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Legal Transcription Services Playing a Vital Role in Growth and Success of Legal Business!!!

 Legal transcription is widely regarded to be the most critical task in any legal business and practice, provided that they conduct it in an effective and timely manner. It ties legal transcription to excellent business workflow management. Many prosperous legal professionals currently do not have sufficient time for the transcription of their documents and official records. Therefore, they rightly hire legal professionals and reduce their workload and backlogs.

Outsourcing all legal transcription work to experts will help attorneys not just boost their overall workplace productivity, but also the company’s efficiency. Legal transcription services are now in demand for nearly any civil trial, verdict, survey, summary and interview. Typically, these facilities comprise a dedicated team of skilled transcribers.

The transcribers either are skilled or highly competent in performing comprehensive legal transcription work with great safety and efficiency. Many popular transcription services install state-of-the-art applications for the transcription of legal documents and records. These documents are then revised and submitted to the editing department for further creation of competent and custom catalogued files.

Benefits of firms providing legal transcription services:

  • They provide you with correct transcripts of your legal documentation and records.
  • They help you handle and monitor your transcription with a lot of ease and comfort.
  • They ensure the privacy and protection of all of your court records.
  • They decrease the liability for handling and monitoring your papers.
  • They provide you with a personalized transcription format to fit all your professional needs.
  • They offer high quality to their expert proofreaders, Legal practitioners and editors.

The total cost of these facilities depends solely on the specifications of their legal professional clients. However, the helpful aspects of engaging in legal transcription services help many law firms to mitigate the overall extra cost of transcription services.

Many legal transcription companies sell their services at the most competitive prices to attorneys, legal firms, court and prosecutors. Documents such as reviews, petitions, briefings, court records, tape recordings, court orders, meeting minutes shall be transcribed in a brief amount of time by a team of official legal transcribers. Hiring legal transcription servicesallows legal professionals to concentrate their work on more effective training programs provided to their employees. This helps to significantly decrease the cost of business processes and improve the efficiency of their business.

The Importance of Para Legal Services You Probably Need to Know!

The Para Legal Services play a significant role in legal sphere. They help to assist prosecutors during the case and to train for trials. Paralegals are at the core of the legal firm as they have taken on much more responsibilities traditionally assigned to legal secretaries and law firms. The increased demand for paralegals and law firms is partly attributable to the need for Internet-savvy persons.

Paralegals’ Increased Duties

In addition to the conventional roles, paralegals are also conducting some of the functions traditionally allocated to legal advisors. Also, lawyers could be an affordable choice to attorneys despite undertaking a variety of duties after they have been carried out by entry-level practitioners.

The Growth Rate of Paralegal Jobs

As per the United States of America, Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for lawyers and law firms are expected to rise by 10% from 2019 to 2029, almost as fast as rate for all professions. These factors contribute to the need for paralegals.

Paralegal Obligation

As per the United States of America, Bureau of Labor Statistics, paralegals and law firms are helping attorneys plan for trials, proceedings and corporate meetings. Paralegals use computer software to handle and arrange a growing amount of documents obtained throughout a case. Paralegals investigate crimes, perform analysis, compile records, collect information, compile reports, draught documents, obtain affidavits, prepare legal papers and interact with individuals involved in the case.

Increase in Incarceration

As per the Academy of Sciences, the rate of detention of prisoners in US prisons has risen 4 times since 1972. This rise in imprisonment has increased the need for more legal assistance, attorneys, defense attorneys and paralegals.

The War on Drugs

One of the key causes of the rise in the prison rate was the drug war, which updated the laws requiring tougher penalties for drug addicts. As per the Drug Policy Partnership, drug charge patterns increased dramatically in the 1980s, as the federal government proclaimed drug war. Several individuals behind bars for non-violent drug offences increased from 50,000 in 1980 to more than 400,000 in 1997. By the end of the 1980s, political drug panic led to harsh sanctions that quickly raised the incarceration rate. Today, we already see the consequences of these harsher jail terms.

The Internet and the Law

Nonprofit organizations and government agencies have made most of the raw resources of American law available online. Google has made it easier to identify the rule. With more Para Legal Services and legislation, paralegals are increasing their expertise to a professional on the Internet.

The growth in the number of digital legal firms has also increased the demand for lawyers. Most of what a digital legal firm needs are analysis, support services and client interface. More businesses have stretched the digital law firm’s envelope and raised a need for paralegals.

Final Thought

Now is time to understand more about the roles and obligations of Para Legal Services. Whether the incarceration rate is rising or technology is rising, there is indeed a growing need for paralegals to proceed in the next 10 years.

Legal Transcription Services: Increase Efficiency and Streamline Workflow!

Lawyers, government officials, police officers and other experts depend on transcripts to provide reliable legal information. However, with their hectic schedules, it may be challenging for the expert to transcribe essential audios or videos, such as judicial decisions, on their own. They consequently ask the assistance of legal transcription companies.

Legal transcripts, when carried out by highly qualified transcriptionists, offer correct info, which is essential to the growth of a major lawsuit. Legal transcription companies also help legal firms to standardize business processes and increase productivity in the following manner:

Save your Time and Effort

Legal firms spend a huge amount of time and effort reporting cases. Companies may need to record briefings, customer data, agreements and other official documents. The time spent by administrative staff to do this work can reduce production and decrease profit of the company.

Outsourcing Legal Transcription Services to a professional company will help the team to improve their effectiveness. In addition, outsourcing can reduce the burden and make sure that transcripts are accessible when required.

Easy Transcript Format

Transcripts are drafted with timestamps and speaker recognition, making it much easier to monitor the chronology of events and the information flow in a recording. The format enables attorneys to develop strong cases, for instance, by outlining discrepancies in witness statements.

Legal transcripts are also essential for the taking of notes and the formulation of queries for jury witnesses. Although the transcripts are well organized, they can be submitted to the jury as proof. Documents may also be shared with other officials involved in the suit to reduce the possibility of misunderstanding.

Reliable Transcript

Legal Transcription Service companies have trained and seasoned transcriptionists, editors and proofreaders. These teams are well-read, and they know the legal terminology. Transcription companies use modern equipment and technology to make sure that your transcription is precise.

With reliable legal transcripts, it is simple to process and build cases for your customers, especially when dealing with cases that are rampant with conflicting stories. As a lawyer, you can’t really afford wrong transcripts, which is why you should hire the best transcription firm.

Decreases Paperwork for The Office

Legal firms have a lot of paperwork to deal with. Legal transcription can significantly minimize the paperwork of a firm, as well as the costs and risks of having paper records. A legal transcription business provides a digital transcription format that can be stored on your computer or on the cloud. Digital transcripts are easier to find than paper transcripts. The transcript can be accessed easily with colleagues and court judges, and it is easy to discover and locate information recorded in previous proceedings. Digital transcripts can help you optimize your work in your office to make your work easier.

Lawyers as well as other legal experts handle a lot of transcriptions during their work. As a consequence, they might have been too busy to translate the recordings within their own. However, transcripts are important to the construction and direction of the lawsuits. In order to make job easier, lawyers can hire trusted legal transcription businesses to help them transcript recordings. An experienced transcription service company will provide exact and timely transcripts, saving you effort, time and money.

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The World Of Due Diligence

Due Diligence is a blanket legal service that has a huge found application to everything that comes under the legal lens. Every legal firm and business organization never directly deal with people, money, and invest time without the required due diligence. Due diligence forms the fundamental stepping stone before many numbers of critical transactions and decision making support.

Due diligence begins with a comprehensive and thorough review, carries out audits to verify the process and add in the required investigation, and confirm relevant facts to the legal task at hand. Majorly due diligence is proposed and scaled for Mergers and Acquisitions services in the business world.

Due Diligence Support Services

Due diligence covers a huge spectrum of areas that require the experts and experience of this vastly invested field in the legal gamut.

Finance & Taxes Due Diligence

Financial due diligence which checks the financial viability of the stakeholder company’s financials and the subsequent audits done on the financials to determine the health status of a given organization on financial stead.

Legal Due Diligence.

Legal Due Diligence on its behalf checks to verify the legal documents, risk management, legal compliance, and any liability complications that might be proving bothersome to the future management of strategic developments.

Financial and legal due diligence comprises the essential strategies to any legal firm clients and organization. Other forms of due diligence vary based on the specific tailored requirements of clients concentrating fields like administrative facilities requirements due diligence, human resource due diligence for people, and most importantly for an organization environmental regulation policies and the obligations towards it.

The Due Diligence Process

Due diligence is followed with the plan to adhere to the checklist that entails the complete due diligence process that keeps the company’s assets, liabilities, profits, managing contracts, and the eventual risk management under one comprehensive review, analysis, and record-keeping to make informed decisions.

We, at AEREN LPO, are fully staunch in conducting the initial analysis of the undertaken project for due-diligence, prepare workflows and task strategies to carry out the financial and tax analysis, collect requisite documents and review them for relevancy to the designated M& A or other feasibilities, legal compliance and regulations checks, real-time status reports and monitoring throughout the project duration and offer risk analysis and management.

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Key Performance Touchstones To Outsource All Your Legal Workflow Management Assisted Tasks

Legal firms, corporate houses, legal publishing houses, attorneys, and many legal experts current unsettling agitation is the looming voluminous caseload, low to mid-level legal assisted tasks and a deterministic solution in fixing an easy, streamlined, and all through the year organized workflow management in all levels of the organization.

Off-shore outsourcing is a definite long term as well as short term solution that legal firms and organization can decide to move their workloads and eliminate backlogs and increase efficiency in the way they conduct their business and relationship with their clients.

AEREN LPO is throughout in the forefront for pioneering legal outsourcing and leads our clients in strategic decision making and making leaps by delivering the consistent value that no legal task is too small to go unnoticed or pushed to the background. Everything has its own significance in the legal journey and we ensure to deliver from large to small projects with dedication, commitment, and full justice in making your outsourcing benefits manifold.

Access to Proficient Legal Experts

Our attorneys, project managers, paralegals are not only experienced and deftly skilled, but hugely accomplished, qualified, and thoroughly adept in their practice areas. Each project is steered with the best of minds in the industry delivering world-class solutions every step of the way for all your concerns.

Latest Technology

We use and strategize technology both in-house as well as the third party that enhances the access to perks a technology or a software brings into the workflow process, the much needed time, cost-saving, and quality infused in delivering everyday projects.

The Choice To Scale And Hire

We believe in not limiting ourselves to only a certain way of work done is done and considered. We believe in flexibility in needs, skills as well as the seasons of change that happens in any workplace environment. We give the utmost flexibility to our clients to choose to scale, hire, rehire, or limit resources at any time throughout the year.

Multi-dimensional Saving

Outsourcing is all gains, saving, and quality in all retrospectives. A combination of the best resource assets, technology access, and management of everyday operating costs and training with complete transparency in bringing result-driven legal workflow management leads to huge perks and intangible profits expanded benefits.

Accord to Security and Confidentiality

Every project is guaranteed to uphold data security, confidentiality, and compliance adherence at all levels consistently. Only limited resources and point person is in access to the information with the complete onus of responsibility in dealing with sensitive information in all of our project levels. Equipped with the industry state-of-the-art facilities and secured servers, we give utmost importance to mitigate data breach discrepancies.

Pilot Projects

To test the flow of project management and requirement understanding, we undertake free pilot projects to assess, co-ordinate and streamline the actual project workflow before the actual nod and initiation with further payment options in carrying out the complete project.

We ensure to deliver solutions customized to every fine detail and fulfill all our client requirements in each of their legal workflow tasks, including project initiation, continuation,and completion with us. We offer end-to-end legal outsourcing in Contract Management, Managed Document Review Services, Global Immigration Management, Litigation Support Services, Global Compliance and Regulations, Legal Research and Analysis, Merger and Acquisition, Deposition Summarization and Transcription Services and Para Legal and Virtual Assistant Services.

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The 101 On Virtual Legal Assistant Services

Virtual Legal Assistant Services is your easy go-to solution when in-house legal departments and legal firms need the extra hand to professionally complete legal tasks that are voluminous, require fewer interruptions and overseeing management, and also tasks that can perform better by automation. Virtual Legal Assistants are time, cost, and work efficiency savvy and keep you always ahead in your routines.

The leading decisional forces that make Virtual Legal Assistant Services viable and attractive to the global legal market are:

Strategic Time Devotion Towards Core Legal Operations.

Legal firms are bombarded with a load of voluminous legal tasks piling up every day in the attorney’s desks. These day-to-day activitiesneeda lot of their time and steal away the valuable time in strategizing along with it. Virtual Assistants take the workload off your regular workforce plates and return it to you with high-quality work completed in quicker turnaround times.

Extended Workload Productivity with Time Leverage

With professional virtual legal associates handling your increasing workload, the organization and streamlining under virtual service management reduces unnecessary interruptions and delivers task completions well in the schedule. With countries like India working in different time zone, continuity and completion remain in a 24-hour cycle extension (12 hours per given day in EST and IST) thus making a real deal with productivity metrics. Also, some project schedules run 24 hours in IST exclusively depending on volume and timeline requisites.

Up-to-date Transcription Services

Running a legal firm and department taking everyday transcription logs is mandatory in knowing the inside out happenings about actual timelines, people, and activities. Virtual assistants make perfect data entries of transcription and record them systematically to bring the organization management without missed entries or mayhem arising out of small details not given due importance.

Operating Costs at an All-Time Low

Virtual Assistants operate at cost percentages 70 percent lower than actual employees. Virtual Assistants get paid for the work done minus other employee benefits as in a regular employee you hire or cost increase due to training or setting up their desks. Everything comes you virtually straight, quick, and with competitive tasks for even more qualitative competitive services.

Premier Services with Increased Business Efficiency

The desks, technology, and software are readily set up with the resource skilled in the specific domains. The level of professionalism in the legal tasks are standard, with better time and workflow management in handling the legal tasks. This enhances the overall business efficiency when services offered are world-class.

Professional Handling of Deadlines

Deadlines are everyday routines when it comes to legal task workloads. A lot happening always leads to inadvertently running out of time. Our Virtual Assistants are trained to cope with time management efficiently and this makes them build a strong rapport with the performing legal workload and plan adequately to finish in the right timelines and deliver you successfully amidst any of your deadline challenges.

Miscellaneous Legal Tasks

Organizing files, making and answering calls for appointments and queries, scheduling calendars, and anything in between for legal while in research and analysis to reviews and contract management will be duly performed with the experience and skills our virtual legal assistants focus to deliver results in.

Virtual Legal Assistants go about making your legal daily activities function smoother, quicker, and smarter in every way and enhance the value of your time with strategic legal tasks as well as your clients and bring in rich dividends.

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Top 10 Covid-19 Legal Trends For Law Firms And Business

The year 2020 completely changed the world’s perspective, with COVID-19 affecting people globally and for the huge impact of losses and scare it caused worldwide. Here are the top 10 COVID-19 related legal trends that were exclusive or relative in response to COVID-19.

  • Work-from-Home (WFH)

WFH has become the universal phenomenon with lockdowns bringing countries, continents, states, and even inter-city borders to a complete standstill. Bigger organizations are extending WFH till June 2021 to tackle COVID-19.

All legal services and solutions are now being adapted in a WFH environment or with a lesser percentage of staff in an actual office set-up.

  • Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings were the first step towards continuing business amidst social distancing and WFH. Zoom, Google Meet became the new mode of workplace meetups and for connectivity.

Clients and attorneys kept in touch and followed on obligations through virtual meeting spaces and stayed updated and in touch for all their legal requirements.

  • Force Majeure

Lot was talked and re-talked on every aspect of force majeure and its provisions in regards to millions of contracts worldwide. The term trended everywhere for solutions to COVID-19 disruptions in legal responsibilities.

Contracts were either evaluated for a force majeure clause or amended to include one to protect the business losses in these hard times.

  • M&A for Antitrust Reviews

Mergers & Acquisitions of giants during pandemic have come under the lenses and were asked for more comprehensive evidence to dispel monotony notions in anti-trust reviews and closely monitored.

Now M&A is critically viewed for the authenticity of the purpose and the courts have been approached for stopping the sudden boom in acquisitions.

  • Virtual Assistants

Improving staff availability due to the COVID-19 with Virtual Assistants and Outsourcing Solutions has been growing. Legal resources are affected by COVID-19, making businesses looking for cost constraints and procurement to fill the shortage.

This has led more legal firms and businesses to drive their legal works towards virtual assistants, and legal process outsourcing companies as alternatives to compensate for their staff shortages, government regulations towards lockdowns, and other factors.

  • Business Continuity Plans

Business Continuity Plans for every organization were re-evaluated and reviewed for better future strategies and coming out of the current inadequacies and losses in carrying out business.

Business Continuity Plans paved the way for contingency measures to overcome challenges and issues related to COVID-19 in sustaining the business.

  • Material Adverse Effects (MAE)

In light of COVID-19, a lot was discussed on what constitutes MAE and for one to refrain and abide by the contract responsibility and chalk it out to risks under MAE. Visit Material Adverse Effect provides the much-needed leverage in business while in the renegotiation of terms for termination circumstances of a business.

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

OSHA guidelines were incorporated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the USA to minimize COVID-19 risks for employees in workplaces paving way for regulations to protect all the employees and monitoring the COVID-19 scenario.

  • Contract Breaches and Non-performances

Contracts all over the world went for a complete overhaul in struggling to cope with contract breaches and non-performances at the beginning of 2020. Contracts are expected to gain momentum and perform better in the nearing of the end of 2020 by integrating contingency measures implemented under re-negotiated contracts.

  • Employees’ Welfare for COVID-19

New guidelines and support for employees who are directly affected by COVID-19 or their family members and children’sneeds of care were reviewed globally for leave requirements, pay benefits, insurance, and maintaining confidentiality and sensitivity while dealing withthe positively affected employee.

We are now in the third quarter of the year 2020 and by now, things are looking to marginally improve by people becoming more cautious and aware to the spread and taking precautions, adapting to the new ways of working and living, and businesses changing their strategies to turn this year and the future in their stride.

Artificial Intelligence In The Field Of Legal Process Outsourcing-How Much More Or Less Does It Mean For Human Intervention

Artificial Intelligence- The word AI brings to our mind the images of robots taking over the world almost as looking like humans walking in zombie films nightmare. Yeah, that’s the scare image that goes with AI.

 Let’s give a pause for a second here to know why does this picture about AI crosses our minds in a millisecond before we relate something to AI? Any guesses?

The answer is in the fear that AI will take over humans in every way, especially starting with every human job and render many jobless or take the importance of humans, ultimately becoming the voice automated boss robot commanding over the human race.

Rest assured, all AI is not a walking zombie robot but software-oriented tools with lots of trials and errors that have made it possible to carry out voluminous, repetitive tasks easier. AI is here to strike out the monotony that was insurmountable before to humans and hence eventually saves huge in terms of your money and much valuable time. This is Artificial Intelligence, that wants to disrupt your life is all about.

AI with legal integration

The same goes for AI in the legal field. AI in legal is advanced software and tools that take away the monotony that lawyers can vouch, for the enormous amount of time every attorney or a paralegal pours over in their desk. AI has made legal services smarter, efficient, and menial, repetitive tasks are now perfectly easier and bearable.

AI in legal makes legal even more interesting by

# Taking the long hours out of the picture

No more impossible hours for attorneys or paralegals, eventually giving faster turn around time to clients for any legal services.

# 100 percent no error rate

With AI, the slightest tendency of human error is completely eradicated, delivering projects with no risks of errors.

# Perfect for voluminous and repetitive tasks

AI is usually for making tasks which are huge and very much repetitive easier to work with. AI is the perfect solution to curbing monotony and performs to same results faster, efficiently, and effectively.

# AI makes overall management easy

AI makes any project management with contracts or reviews easier. It’s very cost-effective, effortlessly manageable, and even easier to keep in track and have control over everything at any given time.

# Additional tech support to enhance workflow

AI delivers additional tech support in means of legal software that makes process stream easier with clear-cut tech features for specific needs of contracts and e-discovery processes foran effective workflow at all levels.

Does AI mean Zero Human Intervention in the field of law?

AI without human intervention would look like a child operating a remote car. An AI software is fancy, fast, easy to navigate and operate, call back, keep track of and even find it if you lost with the locator button. But then without the child’s keen interest, it just better lay wrapped in its box.

The AI used in contract management and especially e-discovery of Managed Document Review Services are similar. It’s the Attorney’s interest and experience which makes it navigates in the right direction the client needs it to operate for their business.

Human intuition is fundamental to everything

Nothing can ever beat the quick-thinking solutions for problems, timely maneuver decisions in the right moment, ideas that generate, and eureka moments to do things even better which are only a special association with human behavior and tendency and especially to attorneys dealing with varied circumstances and situations at any given time.

AI is here to give you a good experience for handling all legal projects, increase productivity in completing long projects with the right resources, run things faster while in tracking or search of any keyword, clause or dates in a contract or legal documents, never wear down attorneys’ mental well being with performing the same tasks over and over since AI completes the repetitive tasks leaving strategic decisions and higher intelligence tasks in the good hands of skilled attorneys of the relevant fields of law.

AI integrated with attorneys in law will be a truly killer combination of brains and speed with no room for errors and unmatched quality.

Addressing the 3-Way Covid-19 Related Legal Challenges for the US Healthcare Sector

The world now is realizing our superheroes in their battle against COVID-19 from the frontline- the healthcare providers. The healthcare organization, their health care personnel are now under the duress of challenges in a bid to save and protect patients amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

The healthcare workforce is also dwindling due to being prone to coronavirus from treating patients, shortage of protective gear, masks, and medical equipment, also patients ending up in large numbers than the healthcare system can handle the crisis. The lack of or irregular processes in the supply chain due to the pandemic adds to further challenges in meeting all the required healthcare needs and supply at the moment.

Healthcare needs to tackle legal challenges in three ways: 

  1. One to handle the legal crisis in their in-house with issues related to inadequacy in supply chain management and equipment to protect their healthcare providers and patients.
  2. Second, in response to the patient as an entity of employee-employer relationship organizations, the healthcare organization should be prepared for handling Protected Health Information (PHI) of the employees in terms of Health plans and insurances under the umbrella of HIPAA regulations.
  3. Apart from healthcare and patients another source of legal issues needs to be handled are the government compliances which need to be adhered to, with new protocols related to the COVID -19 scare and welfare of public health.

At AEREN LPO, we are effectively processing healthcare legal solutions to handle and ease the legal challenges for both the healthcare organizations and corporates, the patients are associated with as employees, by addressing and providing solutions to everyone involved.

For Healthcare Organisations:

Focus on drafting the best course for your action plans and policy framework related to the COVID-19 emergency in response to US Govt’s new COVID-19 related policies.

Set priorities in handling the legal regulations in medical equipment supply chains for terms and conditions that apply under force majeure.

Drafting inventories and prepare contracts for Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to disclose supplies and demands for the health care organization as well in updating replies to the US Government protocols.

For Business and Corporates:

Reviewing documentation for employee eligibility and employee coverage for the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) of the US federal government in payment of paid sick leaves to families due to COVID-19 related health issues.

Addendum of additional clauses for measures in response to US Occupational Safety and Health Administrations guidance on Interim Enforcement Response Plan for Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for safeguarding employees from COVID-19.

The Healthcare system currently is of prime importance worldwide, and any issues related to legal should not hold back in doing 100 percent in dealing with the COVID-19 crunch.

At corporates, employees being an invaluable asset, the recovery for the ones affected by COVID-19 and in a collective effort to save the employees and their families, corporates are now ethically bound to implement the new healthcare policies related to COVID-19 at the earliest.

Deposition Summary

A Deposition Summary is a very succinctly organized and summarized note or digest, giving clear and concise facets of the subject or exhibit. Deposition Summary is obtained prior to litigation from the witnesses. It is rendered orally after sworn in under oath, asking the right questions that are relevant to the case and help in understanding the client and the issue thoroughly. This deposition transcript is collected as means for evidence prior to the trial at court or for e-discovery.

A legal case takes many new twists and turns while in hearing when not rightly prepared for it. Unless the attorney and the client are well versed with the whole proceedings scenario at the tip of their hands one is sure to get overwhelmed by the opponent.

The Necessity of Deposition Summary

A deposition is in itself a real necessity. It’s like the complete book of information and facts and narratives of all the witnesses for the ongoing trial. However, the deposition summary is like the brief reference notes taken and referred to,which are very crucial on the day of the exam. The intention of the deposition summary is to discover the important key points of the deposition transcript and preserve the essence of the testimony.

A great deposition summary makes the attorney related to the case be in speed and have as a reminder note to himself with all the valid dimensions to the case rather than going through pages and pages of large deposition transcriptions and have the fear of missing out on essential and vital data at the time of hot trial happening.

How Deposition Summary is done?

The deponent’s oral testimony is adapted to written format and signed. These loads of pages of the deposition transcripts are read thoroughly and relevant details that are regarded as necessary to the ongoing case are identified. The transcripts are then prepared into a crystal and refined deposition summary. A good deposition summary is anywhere from a single page to four pages at maximum depending on the case size content and relevant details.

What does a deposition summary look like?

A deposition summary has the sworn in oral testimony of the witness in a short and to the point important aspects of a large deposition transcription. A standard deposition summary has the format page: line syntax. Based on the pages and lines in the deposition transcription made, the relevant data is extracted and for clarity and further reference if any made into a deposition summary with specifying the page number of the transcript and to the line in which the fact that is mentioned and abstracted to the required deposition summary.

A good deposition summary makes the trial a breeze to walk in without having the burden to refer to a significantly large line of case transcripts every single time.

Make the most of Outsourcing Deposition Summary

Deposition Summary Outsourcing makes it  more economical than doing it in-house. With highly specialized deposition summary writing attorneys well versed in the language and copywriting, a high standard and very succinct deposition summaries will be done in as much  less than 48 to72 hours. Saves you the trouble of time, cost and the task at hand in one go.

For deposition summary outsourcing with AEREN LPO please visit We would be glad to deliver to you the best legal deposition summary.