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What To Look For While Outsourcing Medical/Legal Document Review Services To India?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the medical and legal industry is growing at an exponential rate. However, one major challenge these two industries face is creating and organizing digital record databases. Know that failing to create and manage digital databases and piled-up paperwork can disrupt day-to-day operations for the frontline workers. That’s why many law firms and medical organizations outsource medical/legal document review services to India.

“Why India? Organizations prefer outsourcing medical/legal review services to India because the country is home to many experienced and aspiring lawyers associated with reputed LPOs (Legal Process Outsourcing) who are well-versed with international laws. They dedicate all their time and efforts to keeping your documents organized and are in compliance with the latest standards. Not to mention, Indian LPOs and their team is also known for getting things done quickly, efficiently, and best of all, cost-effectively. This, in turn, helps business owners and their teams to brush off the burden and focus on their core responsibilities. “

Now, without any further ado, let’s get started with what you should be looking for before outsourcing Medical/Legal Document Review Services to India. Keep reading to learn more about it.

  • Researching strategies

Drafting and implementing reliable research strategies is one of the crucial skill sets required for efficient document review management. Think about it, the international laws and document standards are ever changing. This is especially true for legal and medical departments.

That’s why it is important for ventures to trust LPOs that have and follow concrete research strategies during the document review process. Additionally, the document review team must also be aware of the latest database and the best ways to organize data.

  • High regards for privacy and confidentiality

When it comes to document review management, it is important to go for the ventures to work with LPOs that can pay huge attention to the privacy and confidentiality of the information. Know that data released by the ventures contains sensitive information. This information includes details regarding clients/patients, customers, management, and many more. And you wouldn’t want such sensitive information to be misused by third parties or fall into the wrong hands.

Therefore, make sure whenever you are outsourcing medical/legal document review services, make sure you associate with an LPO that promises to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of the data.

  • Time effectiveness

If your company is located in the UK or USA, then ensuring time effectiveness throughout the document review process is definitely an important step. This is because there’s a huge time gap between the aforementioned countries and India, creating mismatched working hours.

Thus, it would be best for you to associate with an LPO that follows a 24/7 work cycle. This way, it would be easier to get your medical/legal project before deadlines. Not to mention, a 24/7 work cycle will also help you prevent and reduce the work backlog.

  • Transparent working models

As mentioned earlier, medical and legal documents contain sensitive information and details related to patients and clients. And according to the latest guidelines issued by Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act, this data shouldn’t be misused or sold to third parties.

However, when you get such documents reviewed by the LPOs, it is important to ensure that the reviewing team follows a transparent working model. Such working models help you stay at ease, knowing that your data and documents are handled with utmost care.

Why is Aeren LPO your one-stop-shop solution for outsourcing Medical/Legal Document Review Services to India?

Aeren LPO is counted among the prominent legal outsourcing service providers in India. We understand that every legal/medical document holds unique importance. That’s why our document review team has tailored solutions to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Not to mention, the integrated tech solutions act as a helping hand for our team, allowing them to complete their projects efficiently and on time.

We make sure that no stones are left unturned and try our best to deliver success to our clients. You can reach out to us by visiting our official website and get all your medical/legal documents reviewed right away.

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See How Document Review Turns From Zero to Hero In AEREN LPO!

As a litigator we need to locate key information to identify the evidence. We used to interview individuals, testify to them etc. Also, we conduct physical and mental examinations as well. But for electronic stored information we need the help of Document Review.   

In the fast forward era 2021 the entire industry focused on reviewing electronic documents. Many law firms and corporate houses outsource litigation support and teams due to the lot of work pressure. Hence, Alternative Legal Service Providers have a vast team of legal professionals with national or international reach.

What’s Document Review Really Is?

The basic goal of document review is to examine the data and find out the key piece of information. since, this piece of information helps us to decide what questions to ask, finding out where a custodian might have stored information, or conducting a cross examination at trial.

The Content We Review

However, you all know electronically stored information is identified in document review. Such examples of ESI is-

Emails and Attachments

Chats, Text Messages and Voicemail Files

Word Processing Documents, Spreadsheet Files, Powerpoint or Such Similar Presentations

Audio or Video Content (From Photos to Body Camera Footage)

Loose Files

Any Database

Components of File

Electronically stored information has many components. These components include 


When reviewing documents, we search the text, use the text with active learning, redact it, and so on. 


Metadata is data about data. We use categories of the data which makes it easier to find the information.


Pictures are the part of ESI that we collect and need to review. 

Audio & Video

Audio & Videos files are more common. Since the legal document reviewer has to work with the content of these files.

Who Reviews Documents ?

Large number of litigators work on second-level reviews, privilege reviews, subject matter experts, quality assurance and quality control and the list goes on. Therefore, reviewing legal and regulatory documents can bring an attorney team together, educating them on what to do, assuming you don’t have to go through a second round with a whole new team. On the golden state workers compensation website you can find everything about workers compensation attorney in California. Also you don’t even know how many hours it will take or what it will cost you.

Why Go Through the Burden and Stress ?

AEREN LPO has been offering efficient Document Review Services for over a decade, helping clients use reliable, cost-effective strategies and high-end technology. Since, our lawyers and legal professionals come from the best law school and use the available resources to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Hence, what differentiates us is our core set of beliefs to ensure that all our clients are happy with the work performed by our team. 

Document Review Services are considered vital and AEREN LPO uses the best competent practices to give the greatest delivery and quality outcome. Also, from project initiation to completion, we ensure the finest practices are carefully and diligently followed every step of the way.

In order to learn more about our document review services, get in touch with our experts today at

A Day Spent in Document Review Lab Room

As you all know, document review is one of the booming operations within the Legal industry. It is a common work which perform by specialize document review attorneys. E-discovery is a phase of document review process and used in a regulatory investigation or due diligence assessments. It requires an analogous approach and serves the purpose of designating information for production. The processing stage of e-discovery is design to eliminate redundant information and organize the remaining information for efficient, cost-effective document review.

Well, now that you know what it is, aren’t you curious to take a tour of the lab room? Let’s dive into the whole process.

Document Review Team

Firstly, let’s meet the document review team who provide you with the best document review servicesThe experts are hired to bring a rich experience and expertise to the company since it is the backbone for the whole reviewing concept. 

Document reviewers is well train legal professionals who examine documents relevant to pending litigation and regulatory investigation. This team comprises senior experienced attorneys. As an attorney, their wisdom skills and experience ensure formidable value in the future.

Document Review Lab Room

In a document review lab room, a document reviewer examines many documents like letters, memos, e-mails, power-point presentations, spreadsheets, and other documents in which the information may turn over to discovery requests for an opposing party. 

Their first duty is to submit their phones to eliminate the breaching of information. They typically sit in a workspace in front of a computer. Since many document review projects are long-short-term, contract and temporary work are common during this field. 

After reaching their systems they perform a page-by-page review and analysis of documents according to the protocol to determine if they must be produced to opposing parties. Documents always code and load in litigation database. Therefore the dataset is culled to narrow the number of documents, which may be in millions, down to a manageable subset of relevant documents to be reviewed. Meanwhile, they get a break to recharge their mindset or chit chat with colleagues, or have other discussions.

Every document resides in computer databases in electronic formats because of the advanced technology. Reviewers don’t manually sift through paper documents, rather spend most of their days in front of a computer screen. 

They code the documents in step with relevance, responsiveness, privilege, confidentiality, and redaction logs. Reviewers summarize, tab, highlight, chart, and collect certain documents or information gleaned from the documents. The speed of their work is monitored. It takes more time to complete their whole review but they go after to make sure to meet the targets. After completion of reviewing all the documents they go after the QC/QA process. Quality Assurance and control is done by senior experts to reassure the work. Their whole world revolves around reviewing the documents.

In Conclusion

We learnt that a document reviewer’s job is more critical than others. They ought to have required a law degree, but reviewing the documents isn’t taught in any law school, training occurs on the work only. Maids in Florida are available at This training entails learning the document review software and understanding the specifics of the case, claims, or investigations so that the reviewers can make intelligent decisions from the documents potential production. Their performing document review enhances the credentials by demonstrating a specific level of competence.

E-discovery changes the industry which transforms the roles to be more hierarchical and substantive. These jobs may carry little stress but it can show a decent work-life balance. The document review services (world) is now evolving as sub-specialties because technology has changed the substance and status of this career.

Happy Document Reviewing!

Outsourcing Document Review Services Reduces Burden on Legal Fraternity!

Wondering why outsource the Document Review services? Well, when jobs like this are outsource, they are handling by far more expert people. That may be working with U.S. lawyers, too, at a very reasonable rate. They tend to be more efficient as compared to doing the same thing at home.

In Addition

To saving about 35% of what you would have either invested. It also acts as a great time-saving tool, allowing the in-house employees to concentrate on much more essential tasks.

The entire process of reviewing the document starts by deciding. Whether or not the document is requires to review is applicable in this case in question. Documents is carefully analyzes as responsive and non-responsive, depending on their usefulness in the situation.

Furthermore, when the order for output is made, i.e. RPF is received, responsive documents are categorized as unprivileged and privileged documents. The documents comprising the relationship and some kind of link between the lawyer and the client. It’s relating to the case at issue beheld the tag of the privileged documents.

Privilege Document Review Services

Privileged Document Review services can also include sensitive laws and data protection laws. And the work product principle of a lawyer. Prefer documentation may not be establishes when an RFP is going to file.

Also, sensitive RFP records are often not generated when filed. Documents including highly secure information about a party, such as proof of proprietary information, fall under the heading of secret information.

Such details shall never be release to the opposing parties. However, if the entire document interacts with a lot of given details, the document will be handles very carefully.

Usually, the analysis of the outsourcing document is done by legal experts. As it deals with the lawyers weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly who are being handed over. The entire process has dug fewer pocket holes compared to the fact. That prefer occupations is usually capable of working at a low cost as part-time.

Also, the time requires during the entire process is short as more hands is design to work over a specific project. The quantity provide is assure when you select several of the most trustworthy players in the region, much like the Legal Support Environment.

In Conclusion

Overall, outsourcing Document Review services can reduce the job burden on lawyers and they can provide their workers with far more relevant work than dealing with records. Outsourcing documents review, therefore, helps in the smart handling of work with workers and saves a lot of time.

With E-Discovery Entering Into 2021, Why Managed Document Review Is The Global Answer

Come 2021, E-discovery is entering into a new decade of more demanding and vast data processing like never before.

Data has been on an exponential growth this century and while we entering into the next decade, we will see more of it, purely because data is the most valued yet in baby steps processing due to the sheer size of the data that is being added every day.

However, Managed Document Review provides the complete umbrella of end-to-end management of letting process the legal documents leveraging the best the technology can update and offer with the consistent Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) workflow.

Therefore, software providing a suite of functionalities will lucratively enhance the document discovery process and go for the best results in the management of electronic data securely in collecting, reviewing, and bringing them into production optimally.

EDRM Master Facets for the Next Decade

Managing Data Variants

The data that enters the EDRM is in a variety of formats of audio, video, and texts. However, the combinations succeed the actual raw data model with more and more technological applications coming into the market and everything using many formats of data that is being entered, used, or collected in the digital formats. Therefore, securing every data variant and proceeding towards a common ground enhancing the uniformity is of prime goal in the next decade of data management.

Identification Paradigms

Undoubtedly data mushrooming in all places, the need and the tenacious skill to identify the right data that clicks the big legal puzzle. So makes it all come together in a collaborative process is a challenging yet interesting aspect in devising paradigms that make the right fit for capturing the vital data.

Specialized Processing and QC

However, constantly evolving specialized software that integrates all the advanced features that require in processing the new data patterns and formats for deriving the right data set for production is a crucial step in the future EDRM which will make the whole managed document review experience a notch higher to the increasingly digitalized world. Find out here what are the best pavers for a driveway?

With AI being slowly but inadvertently weaving into our everyday process, the next decade can see in more trained models, which gets increasingly accurate and effective as an add on in the managed document review process to enormously make reviews easier to match quality in production, eliminating sophisticated review methods and bringing welcoming turning pointsfor managing the swivelling data along the right axis for the coming decade in the legal process.

Are You A Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Based Company? Why Do You Need Good Document Review Practices?

Document review in healthcare and pharmaceutical is mandatory for bringing about the best results. Also, quicker process, and overall easy management of clinical information. However, let’s highlight to you a few necessary aspects that shed light on the whys to document review. It truly needs huge collaboration and integration in this ever-growing and equally very demanding sector.

Improves the Poor Management of Huge Information

When it’s about research, the possibilities are too many and all equally important that documentation runs hundreds and thousands of pages. Managing the database of information becomes critical to the research and documentation. A clear document review process accounts for every piece of information and organizes things for effective management layout throughout the project and years.

Record, Review, and Manage

Clinical research and health care data go through the constant cycle of record, review/analyze, and manage stages. So, trials go through loops for perfection and every detail is vital. Document review makes a perfect recording and usage and access to a mountain of information very quick,easy, and smooth.

Compliance is Essential

With medical formalities, compliance is paramount. Compliance generates too many governmental regulatory bodies and implemented accurately across diverse research.Document review ensures the compliance is fully give the necessary accord and keep update at all times with any regulation changes.

Information Never Be Miss

For instance, with incomplete and missing documentation, the research and application are rejected from approval and it takes more time to get the ball rolling again in favor of the project delivery and trials.

Multiple Document Sources Collation

Document scales, the indexing and organization of documents at hierarchy at all levels. Since enhances and makes a quick solution to bring information together from multiple sources and form research verifications and reviewing.

Automate to be Error-free

With an increase in automation, errors related to the sensitive data and other processes in documentation becomes more efficient, completely reliable. Moreover it can analyze huge volumes of document reviewing faster and perfectly streamlined.

Wide Usage Across Devices

Recording, storing, and documentation in various formats of audio/video or text happens across a wide range of devices that is use over a long time in completely documenting the clinical process. But, the document review software and the team need data capture and diligently recording mechanism in bringing all the related research materials together and collaborate them.

Pave Way for an Easy Audit of Trials

Firstly, auditing for all the research and trials becomes easier and manageable with documents efficiently undergoing review formalities. Secondly, all information will be accounted for and labeled that forming the right decisions and analyzing to bring about the research studies becomes endearing.

Connect Stakeholders and Integrate Secure Access

Research connects a vast array of interested stakeholders who should work and research in parallel with each other. So, providing a secure repository and access makes the process flow meaningful, mitigate confusion and risks by enhancing the data integrity. Also, it drastically builds transparency to the whole process of research and delivers meaningful reports.

Therefore, elaborate document review for healthcare and pharmaceutical sector avoids frustration to manage huge volumes of documents and never allow inadequacies to step in conforming to standards or pull back efforts, energy and resources that go into trials.

However, vast scientific research and parallel collaboration with a huge panel of stakeholders in the Preclinical/Clinical/Market Stage is a tremendous process workflow, to which document review makes things simpler, quick, and easily accessible at all the times and keeps you well managed and prepared to encounter any challenges that show up.

Merger And Acquisition: The Elaborate And Comprehensive Need For Managed Document Review Services

In addition, The United States of America, Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice with the Federal Trade Commission, sets the merger & acquisition guidelines and evaluates mergers that happen within the private business entities.

A merger is when two companies come together to voluntarily merge on a friendly term to share the mutual benefits from the merger formed. Also, in acquisition, a parent company completely takes over another company and makes such company its own by operations and management.

Therefore, the huge corporates and start-up ventures decide for a merger based on the following three strategies:

Horizontal Mergers.

Since, if a company is looking for expanding its market share, it merges with a company that has the same product, same market share, and the same customer base. This removes duplication and offers cost savings.

Walt Disney & Pixar Animation Studios in 2006.

Vertical Mergers.

When companies look to avoid interruptions in their production, one company merge or acquire another company that is linked to the raw material or in the chain of the production process. But, both the vertical companies are involved in the production of the same outcome, but exist differently in their stages of production.

AT&T and Time Warner in 2018.

Concentric Mergers.

When two companies serve the same customer base, but with different products. They expand the product offerings and diversify their shared expertise all in one place to the customer.

Citicorp and Travellers Group in 1998 to become Citigroup Inc.

Conglomerate Mergers.

Hence, two companies unrelated to the product or service offerings or to the customer base, come together. This eventually increases the customer base and creates a much wider reach for both the existing companies for all their product offerings.

Google and Alphabet in 2015.

When does the Antitrust Division sue at the court to block a merger from happening?

Merger heightens the power of monopoly and eventual increase in the prices.

The consumers will have less choice and hence the competition decreases, and, yes,it shoots the prices up again.

Therefore, job losses happen if the parent company goes ahead with an aggressive takeover and makes a certain section of the acquired company unemployed for cost-cutting.

The above three are very serious concerns thattips the country’s economical scale balance.

This is when a company willing to pursue Merger & Acquisition (M&A) should be made very certain the purpose of the intent of the merger is not definitely -monopoly or to remove competition but it is for a mutual well-being of both the companies, the consumers right towards competitive prices and opportunity to choose.

The need for elaborate Document Review to process multifaceted M&A.

Since, M&A work plan involves anti-trust experts, specialists conducting legal and financial due diligence, ensuring compliance with intellectual property guidelines, tax related matters, and environmental concerns,and multi-judiciary foreign counsels fromvarious geographies for M&A to substantiate compliance viz-à-viz numerous different regulations.

Since, Document Review for an M&A is neither simple nor easy. But, it’s a time consuming, huge, and extensive process having to vet, review, recheck, verify, and produce a wide array of support documents and analysis in support of the M&A.

Due Diligence Check.

Conducting all the required due diligence and coming up with initial drafts of all the necessary documents. Respectable property division lawyer can be found at, California. Hence, it is a comprehensive document gathering effort, unlimited interviews, assessment of the business models,review of the contractual clauses and limitations, and the performance scale the M&A will bring in.

Continuous revisions and negotiations that originates from due diligence.

Since, process all the formalities associated with due diligence in conjunction with the DOJ, Merger Enforcement Guidelines, standardized by the Sherman Act and the FTC Act to ensure the higher probability that the ensuing M&A is successful and doesn’t encounter anyroadblocks.

Do contract closeouts, obtain signatures to ascertain the M&A ahead.

Bringing all the finishing formalities and getting all the experts to a final reassessment and checklists completion. So, ending up with signatures to move the M&A ahead.

Therefore, at AEREN LPO, our project management team endeavors to provide a completely support-oriented workflow process in streamlining and processing your M&A initiatives.

How Docusign Digital Esignatures Can Be Your Right Solution For Legal Documents

DocuSign is a digital transaction platform that lets organizations sign and manage electronic agreements.It gets all your remote work done faster and easier. DocuSign helps businesses and people go completely digital.

With DocuSign, the users can send documents over the email or cloud, get signed, and reverted quickly all within a timeframe of less than a day.

You can keep all your digital legal transaction secure and safe.

DocuSign lets you be truly mobile with eSignatures being possible in real-time.

One can sign documents for free from any place, any time, and use it across any device.

DocuSign ‘Request to Sign’ feature is in the compliant with the federal ESIGN act for signing electronically and also be legally binding.

What you can do with DocuSign?

  • Sign documents.
  • Request signatures.
  • Check document status.
  • Send reminders.

DocuSign in COVID-19.

DocuSign is easy to use, highly secure, and reliable for all your digital transactions. Especially with this COVID-19 pandemic lurking, international traveling coming to a halt or might very cautiously resume in the coming days, people are more skeptical now to travel than the times before.

DocuSign lets you complete legally binding agreements between businesses right at their home base for getting well and sober. The importance and utility of DocuSign had never been more appropriate than the time and world at current for business legal transactions.

The 3 easy steps for eSignature for the recipients.

  1. Review the document.
  2. Adopt a signature.
  3. Go ahead to complete the signing process.

DocuSign with Legal Process Outsourcing.

A cost-efficient and digitally faster way to send and sign documents.

Ease of access to clients with any internet-enabled device.

Completely hassle-free and promotes non-paper-based transactions.

Can send documents for eSignature easily to clients from Gmail, Google Drive, and Chrome Browser, check

Gives you real-time status about the document as well as the eSignature status.

At AEREN LPO, our specialized attorneys help our clients integrate with DocuSign in our Contract Management and Managed Document Review Services for all your digital transactions.

Managed Document Review Strategies You Need To Know

Document Review is an essential to-do process before you begin litigation or even for the likelihood of the same.

Currently, with an increase in uncertainties prevailing over COVID-19 for businesses, it’s a logical step to have a comprehensive document review for litigation risks related to your non-performance or responsibility waivers.

Not only that, after the post-COVID-19, everyone will have a varied outlook in getting things done, and it’s safe to do a review and reassess things to vamp up your legal stronghold.

Let’s strategize your document reviews for:

  • Get organized with all your documents, splitting in the way so the reviews can be carried out easier.
  • Apart from standardized coding methods more customized coding will be required for a legal vertical-specific review.
  • Equally, levels of confidentiality stamping requirements should be taken into account.
  • Bates numbering and ensuring documents are stamped before production to keep quality control check of the document review process.
  • If and as when you are faced with the bulk of files leverage the methodologies you will choose to split them to optimize document review better and faster.
  • Split to be reviewed as individual documents with special consideration for email, images, and other attachments kept together for review.
  • Run check with searches to ensure that every coding, stamping is in place before the set of documents proceed to production.

Every document we see may not be as straight forward and plain as we think. Visit As our experienced attorneys at AEREN LPO put it,” There are always instances when the right coding will be complex, and only a skilled attorney will know how the coding goes to it and where it will be categorized under.”

To not overwhelm with huge and bulk documents the approach should be in the various level of logical split approach under custodians, dates, the customized keywords that are selected in relevance to the relevance of the litigation.

The key is, the document review should be very comprehensive, yet faster and a keen eye to know what to look for, and making an automated process that makes way for giving you the best productions for your legal battle plans.

At AEREN LPO we lookout for best strategies for your specific customized necessity in our managed document review process and our attorney experts of document review gets you the production relatively faster in your timeframes and give you the right boosting backup ready for your litigation.