Know What Happens.

LPO PROFESSIONAL- Hey man! Listen, hey wait! I think you forgot your wallet here. 

LAYMAN- Oh man! You are a savior! Actually, I had something running in my mind so I forgot to pick my wallet from the table after billing. 

LPO PROFESSIONAL- No worries! If you don’t mind, can I ask you what happened? You really look tense. 

LAYMAN– Oh nothing, just some legal issues.

LPO PROFESSIONAL- Alright! Maybe I can be of some help? Sorry, I am a lawyer working in an LPO and I am here for a short vacation.

LAYMAN- Oh really? That would be a great help. If you don’t mind, can I brief you about my issue? 

Look, I am an owner of a travel agency. One of my clients sued me because they’re not getting proper facilities in a hotel. I don’t know what I should do as I am in between a lot of work. My in-house legal team is loaded with other legal stuff. And this litigation is stressing me out with orders such as submission of documents which includes review of documents which are as old as one year. 

LPO PROFESSIONAL- Don’t worry.  I suggest you outsource your litigation work to a legal process outsourcing firm. 

LAYMAN- Outsource? Hmmmmm, that sounds good. Maybe this can really sort my problem out. 

 Thanks, man! You really don’t know how greatly you have helped me. Well, I am curious to know what you do to sit for 8 hours on a seat. 

LPO PROFESSIONAL- We fulfill end-to-end requirements of outsourced legal work which included all legal services such as contract management, document review, research & analysis, immigration management, litigation support service, virtual assistance and paralegal services to name a few. It can sort your litigations as well as enhance the legal lifestyle of your business.

LAYMAN- Wow!. But how will thi be beneficial for me?

LPO PROFESSIONAL- You can get end-to-end legal services from the best experts doing away with a lot of hassles of running around, paperwork, etc. This would allow you to focus on your core functions, reduce your workload and save time & money thereby simplifying your project management. 

LAYMAN- I feel this is the need-of-the-hour!


LAYMAN- Can you please tell me more about this?

LPO PROFESSIONAL- Why not! You can get a dedicated 24×7 staff at your assistance thereby making it like your extended office. They would handle your entire workload of hiring attorneys who you paid 3 time more otherwise. Consequently, you don’t need to hire new staff or invest any money on infrastructure. By outsourcing, you get access to the best staff with world class technology all under one roof.

LAYMAN- Impressive, but don’t you think it is risky, how can I share my confidential data with anybody whom I barely even know.

LPO PROFESSIONAL- See nobody can kick their bread. They are professionals. Data security is their foremost priority. Have a track on softwares, firewalls and barracuda networks security to protect the data.

LAYMAN- That’s so good. I really don’t have the time. Do you think I can hire your team?

LPO PROFESSIONAL- Yeah yeah! You can reach out to AEREN LPO. We are a renowned outsourcing legal firm where you can save 70% to 80% of your total cost. The best legal process outsourcing company, disrupting the market with the latest technology that provides quality work for its clients across the globe.

LAYMAN- I must not waste my time and get connected today itself. 

LPO PROFESSIONAL- For sure! And don’t stress, I’ll get you connected with the right person and you can get started.

LAYMAN- Fantastic, thank you buddy!

Current Trend in Legal Spendings- Where Do Offshore Stand?

The legal industry continues to embrace new technologies and organizations to better examine its legal spendings. Regaining  visibility and insight into savings helps to drive action towards cost-saving opportunities like hiring flexible outsourcing services, and leveraging preferred provider firms for specialization. So, the question is what tools are organizations currently adding to their legal budget?

We have seen a major increase in legal spend with a primary specialization in legal transformation. Some key trends include more in-house work and more automation of legal processes. As legal operation teams are expanding, their focus is more on aligning legal with business to spice up efficiency and make smart investments. All this helps better manage costs and risks while producing high-quality work that greatly satisfies clients.

Interpreting the Data

Managing the legal business has become so important. It exists to be a part of an industry undergoing such transformation across its people, processes, and technologies. Being one of the biggest offshore service providers, AEREN understands the changes and stays focused to help our clients innovate through these charges. 

Everyone is aware that corporate legal departments are increasingly searching for the right source for their legal work by adding flexible talented attorneys to support their expansion of outsourcing companies and produce increasingly complex legal work or automating work technology.

Outsourcing spends could be a small fraction of overall legal spendings, but the number is growing. The outsourcing market has begun to mature with large incumbents offering a variety of services, technology, and consulting delivered across the world to satisfy the requirements of the market.

Looking Ahead

The COVID situation adapts to the new normal of remote working but it’s a particularly short period while remaining operational. This has changed the work environment and accelerated the adoption of offshore services. 

To accommodate the new modern way of working, the outsourcing companies broadened their offering services. There’s an anticipated uptick in their use for contract review and expanded roles within the discovery lifecycle. Offshore providers like AEREN are engaged to deliver more work more creatively and dedicatedly centers the excellence of work.

The changes witnessed in 2020 and 2021 have given law departments opportunities to rethink how legal work is delivered. Legal process outsourcing service providers expanded their capabilities to support clients across a range of needs.

Contract Drafting Is More Than Just Following the Rules. Really!

All legal enthusiasts know there are many ins and outs of the legal industry. In legalese, a contract may be a set of promises, for a breach of which the law gives a remedy, or the performance of which the law is a few ways recognized as a requirement. When you’re in business, you want contracts to put out the expectations of both the parties you’re doing business with. They protect both of you if anyone doesn’t meet the expectations. This quick guide will take you through the importance of contracts.

Now, let’s take you through the assets for a contract to be legally binding

  • A valid mutual acceptance should be required.
  • An adequate consideration may be money or trade. 
  • The Capacity of parties to enter into a legitimate agreement.
  • Whether or not the contract meets all the jurisdictional requirements.

Completing the massive hunger for practical contract information makes people gravitate to other aspects of contact. When we speak about contract drafting, it’s an ultimate puzzle. No two are ever alike. It’s constantly changing and there’s such a lot to consider when we draft. Contracts are indeed drafted within a collection of rules that the law requires. Some conventions are followed to make sure the contracts are clear, written in active voice, and cover legal requirements. But the fun in drafting contracts is learning the nuances, editing, and revising each contract to make it into the simplest version we are able to. This learning isn’t only for the sake of learning, as we see in some academic settings. There’s more creativity in how contracts are drafted, what to place and don’t put in there, or a way to negotiate terms. We can easily say that contract drafting is not about just following the rules, it’s a legal and business skill that you can adopt for the time being.

Contract drafting is quite just following the foundations. Despite what some people suggest, there’s nobody with the best approach to contract drafting. It’s often customized to the business dynamics, the client priorities, the bargaining power. There are so many different dynamics to contemplate after we review and revise contracts.

Writing a contract is the beginning of stepping into a legally binding agreement with another party. It’s very easy to send a contract to someone and have it  fall through the cracks. If you begin the work, but the contract is rarely signed, that leaves you unprotected and that’s why contract management is so vital.

Contract law is the legal framework that focuses on drafting and enforcing contracts. Generally, the law is governed by a state common law, which is defined by the state’s statutes and court opinions. Courts in numerous states may have different interpretations of particular contract elements. This is often why it’s usually best to consult a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction if you’ve got any question on the legality of contracts.

At some points, you will desire to over your head with your contracts. That’s when you might need to search out contract specialists or to outsource contract drafting. At AEREN LPO, we’ve specialists who write and review contracts at their finest. Our attorneys provide contract drafting services that include the wholesomeness of the context the stakeholders involved require, and proceed with drafting contract details of all the required elements in a logical and business-like way.  

Here’s What You Need To Know About Data Privacy!

Did you observe how most security systems don’t meet the privacy requirements? That’s because they’re always changing! This precisely becomes the reason why raising awareness of knowledge security during this pandemic time has become vital.

Any information whether it’s personal or official comes under the information protection that deals with the handling of information specializing in compliance with data protection regulations. In data security & privacy, we focus on how data should be collected, stored, managed, and shared with any third parties, in addition to compliance with the applicable privacy laws such as GDPR/DSAR.

Data security & data privacy creates an information protection area with protected usable data as an output. However, data privacy isn’t just about the handling of information but also the general public expectation of privacy, centering around the individual as a key figure. 

Importance of Data Privacy and Transparency

Data protection laws are made to manage the data, empowering organizations to grasp how their data is employed, by whom and why, and giving individuals control over how their personal data is processed and used.

According to research, In 2019, 73% of customers trust their companies more than they did a year ago, and assume that the amount has gone up. That’s why organizations should learn the way to process personal data while protecting privacy preferences. The vision of privacy is all customers expect from their organizations. Business perspective realizes the protection of personal data can have multiple positive impacts on any organization. Like? Mention some positive impacts. 

Companies rely on collected customer data therefore, data is an asset that they have to protect and keep. What companies forget is that the personal data of people processed is only borrowed. Privacy laws give the proper obligation to reply to the relevant information on the topic.

Is There Any Legal Definition of Data Privacy?

The importance of data privacy introduced us to the final General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Although GDPR wasn’t the primary privacy law, it was made within the new digital era to manage and build the data by modern business processes. 

Nevertheless, GDPR or other data protection bills like HIPAA, CCPA, COPPA, DSAR provide a strict definition of what data privacy is and the way to demand it. These requirements have already impacted the way to manage security data in organizations. It’s why physical security products that only adjust to today’s standards are not preferred in comparison to the ones that may adapt to evolving data privacy regulations. 

A 360-degree approach to data protection aims to produce bulletproof safety. Securities like employee training, data backup, cybersecurity control, and business continuity are items to be discussed.

AEREN LPO takes extreme care of concerns like privacy, data security, and conflicts of interest rules.We provide full data protection to get into ameliorating redaction in HIPAA and DSAR. If you are aiming to create an overseas network to enhance your ability and productivity in a safe environment, connect with us for outsourcing strategies & policies. At AEREN (legal process outsourcing), we work on your goals and set out an approach to recruit the talent chosen/preferred by you to facilitate continuous development.

A Working Mother! It’s Not So Difficult After All

Have you ever thought that being a mother might take a hit on your career? This is not just the case with the legal sector, but across all industries. But why is that? Why does motherhood have to deprive women of their careers? Why can’t women manage both? Is it because of the perception that a career-oriented woman might not make a good mother? There are too many ifs and buts when it comes to a woman’s career, especially after becoming a mother. This mother’s day we look at feasible ways to manage an excellent work life balance:  

It is often said that there is a particular age at which everyone is more focused on their careers especially lawyers. You put in more efforts in terms of efforts, focus, and time. But once a woman steps into balancing a professional life as well as a personal life being a mother, it might put them in a spot. The demands of being a mother as well as working professional (like a lawyer) can be extremely overwhelming. According to a research, two-thirds of women in law industry leave their jobs to take care of their children and perhaps try to return later.

Well, there is no magic solution to this riddle. If you want to be fulfilled as a person or as a lawyer choose your workplace wisely. You must find a way to devote time to research, assisting  your firm management, client assignment etc. Make an agreed fixed time between you and your law firm. Terms of attorneys may step up and help to cover when you need time off. Your clients and partners may work with flexibility in return you should deliver the work with excellence. That kind of workplace helps you to keep you growing. Don’t let your child’s time and work time merge and lose the sets. 

Mothers are great multi-taskers, their efficiency is probably way up. You know that if you are away from your kids that time has spent on something useful and productive for your career. And more importantly, do not pre-decide between growing a professional and being a mother is a miss of one thing. Females work equally to achieve their goals. Mothers are role models for all. 

In AEREN, we focused more on balancing life between work and family. We have immense admiration for women who juggle better to balance both. Our legal process outsourcing services make them better to focus on their work-life and family too. We are more flexible and make a better work culture to perform the quality work they are trained in.

Let’s raise a toast to all the mothers out there who would like to be both, a professional and a mother! 

Let say it to the universe ‘IT IS POSSIBLE’!

Pandemic Fuels Mental Health Crisis in the Legal Sector

The global COVID-19 pandemic has triggered significant changes and resulted in tremendous uncertainty in the legal profession. The current situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the lack of self-care, support, and awareness of mental health and wellness in the legal industry. Mental health is always a relevant and important topic, no matter which industry or what age group you belong to. Did you know that mental, neurological, and substance abuse disorders make up 10% of the global burden of disease and 30% of non-fatal disease burden? Not just this, the global economy loses about US$1 trillion per year in productivity due to depression and anxiety. 

What is mental health? Simply said, it is the emotional, psychological, and social well-being that is vital for human beings to survive. All of these help us feel and react to the world as we do. Compromising your mental health can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders, which can take a disastrous toll on our professional careers as well as our lives.

When it comes to the legal domain,  it is a highly demanding profession that requires substantial brainpower for critical thinking, analytical reasoning, focus, attention, logic, ideas, advice, or excellent recalling power. None of this work can be done at its best without taking care of your mental health as a priority. It is equally essential to take care of your mental well-being during normal times too. Since the nature of their work is challenging, attorneys, paralegals, and support staff are at a higher risk of facing mental health challenges as they work under high expectations wherein deadlines are ever-looming.

In-House Legal Teams

Due to the pandemic, even the largest of businesses and corporations have to shave down the size of their in-house legal teams. Their revenue has been slashed which is again putting the in-house legal teams to step up and deliver more in order to justify their existence. In many such cases, the in-house legal teams have suggested the outsourcing firms to do the same. However, it cannot be denied that in the larger scheme, it is a viable option to look for an outsourcing firm that will prove to be both cost-efficient and resourceful.

The Law Firms

It was the law firms that underwent some of the most drastic changes. Post-COVID came as a sigh of relief for everyone. We would have never imagined even in our wildest dreams about such a pandemic or predicted how something like this could disrupt not just the financial economy, but our whole world. The pandemic has had an impact on almost all law firms that have led to them serving less than what they usually did. This whole situation has changed the traditional notions of productivity and increased the demand for a more remote working culture.

Legal Process Outsourcing

In this pandemic, the legal process outsourcing companies have played an essential role in the legal industry. Due to the current circumstances, people are more comfortable with the virtual work culture. Thus, the Legal Process Outsourcing Services caters to these needs by providing remote services. Outsourcing your matters is an affirmative step towards shaving down the stress or improving the mental peace of all those working in the legal domain.

All legal services and solutions are now adapting to the WHF environment. Clients and attorneys are keeping in touch and following up on obligations through virtual meetings for all their legal requirements. To remove major stress from the contracts, parties started including force majeure clauses to protect the business from losses in these hard times. 

Research shows that with some easy steps such as exercising, spending time outside, eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep could improve our day-to-day mental health and wellbeing. 

Legal Transcription Services Playing a Vital Role in Growth and Success of Legal Business!!!

 Legal transcription is widely regarded to be the most critical task in any legal business and practice, provided that they conduct it in an effective and timely manner. It ties legal transcription to excellent business workflow management. Many prosperous legal professionals currently do not have sufficient time for the transcription of their documents and official records. Therefore, they rightly hire legal professionals and reduce their workload and backlogs.

Outsourcing all legal transcription work to experts will help attorneys not just boost their overall workplace productivity, but also the company’s efficiency. Legal transcription services are now in demand for nearly any civil trial, verdict, survey, summary and interview. Typically, these facilities comprise a dedicated team of skilled transcribers.

The transcribers either are skilled or highly competent in performing comprehensive legal transcription work with great safety and efficiency. Many popular transcription services install state-of-the-art applications for the transcription of legal documents and records. These documents are then revised and submitted to the editing department for further creation of competent and custom catalogued files.

Benefits of firms providing legal transcription services:

  • They provide you with correct transcripts of your legal documentation and records.
  • They help you handle and monitor your transcription with a lot of ease and comfort.
  • They ensure the privacy and protection of all of your court records.
  • They decrease the liability for handling and monitoring your papers.
  • They provide you with a personalized transcription format to fit all your professional needs.
  • They offer high quality to their expert proofreaders, Legal practitioners and editors.

The total cost of these facilities depends solely on the specifications of their legal professional clients. However, the helpful aspects of engaging in legal transcription services help many law firms to mitigate the overall extra cost of transcription services.

Many legal transcription companies sell their services at the most competitive prices to attorneys, legal firms, court and prosecutors. Documents such as reviews, petitions, briefings, court records, tape recordings, court orders, meeting minutes shall be transcribed in a brief amount of time by a team of official legal transcribers. Hiring legal transcription servicesallows legal professionals to concentrate their work on more effective training programs provided to their employees. This helps to significantly decrease the cost of business processes and improve the efficiency of their business.

The Importance of Para Legal Services You Probably Need to Know!

The Para Legal Services play a significant role in legal sphere. They help to assist prosecutors during the case and to train for trials. Paralegals are at the core of the legal firm as they have taken on much more responsibilities traditionally assigned to legal secretaries and law firms. The increased demand for paralegals and law firms is partly attributable to the need for Internet-savvy persons.

Paralegals’ Increased Duties

In addition to the conventional roles, paralegals are also conducting some of the functions traditionally allocated to legal advisors. Also, lawyers could be an affordable choice to attorneys despite undertaking a variety of duties after they have been carried out by entry-level practitioners.

The Growth Rate of Paralegal Jobs

As per the United States of America, Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for lawyers and law firms are expected to rise by 10% from 2019 to 2029, almost as fast as rate for all professions. These factors contribute to the need for paralegals.

Paralegal Obligation

As per the United States of America, Bureau of Labor Statistics, paralegals and law firms are helping attorneys plan for trials, proceedings and corporate meetings. Paralegals use computer software to handle and arrange a growing amount of documents obtained throughout a case. Paralegals investigate crimes, perform analysis, compile records, collect information, compile reports, draught documents, obtain affidavits, prepare legal papers and interact with individuals involved in the case.

Increase in Incarceration

As per the Academy of Sciences, the rate of detention of prisoners in US prisons has risen 4 times since 1972. This rise in imprisonment has increased the need for more legal assistance, attorneys, defense attorneys and paralegals.

The War on Drugs

One of the key causes of the rise in the prison rate was the drug war, which updated the laws requiring tougher penalties for drug addicts. As per the Drug Policy Partnership, drug charge patterns increased dramatically in the 1980s, as the federal government proclaimed drug war. Several individuals behind bars for non-violent drug offences increased from 50,000 in 1980 to more than 400,000 in 1997. By the end of the 1980s, political drug panic led to harsh sanctions that quickly raised the incarceration rate. Today, we already see the consequences of these harsher jail terms.

The Internet and the Law

Nonprofit organizations and government agencies have made most of the raw resources of American law available online. Google has made it easier to identify the rule. With more Para Legal Services and legislation, paralegals are increasing their expertise to a professional on the Internet.

The growth in the number of digital legal firms has also increased the demand for lawyers. Most of what a digital legal firm needs are analysis, support services and client interface. More businesses have stretched the digital law firm’s envelope and raised a need for paralegals.

Final Thought

Now is time to understand more about the roles and obligations of Para Legal Services. Whether the incarceration rate is rising or technology is rising, there is indeed a growing need for paralegals to proceed in the next 10 years.

Legal Transcription Services: Increase Efficiency and Streamline Workflow!

Lawyers, government officials, police officers and other experts depend on transcripts to provide reliable legal information. However, with their hectic schedules, it may be challenging for the expert to transcribe essential audios or videos, such as judicial decisions, on their own. They consequently ask the assistance of legal transcription companies.

Legal transcripts, when carried out by highly qualified transcriptionists, offer correct info, which is essential to the growth of a major lawsuit. Legal transcription companies also help legal firms to standardize business processes and increase productivity in the following manner:

Save your Time and Effort

Legal firms spend a huge amount of time and effort reporting cases. Companies may need to record briefings, customer data, agreements and other official documents. The time spent by administrative staff to do this work can reduce production and decrease profit of the company.

Outsourcing Legal Transcription Services to a professional company will help the team to improve their effectiveness. In addition, outsourcing can reduce the burden and make sure that transcripts are accessible when required.

Easy Transcript Format

Transcripts are drafted with timestamps and speaker recognition, making it much easier to monitor the chronology of events and the information flow in a recording. The format enables attorneys to develop strong cases, for instance, by outlining discrepancies in witness statements.

Legal transcripts are also essential for the taking of notes and the formulation of queries for jury witnesses. Although the transcripts are well organized, they can be submitted to the jury as proof. Documents may also be shared with other officials involved in the suit to reduce the possibility of misunderstanding.

Reliable Transcript

Legal Transcription Service companies have trained and seasoned transcriptionists, editors and proofreaders. These teams are well-read, and they know the legal terminology. Transcription companies use modern equipment and technology to make sure that your transcription is precise.

With reliable legal transcripts, it is simple to process and build cases for your customers, especially when dealing with cases that are rampant with conflicting stories. As a lawyer, you can’t really afford wrong transcripts, which is why you should hire the best transcription firm.

Decreases Paperwork for The Office

Legal firms have a lot of paperwork to deal with. Legal transcription can significantly minimize the paperwork of a firm, as well as the costs and risks of having paper records. A legal transcription business provides a digital transcription format that can be stored on your computer or on the cloud. Digital transcripts are easier to find than paper transcripts. The transcript can be accessed easily with colleagues and court judges, and it is easy to discover and locate information recorded in previous proceedings. Digital transcripts can help you optimize your work in your office to make your work easier.

Lawyers as well as other legal experts handle a lot of transcriptions during their work, check out As a consequence, they might have been too busy to translate the recordings within their own. However, transcripts are important to the construction and direction of the lawsuits. In order to make job easier, lawyers can hire trusted legal transcription businesses to help them transcript recordings. An experienced transcription service company will provide exact and timely transcripts, saving you effort, time and money.

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