AEREN LPO provides a holistic time bound, cost effective and secured solution to our client. We at Aeren LPO believe in perfection and precision. In addition to this our objective is to provide “More With Much Less”.

To begin with, let us assure you that data security and its confidentiality is the prime motto of Aeren LPO.

Aeren LPO has invested huge capital to ensure privacy, confidentiality and security of the data belonging to the clients and takes all possible steps so that the data remains uncompromised. Aeren LPO views the protection of its client’s data to the utmost importance.

In addition to this Aeren LPO ensures security of the facility through the following measures:

Physical and Work Floor Security

  • Screening of visitors/employees by a security guard during entry and exit for data storage media like CDs
  • USB drives and CDs are banned from work-floor

Data Security

  • All data is backed up regularly either in client’s server farms or out data servers depending on client choice

Network Security

  • Use of secured line (128 bit SSL) to access and transmit data (images) from servers
  • Segmented LAN with firewall protection
  • All ports except DNS and SMTP servers are disabled from the external world

PC Security

  • Access to source documents is restricted to authorized employees only
  • No fax and printing capabilities at the processing site
  • PCs used by processing do not have CD ROM drives
  • PCs used in processing are denied web access
  • Limited usage of paper in the work-floor

Employee Security

  • All the employees are thoroughly screened and their backgrounds and references verified as well as checked before being recruited.
  • Access to the premises for the employees is regulated through smart cards.
  • The employees have been made to sign confidentiality and non disclosure agreements against any breach of data of the company.
  • The employees have access to information on need to know basis and after the working hours they don’t have any access to client data either through printer, removable storage devices etc.
  • Employees have to maintain full confidentiality at all levels relating to the client assigned to the employee including the conversations held between them.

Meeting deadline set by our clients are our main objective. To ensure this Aeren LPO have been investing in requisite resources and infrastructure to maintain adequate manpower and are always ready to deliver the best value results to our clients within the time frame fixed by our clients.

In case the scale of work from various clients increases, our company believes in economies of scale and has the potential to still provide an end to end result within the reasonable time limit assuring the same benchmark of the quality as fixed by the client.

FIRSTLY, We at Aeren LPO, believe in substantial cost saving and provides the most strategic cost effective solution to our clients.

SECONDLY, our company provides a round the clock working delivery model to our clients and has a dedicated 24*7 help desk at your disposal. We are known to have the best in breed pool of attorneys, legal experts and researchers.

THIRDLY, we are known to have delivered the services within the time limit fixed by our clients whatsoever situation might arise.

LASTLY, Aeren LPO has an in-house team of quality checks (QCs) which review every document/contract thoroughly for any discrepancies before delivering the same to the client. In case any ambiguities arise the same is sent back to the concerned legal department for reviewing the same again and reporting back.

We have a team of over 40 professionals which include legal attorneys, experts and researchers in addition to having Para legal support. Aeren LPO has also been providing enhanced continuous training and education for the skill development of our team.

In addition to this, we have strategic partnership with various law firms across the globe which modifies our portfolio at an international level.

We charge our clients depending on the engagement models that they choose.

  • Hourly Based Model: Under this Engagement Model we charge on per hour basis depending on the services opted by our client.
  • Transaction based priced model (Document/contract based pricing model): Here we charge around 40-50 cent per transaction subject to payment of USD 250 per month.
  • Staffing/Manpower based model: This is the pricing model whereby we deploy the equivalent number of dedicated full time legal professionals as the client would have/had in its home country to suit its project needs.
  • Project/ fixed price model: Under this Model we charge the Fixed Price for the Whole Project regardless of numbers of hours spent.
  • Retainership based: In this case, the client company pays a monthly or yearly fixed sum of money to us. This way, it can gain access to domain expertise when the need arises for consultation, advice and solutions.
  • Offshore Virtual Captive Centre: Aeren LPO has also transformed a unique engagement model called as offshore virtual captive centre which offers the advantages of third party outsourcing vendor while adding the benefits of fully owned subsidiary company.

In addition to this, we are ready to negotiate with the client and try to customize the engagement model and fee structure as per the client‘s requirement and within its budget.

Our legal team makes a first contact with the client and holds a brief discussion in order to understand the requirements of the client. Subsequently based on the client’s requirement the team prepares an assessment report and submit the same to the client.

After the client is satisfied with the credentials we proceed with our proposal which contains the various services, engagement models and the fee structure. Once the client has decided upon the engagement model, we proceed with a pilot project and do not charge for it. This helps to determine and understand the parameters, processes and expectations of the client relating to the project and accordingly necessary training and workflow is designed. Once the client is satisfied, we allocate necessary required resources and infrastructure according to the requirements of the client. For seamless execution of the project we appoint a project manager/ coordinator as the single point of contact to the client.

The project manager/ coordinator is responsible for the whole delivery process right from implementing the client’s directions to overseeing any work performed by the attorney team in India.

Generally, we require very minimal amount of time. Our past experience says that the main time is required at the initial stage. Our highly efficient legal team is experienced in understanding each and every requirement, input, query and details within the most judicious timeframe so as to relieve the client’s legal department to focus more on their critical core functions.

YES, Aeren LPO has a huge pool of dedicated legal professionals. Our company policy is to provide the highest level of confidentiality and strategic business value to our clients and so we appoint a wholly personalized team of legal professionals including attorneys and other legal experts to each and every client whatsoever is the scale/volume of work.

When it comes to the infrastructure requirement, Aeren LPO has a full functional technology enabled facility ( covered area 150 k sq feet) located 152 miles away from Delhi, the capital city of India.

We have a 24*7 reporting desk at our client’s disposal. Our project managers get a daily report from each and every employee relating to the amount of work done by them in order ensure the quality, timely delivery of the work as well as the efficiency and consistency of the employees.

The project managers/coordinators on basis of these daily reports prepare customized assessment reports as per client’s requirement which can be reviewed by the client or its legal department periodically at their convenience. Moreover, the client can even deliver to us the required quality parameters, time frame and key metrics for the project delivery.

Our company has not fixed any minimum business commitment which it requires from its clients. For us the volume of work doesn’t matter. We believe in long lasting and value based relationship delivering the best end to end results to our clients and treats each and every client with the same priority irrespective of the quantity of work delivered to us.

AEREN LPO is a product of joint efforts of our law firm in the name of AEREN LEGAL STUDIO (Established in the year 1998) and CPA/CA in the name of AGGARWAL RAMAN AND ASSOCIATES (established in the year 1988). Both of them are the top leading firms in the Indian Northern Region.

Aeren LPO initiated its operations in 2006 with a team of just 6 legal professionals. It’s been a decade now and we have a team of over 40 legal professionals and has earned the trust and expertise in the LPO industry.

Our ten years of experience has made us well conversant with every aspect of contract drafting, management and administration as well as data management, document review and analysis.

AEREN LPO has its Headquarter, at Chandigarh, 152 miles from New Delhi towards North West. Chandigarh is India’s one and only planned and clean city, designed by a leading French Architect having best of infrastructure, best-in-class human resources etc. it has been earmarked as one of the top 3 most preferred IT destinations in the country. It also occupies a top position in the list of ease of doing business index in India.

AEREN LPO is well equipped with such emergency situations. In case our client want the delivery of services on an urgent basis, our pool of legal experts are ready to provide the same with increased efficiency and working hours.

The team will work round the clock to deliver the services within the time frame fixed by the client and the (QCs) will assure that the quality of the services is well within the benchmark fixed by the client.

AEREN LPO has the most experienced HR Department in the region and recruits legal professionals from the top law schools across India. Our team FIRSTLY holds an informal session with the candidates in order to shortlist the prospective candidates.

SECONDLY, in order to test their skill level we evaluate them based on our well designed written test papers and technical interview by our senior Attorneys.

THIRDLY, we hold a background check of each and every candidate shortlisted.

LASTLY, if the HR head is fully satisfied with the credentials as gathered from the above process, the probable candidate is put into one final round before the selection committee comprised of senior management.

After the candidate is selected, he is imparted with requisite training course as per the designed training module.

As per the volume of work completed by our legal team and depending on the engagement model adopted by our clients, our accounts department raises the invoice and send the same to the client.

After the client is satisfied with the fees charged in the invoice, he may pay by any mode of payment including cheque, bank wire, transfer or credit card.

We at Aeren LPO believe in perfection and precision and will assure you that such a situation won’t arise from our side. In case such a situation arise which is the rarest of rare case, our team has devised the most stringent contingency plan which has the capability to put the client in a no loss position and redress his/her grievance at the earliest in order to avoid any delays that might cause monetary damages to the client.

AEREN LPO has a diversified team of legal professionals holding law degrees from the finest law schools in country. We even have attorneys who completed their masters in corporate law from various international law schools.

In addition to this, Aeren LPO also runs an institute imparting end to end training relating to the various services delivered by us.

AEREN LPO team has an extensive experience working with world’s leading software, tools and databases. Few of them as are under:

Contract Management Tools:

  • Kira
  • Apttus
  • Determine
  • Conga
  • Ariba
  • Corridor
  • Think Smart
  • Brightleaf

E-Discovery Tools:

  • Brightleaf
  • Skype Shield
  • Law
  • Concordance
  • Attenex
  • Documatrix
  • Summation
  • Merrill discovery navigator
  • Clearwell

Legal Research Tools:

  • Westlaw
  • Lexisnexis
  • Case Vault
  • Practical Law
  • Practical Law Connect