Engagement Model


We at AEREN LPO Offers Transparent and Flexible Engagement Delivery Models:

Hourly Based Model: Under this Engagement Model we charge on per hour basis depending on the services opted by our client.

Transaction Based Priced Model (Document/Contract Based Pricing Model): Here we charge based on the number of documents recieved by us from the client subject to the payment of USD 250 per month.

Staffing/Manpower Based Model: This is the pricing model whereby we deploy the equivalent number of dedicated full time legal professionals as the client would have/ had in its home country to suit its project needs at a much lower cost.

Project/ Fixed Price Model: Under this Model we charge the Fixed Price for the Whole Project regardless of number of hours spent.

Retainership Based Model: In this case, the client company pays a monthly or yearly fixed sum of money to us. This way, it can gain access to domain expertise when the need arises for consultation, advice and solutions.

Offshore Virtual Captive Centre: Aeren LPO has also transformed a unique engagement model called as offshore virtual captive center which offers the advantages of third party masterra outsourcing vendor while adding the benefits of fully owned subsidiary company.

In addition to this, we are ready to negotiate with the client and try to customize the engagement model and fee structure as per the client’s requirement and within its budget.