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Is Digital Disruption a Threat or an Opportunity for Legal Professionals?

This year is being described as a year of ‘technological revolution’. And truly so, as the coronavirus pandemic has made our homes into tiny little digital offices. Advancements in the digital arena has streamlined businesses. The cost reductions, market exposure, and opportunities that technology has offered had resulted in revolutionary change. Digital Disruption is one of them. Digital disruption refers to the impact new digital technologies have on business services, clients, and personnel. 

Due to the mobilization and introduction of new technologies, digital disruption has become more prominent. Although this digital innovation isn’t new to the legal sector, the legal industry was mainly disrupted by the Legal Process Outsourcing Services. Legal professionals now deliver excellent service using technology that was once exclusive to the IT sector. Now, with technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, attorneys need to adapt the change to become competitive and relevant.

What’s New in the Legal Industry?

Legal is a highly regulated industry experiencing digital disruption because disruption is the need for a new business model. Attorneys and law firms take this opportunity merrily. 

As clients will always seek value to accept the new services such as offshore, onshore, outsourcing, and in-house for skilled experts to handle the business areas that are at high risks. It assists to reduce burden by turnaround time and a highly cost-effective alternative. The emerging technology also inserts a new area of concern called security awareness. 

Technological Development Are Disrupting Legal Services

A legal professional is expected to work on the latest technology and new demands from clients. Tools are helping the legal industry to manage processes faster, effectively, and securely. This process replaces labor functions with virtual processes which cater, clients to the best digital experience. This includes virtual communication, control on legal cases, speedy and effective resolution, mobile-first solutions, and many more in the way in order to satisfy their clients.

The usage of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine learning) impact the various legal areas. Therefore, it’s time for law firms to bring change, hold AI technology and hire legal tech experts to improve the quality of work. If the legal professionals refuse to adapt to the new work culture, it will be a challenge to find the best talent and productivity.

Usage of Digital Disruption 

More or less everything has its pros and cons. Digital disruption helps out in more ways such as:

  • Create and Illustrate the Value

It is the transformation that should not be ignored that has already taken place in the industry. Companies that implement the new digital technology often see higher returns rather than the companies who remain to their old running business models. They are more active and tech-savvy companies and get effective returns in their business.

  • Reduce Costs in Long Run

The cost of new technology may seem high, but the company that adopts the advance technology & overseas companies, also take the initiative to keep costs lower for consumers to manage business process and procedures more efficiently. 

  • Better Utilize of Data and Information

Digital technology allows companies to do more utilization with information whether its structured or unstructured data. Companies take advantage of data streaming to make data more-driven for business purpose which meets the needs of customers.

Digital Disruption is an opportunity for the legal industry & affiliates. Learn more about all the legal outsourcing services and solutions visit our website

Key Performance Touchstones To Outsource All Your Legal Workflow Management Assisted Tasks

Legal firms, corporate houses, legal publishing houses, attorneys, and many legal experts current unsettling agitation is the looming voluminous caseload, low to mid-level legal assisted tasks and a deterministic solution in fixing an easy, streamlined, and all through the year organized workflow management in all levels of the organization.

Off-shore outsourcing is a definite long term as well as short term solution that legal firms and organization can decide to move their workloads and eliminate backlogs and increase efficiency in the way they conduct their business and relationship with their clients.

AEREN LPO is throughout in the forefront for pioneering legal outsourcing and leads our clients in strategic decision making and making leaps by delivering the consistent value that no legal task is too small to go unnoticed or pushed to the background. Everything has its own significance in the legal journey and we ensure to deliver from large to small projects with dedication, commitment, and full justice in making your outsourcing benefits manifold.

Access to Proficient Legal Experts

Our attorneys, project managers, paralegals are not only experienced and deftly skilled, but hugely accomplished, qualified, and thoroughly adept in their practice areas. Each project is steered with the best of minds in the industry delivering world-class solutions every step of the way for all your concerns.

Latest Technology

We use and strategize technology both in-house as well as the third party that enhances the access to perks a technology or a software brings into the workflow process, the much needed time, cost-saving, and quality infused in delivering everyday projects.

The Choice To Scale And Hire

We believe in not limiting ourselves to only a certain way of work done is done and considered. We believe in flexibility in needs, skills as well as the seasons of change that happens in any workplace environment. We give the utmost flexibility to our clients to choose to scale, hire, rehire, or limit resources at any time throughout the year.

Multi-dimensional Saving

Outsourcing is all gains, saving, and quality in all retrospectives. A combination of the best resource assets, technology access, and management of everyday operating costs and training with complete transparency in bringing result-driven legal workflow management leads to huge perks and intangible profits expanded benefits.

Accord to Security and Confidentiality

Every project is guaranteed to uphold data security, confidentiality, and compliance adherence at all levels consistently. Only limited resources and point person is in access to the information with the complete onus of responsibility in dealing with sensitive information in all of our project levels. Equipped with the industry state-of-the-art facilities and secured servers, we give utmost importance to mitigate data breach discrepancies.

Pilot Projects

To test the flow of project management and requirement understanding, we undertake free pilot projects to assess, co-ordinate and streamline the actual project workflow before the actual nod and initiation with further payment options in carrying out the complete project.

We ensure to deliver solutions customized to every fine detail and fulfill all our client requirements in each of their legal workflow tasks, including project initiation, continuation,and completion with us. We offer end-to-end legal outsourcing in Contract Management, Managed Document Review Services, Global Immigration Management, Litigation Support Services, Global Compliance and Regulations, Legal Research and Analysis, Merger and Acquisition, Deposition Summarization and Transcription Services and Para Legal and Virtual Assistant Services.

Visit our website at to learn more about all our complete legal outsourcing services and solutions.

Top 10 Covid-19 Legal Trends For Law Firms And Business

The year 2020 completely changed the world’s perspective, with COVID-19 affecting people globally and for the huge impact of losses and scare it caused worldwide. Here are the top 10 COVID-19 related legal trends that were exclusive or relative in response to COVID-19.

  • Work-from-Home (WFH)

WFH has become the universal phenomenon with lockdowns bringing countries, continents, states, and even inter-city borders to a complete standstill. Bigger organizations are extending WFH till June 2021 to tackle COVID-19.

All legal services and solutions are now being adapted in a WFH environment or with a lesser percentage of staff in an actual office set-up.

  • Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings were the first step towards continuing business amidst social distancing and WFH. Zoom, Google Meet became the new mode of workplace meetups and for connectivity.

Clients and attorneys kept in touch and followed on obligations through virtual meeting spaces and stayed updated and in touch for all their legal requirements.

  • Force Majeure

Lot was talked and re-talked on every aspect of force majeure and its provisions in regards to millions of contracts worldwide. The term trended everywhere for solutions to COVID-19 disruptions in legal responsibilities.

Contracts were either evaluated for a force majeure clause or amended to include one to protect the business losses in these hard times.

  • M&A for Antitrust Reviews

Mergers & Acquisitions of giants during pandemic have come under the lenses and were asked for more comprehensive evidence to dispel monotony notions in anti-trust reviews and closely monitored.

Now M&A is critically viewed for the authenticity of the purpose and the courts have been approached for stopping the sudden boom in acquisitions.

  • Virtual Assistants

Improving staff availability due to the COVID-19 with Virtual Assistants and Outsourcing Solutions has been growing. Legal resources are affected by COVID-19, making businesses looking for cost constraints and procurement to fill the shortage.

This has led more legal firms and businesses to drive their legal works towards virtual assistants, and legal process outsourcing companies as alternatives to compensate for their staff shortages, government regulations towards lockdowns, and other factors.

  • Business Continuity Plans

Business Continuity Plans for every organization were re-evaluated and reviewed for better future strategies and coming out of the current inadequacies and losses in carrying out business.

Business Continuity Plans paved the way for contingency measures to overcome challenges and issues related to COVID-19 in sustaining the business.

  • Material Adverse Effects (MAE)

In light of COVID-19, a lot was discussed on what constitutes MAE and for one to refrain and abide by the contract responsibility and chalk it out to risks under MAE. Visit Material Adverse Effect provides the much-needed leverage in business while in the renegotiation of terms for termination circumstances of a business.

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

OSHA guidelines were incorporated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the USA to minimize COVID-19 risks for employees in workplaces paving way for regulations to protect all the employees and monitoring the COVID-19 scenario.

  • Contract Breaches and Non-performances

Contracts all over the world went for a complete overhaul in struggling to cope with contract breaches and non-performances at the beginning of 2020. Contracts are expected to gain momentum and perform better in the nearing of the end of 2020 by integrating contingency measures implemented under re-negotiated contracts.

  • Employees’ Welfare for COVID-19

New guidelines and support for employees who are directly affected by COVID-19 or their family members and children’sneeds of care were reviewed globally for leave requirements, pay benefits, insurance, and maintaining confidentiality and sensitivity while dealing withthe positively affected employee.

We are now in the third quarter of the year 2020 and by now, things are looking to marginally improve by people becoming more cautious and aware to the spread and taking precautions, adapting to the new ways of working and living, and businesses changing their strategies to turn this year and the future in their stride.

Artificial Intelligence In The Field Of Legal Process Outsourcing-How Much More Or Less Does It Mean For Human Intervention

Artificial Intelligence- The word AI brings to our mind the images of robots taking over the world almost as looking like humans walking in zombie films nightmare. Yeah, that’s the scare image that goes with AI.

 Let’s give a pause for a second here to know why does this picture about AI crosses our minds in a millisecond before we relate something to AI? Any guesses?

The answer is in the fear that AI will take over humans in every way, especially starting with every human job and render many jobless or take the importance of humans, ultimately becoming the voice automated boss robot commanding over the human race.

Rest assured, all AI is not a walking zombie robot but software-oriented tools with lots of trials and errors that have made it possible to carry out voluminous, repetitive tasks easier. AI is here to strike out the monotony that was insurmountable before to humans and hence eventually saves huge in terms of your money and much valuable time. This is Artificial Intelligence, that wants to disrupt your life is all about.

AI with legal integration

The same goes for AI in the legal field. AI in legal is advanced software and tools that take away the monotony that lawyers can vouch, for the enormous amount of time every attorney or a paralegal pours over in their desk. AI has made legal services smarter, efficient, and menial, repetitive tasks are now perfectly easier and bearable.

AI in legal makes legal even more interesting by

# Taking the long hours out of the picture

No more impossible hours for attorneys or paralegals, eventually giving faster turn around time to clients for any legal services.

# 100 percent no error rate

With AI, the slightest tendency of human error is completely eradicated, delivering projects with no risks of errors.

# Perfect for voluminous and repetitive tasks

AI is usually for making tasks which are huge and very much repetitive easier to work with. AI is the perfect solution to curbing monotony and performs to same results faster, efficiently, and effectively.

# AI makes overall management easy

AI makes any project management with contracts or reviews easier. It’s very cost-effective, effortlessly manageable, and even easier to keep in track and have control over everything at any given time.

# Additional tech support to enhance workflow

AI delivers additional tech support in means of legal software that makes process stream easier with clear-cut tech features for specific needs of contracts and e-discovery processes foran effective workflow at all levels.

Does AI mean Zero Human Intervention in the field of law?

AI without human intervention would look like a child operating a remote car. An AI software is fancy, fast, easy to navigate and operate, call back, keep track of and even find it if you lost with the locator button. But then without the child’s keen interest, it just better lay wrapped in its box.

The AI used in contract management and especially e-discovery of Managed Document Review Services are similar. It’s the Attorney’s interest and experience which makes it navigates in the right direction the client needs it to operate for their business.

Human intuition is fundamental to everything

Nothing can ever beat the quick-thinking solutions for problems, timely maneuver decisions in the right moment, ideas that generate, and eureka moments to do things even better which are only a special association with human behavior and tendency and especially to attorneys dealing with varied circumstances and situations at any given time.

AI is here to give you a good experience for handling all legal projects, increase productivity in completing long projects with the right resources, run things faster while in tracking or search of any keyword, clause or dates in a contract or legal documents, never wear down attorneys’ mental well being with performing the same tasks over and over since AI completes the repetitive tasks leaving strategic decisions and higher intelligence tasks in the good hands of skilled attorneys of the relevant fields of law.

AI integrated with attorneys in law will be a truly killer combination of brains and speed with no room for errors and unmatched quality.

Addressing the 3-Way Covid-19 Related Legal Challenges for the US Healthcare Sector

The world now is realizing our superheroes in their battle against COVID-19 from the frontline- the healthcare providers. The healthcare organization, their health care personnel are now under the duress of challenges in a bid to save and protect patients amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

The healthcare workforce is also dwindling due to being prone to coronavirus from treating patients, shortage of protective gear, masks, and medical equipment, also patients ending up in large numbers than the healthcare system can handle the crisis. The lack of or irregular processes in the supply chain due to the pandemic adds to further challenges in meeting all the required healthcare needs and supply at the moment.

Healthcare needs to tackle legal challenges in three ways: 

  1. One to handle the legal crisis in their in-house with issues related to inadequacy in supply chain management and equipment to protect their healthcare providers and patients.
  2. Second, in response to the patient as an entity of employee-employer relationship organizations, the healthcare organization should be prepared for handling Protected Health Information (PHI) of the employees in terms of Health plans and insurances under the umbrella of HIPAA regulations.
  3. Apart from healthcare and patients another source of legal issues needs to be handled are the government compliances which need to be adhered to, with new protocols related to the COVID -19 scare and welfare of public health.

At AEREN LPO, we are effectively processing healthcare legal solutions to handle and ease the legal challenges for both the healthcare organizations and corporates, the patients are associated with as employees, by addressing and providing solutions to everyone involved.

For Healthcare Organisations:

Focus on drafting the best course for your action plans and policy framework related to the COVID-19 emergency in response to US Govt’s new COVID-19 related policies.

Set priorities in handling the legal regulations in medical equipment supply chains for terms and conditions that apply under force majeure.

Drafting inventories and prepare contracts for Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to disclose supplies and demands for the health care organization as well in updating replies to the US Government protocols.

For Business and Corporates:

Reviewing documentation for employee eligibility and employee coverage for the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) of the US federal government in payment of paid sick leaves to families due to COVID-19 related health issues.

Addendum of additional clauses for measures in response to US Occupational Safety and Health Administrations guidance on Interim Enforcement Response Plan for Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for safeguarding employees from COVID-19.

The Healthcare system currently is of prime importance worldwide, and any issues related to legal should not hold back in doing 100 percent in dealing with the COVID-19 crunch.

At corporates, employees being an invaluable asset, the recovery for the ones affected by COVID-19 and in a collective effort to save the employees and their families, corporates are now ethically bound to implement the new healthcare policies related to COVID-19 at the earliest.

Deposition Summary

A Deposition Summary is a very succinctly organized and summarized note or digest, giving clear and concise facets of the subject or exhibit. Deposition Summary is obtained prior to litigation from the witnesses. It is rendered orally after sworn in under oath, asking the right questions that are relevant to the case and help in understanding the client and the issue thoroughly. This deposition transcript is collected as means for evidence prior to the trial at court or for e-discovery.

A legal case takes many new twists and turns while in hearing when not rightly prepared for it. Unless the attorney and the client are well versed with the whole proceedings scenario at the tip of their hands one is sure to get overwhelmed by the opponent.

The Necessity of Deposition Summary

A deposition is in itself a real necessity. It’s like the complete book of information and facts and narratives of all the witnesses for the ongoing trial. However, the deposition summary is like the brief reference notes taken and referred to,which are very crucial on the day of the exam. The intention of the deposition summary is to discover the important key points of the deposition transcript and preserve the essence of the testimony.

A great deposition summary makes the attorney related to the case be in speed and have as a reminder note to himself with all the valid dimensions to the case rather than going through pages and pages of large deposition transcriptions and have the fear of missing out on essential and vital data at the time of hot trial happening.

How Deposition Summary is done?

The deponent’s oral testimony is adapted to written format and signed. These loads of pages of the deposition transcripts are read thoroughly and relevant details that are regarded as necessary to the ongoing case are identified. The transcripts are then prepared into a crystal and refined deposition summary. A good deposition summary is anywhere from a single page to four pages at maximum depending on the case size content and relevant details.

What does a deposition summary look like?

A deposition summary has the sworn in oral testimony of the witness in a short and to the point important aspects of a large deposition transcription. A standard deposition summary has the format page: line syntax. Based on the pages and lines in the deposition transcription made, the relevant data is extracted and for clarity and further reference if any made into a deposition summary with specifying the page number of the transcript and to the line in which the fact that is mentioned and abstracted to the required deposition summary.

A good deposition summary makes the trial a breeze to walk in without having the burden to refer to a significantly large line of case transcripts every single time.

Make the most of Outsourcing Deposition Summary

Deposition Summary Outsourcing makes it  more economical than doing it in-house. With highly specialized deposition summary writing attorneys well versed in the language and copywriting, a high standard and very succinct deposition summaries will be done in as much  less than 48 to72 hours. Saves you the trouble of time, cost and the task at hand in one go.

For deposition summary outsourcing with AEREN LPO please visit We would be glad to deliver to you the best legal deposition summary.

Contract Abstraction & Summarization in Legal Process Outsourcing

Contract Abstraction & Summarization means to have all the necessary details of a contract shown, leaving out the rest of the larger to detail part for second consideration.

In this age of fast-paced lives, it’s not everyone who has the luxury of too much time. So when things are done, time is of the essence. So it becomes even more requisite that we make that happen or strive to do exactly that.

When it comes to the law, nothing is ever simple or informal. Everything about legal is complex and usually woven through large jargons and clauses running pages after pages.

It is either that, or the organization has a number of contracts that when you need one at a time you can’t just right away pick and get to know the A- Z of It. Also, it doesn’t take someone too long to consider it and ask a contract, “So dear contract, what you are trying to say eventually?”

Precisely as an answer to these questions comes the concept of Contract Abstraction & Summarization. Contract Abstraction makes sure that every contract is accounted for with the right important details just enough to describe the contract without overdoing it with loads of words and pages.

The Contract Abstraction exists in a template form of tables with the exact attributes to give you the complete meaningful insight about the contract and hence for easy retrieval and understanding.

Contract Abstraction Template

An example of Contract Abstraction Template attributes include-

Serial Number

Meta Data Terms                    – Description of the contract

File Name                                – Name of the file

Agreement Title                     – Title of the agreement

Purpose of Contract              – Relevant Portion of Agreement

Internal Party                         – Name of the client

External Party                        – Name of the counterparty

Effective Date                         – Effective date of the agreement

Expiration Date                      – Expiration date of the agreement

Initial Term                             -Time value

Term Type                               -Term type by fixed or fixed with an option to renew

Right to Terminate                – Whether a party has the right to terminate the contract

Notice Period                          – Number of days for providing the notice

Payment Terms                      – In terms of net days

Governing Laws                     – Provision that describes the applicable laws if any

This can be customized depending on the organization, however, fundamentally the relevancy of Contract Abstraction& Summarizationis the above attributes in which any contract extracts are sorted.

Contract Abstraction Key Goals

A good Contract Abstraction aims for the goals below

Risk Evaluation and Averting

Contract Abstraction gives us in layman terms the essentials details about the contract. This makes us evaluate and understand the contract effectively, mitigating any risks due to missing out on details.


It provides you with information at a glance for a quick review. It saves a lot of time trying to skim through the whole contract to know the purpose and other much-needed contract details.

Decisive dates

Contract Abstraction provides you clearly with all the key dates neatly and legibly specified so that no deadlines are missed out or when a task/ service according to the contract needed to be carried out.

Straightforward and Uncomplicated

A template for Contract Abstraction with a tabular format and the adequate attribute descriptions columned and arranged makes it easy on the eyes to read and the brain to perceive things quicker.


The idea of a Contract Abstraction lies in the customization and hence gives the advantage of adding relevant data about the contract as per their requirements whenever the need arises for categorizing the contracts.

At AEREN LPO we have the full legal expertise on Contract Abstraction Services along with our Contract Management Services. To get more details on how great we do it visit for your free pilot project.

Breaking Hesitations on Legal Process Outsourcing and Legal-Tech for Critics & Newbies

The other day going through my subscription emails, I came across a thought-provoking article in, titled “Two Left Feet:What GCs want from Legal Technology” written by GinnaPassarellaCipriani and Zach Warren, dated 27 August 2019. I would have let it be as my daily reading quota if it had not raised all the right questions and they were nailed right to the point. Being an LPO firm, we felt we need to dispel certain unfounded hesitations that seem to be making the rounds regarding LPO vendors and legal technology.

The one thing everyone seems to agree about is the definite integration of legal technology with their respective law firms or corporate houses. So when that aspect is crystal, so what keeps them not consulting or outsourcing when the outside company has the required legal technology and resources to put your concerns and overstretched work at ease.

Hesitation #1: Distracted

Distracted because you have a lot of options to choose from? Fret not, that’s actually a good thing. It shows every Legal Process Outsourcing is getting better at what it does. So instead of a single go-to place, you have many waiting for your nod to give you the best in legal-tech. Still confused? Go ahead and read the rest to have a solid opinion on what you need and how to go about it.

Hesitation #2: Budget Constraints

Small, medium and big law firms alike have faltering thoughts about the budget that will incur to take legal tech companies on-board. However, LPO’s popularity is primarily of the budget in itself. Since most of the outsourcing is done in offshore countries like India and the Philippines where the cost of paying for an employee is far lower than the hourly wages charged in the USA and the UK it’s a huge advantage and added profit cum saving for the legal firm. A less budget doesn’t mean a compromise with tech. In fact, itsthe beauty of the whole thing, as in the AEREN LPO tagline we say, “Providing more with much less”. We have the best of Attorneys to integrate you with the significant legal technology.

Hesitation #3: Unfamiliar with Product  Capability

Most legal firms couldn’t decide what precisely the legal tech can do for them and their business strategy. That leads to them having self conflicted thoughts about the usefulness and scope of the tech into their everyday legal firm pursuits even without giving it a try. When we need to decide if a particular product or service is good we opt for a test sample first. Similarly, every LPO provides you with a free pilot before you decide to go ahead with them. So put full stops to thinking conflicts and go for a pilot test and decide for yourself and your firm betterment.

Hesitation #4: Provide solutions only to discrete issues

This is more or less a continuation of Hesitation #3. When going for a pilot project please ensure to double-check both your needs and LPO Attorney team perception of you are on the same wavelength. As an LPO we have tools to get your actual needs and have one go-to point person for all your requirements so its all incorporated and customized to your specific needs. Every legal firm is unique. So having a ready to go solution may or may not work at times. And that’s when you think it’s discrete. However, when your demands are exactly clear we know what exact legal tech to integrate you with and we work diligently to grant you exactly that- “A complete solution for all your needs. Never discrete”.

Hesitation #5: Will it be effective

Of course, it’s more than effective. It takes away from you your workload, saves you time, cost, resources and free up your precious time for your valuable clients, their facetime, and strategic business decisions that needed to be taken exclusively by you and your team.

Hesitation #6: Not ready for the real problem

I guess now after addressing the elephant in the room, your thoughts should be somewhere between clear to definite to choose the best LPO provider for you. With an LPO there is never a false- negative scenario outcome. You get only the real practical solutions for all your legal needs. All you need to do is know what exactly you want for your organization. Even if not, rest assured, we have our own experts to guide you and choose the right solutions designed just to you.

For further queries on this, please visit us at

Immigration Services

Migrate For Hassle-Free Immigration Solutions By LPO Providers

Immigration to the USA – A Dream for Many

Oscar Handlin(1915-2011) an eminent American historian and a pioneer in Immigration to American history, quotes in his Pulitzer winning book, The Uprooted (1951)with the beginning lines“Once I thought to write a history of the immigrants in America. Then I discovered that the immigrants were American history.”

Immigration to the USA is a cherished aspiration to many across the globe. American Community Survey (ACS) data shows numbers at 44.5 million immigrants residing in the USA in the year 2017.

This can vary from people touring to the US, students looking for opportunities to study, ambitions to work in the US, obtain legal permanent resident status also familiarly recognized as “green card” and for many, eventually to settle there, after going through the naturalization of the citizenship process.

Immigration is the term we say in general, however, when accurately used we mention as immigrants and non-immigrants. Immigrants are the people entitled/already have the permanent immigration status to get a green card and the naturalization thereafter. It includes immediate relatives, family/company-sponsored preferences and special immigrants and Diversity Immigrants Lottery.

Non-immigrants refer to temporary visitors like tourists, students, job candidates staying for a specified period. Total visas issued were 533,557 for immigrants and 9,028,026 for non immigrants in 2018,  stated by the US Department of State. The numbers in 2017 are 1.13 million for legal permanent resident status and 707,265 for persons naturalized in the US by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Seeing the numbers we naturally pique to think we do have our opportunity too. The phrase, “This is all easier said than done”, is applicable precisely for the whole immigration process scenario for the USA.

Prospective people have to go through patiently a long process of checklists before your visas get stamped and approved so that you can officially travel to the US for whatever time duration you intended for in the first place or forever. Here instead of just mentioning as people why it is,we mentioned as prospective people? That is because people have high chances of getting rejected for entry into the US than your chances for rejections on love, university, job or even a transplant!

Immigration Lawyers to the Rescue

To save lot of time, confusions and stress it’s a good thing we have immigration lawyers who see to it that all your documents, proofs, verifications, payments, self-presentation, and timely filings are done in a hassle-free, quick and in all means in a smooth manner for obtaining visa without getting caught in the loops of the whole process.

Immigration Lawyers

In another angle, immigration lawyer’s services are applicable to save you from illegal deportation and find means to keep you safe from it. The deportation numbers stand at 295,364 in 2017.

Immigrant lawyers are professionals equipped both in deep knowledge and experience for the whole Immigration process so that your chances of going to the USA don’t get delayed or stopped due to inexperience or over looking certain things that needed to be completed.

Immigration Solutions By LPO Providers

Migrating the immigration process to legal process outsourcing vendors lessens overheads for an onshore immigration lawyer. The law firm can focus on acquiring potential clients and building a bond with them which literally goes hand in hand with the immigration technical process.

Immigration lawyers in an LPO are well versed in language, profiling, drafting, document preparations,obtaining labor certification from the Department of Labour (DOL),  filings of visa petitions, fill necessary forms from the United Nations Citizenship Immigration Services (UNCIS) for approval, next with the National Visa Center (NVC) for pre-processing the petition by collecting mandatory proofs and evidences for the verification of the personnel, and the due payment processing. In case, if any Request for Evidence (RFE) from USCIS rises, the subsequent steps will be taken care of.

The entire exhaustive list of preparing for immigration will be done proficiently by our pro Immigration lawyers, so be free to contact Monder Criminal Lawyer Group and you can have many happy clients whose dream of visiting the US come true and appreciates your commitment and bonding the entire time. Tada! Win-win for everyone.

At AEREN LPO we have an accomplished team of skilled Immigrant Attorneys to render the best client immigration handling experience. To know more about us visit

Aeren LPO’s 10 Point Solutions to Overcome Covid-19 Legal Staffing Challenges

US Department of Labor in their latest graph shows that in just two weeks a staggering 10 million workers in the United States have filed for unemployment. The statistics also include furloughed employees. The economy did shutdown intentionally to deal with the pandemic. Also at the same time, legal firms and corporate houses now have the legal sustainable responsibility to our clients first and the economy as a whole. It’s like never before we have dealt with the confinement of this large scale.

Staffing needs are critical in running a strong work environment culture in any organization. Choosing wise ways in this time of need to help in continue giving our services to the clients even at these hard times is a strong feat everyone needs to strive for and stop getting pulled into a  deep whirlwind of Corona pandemic.

Keeping less of your workforce temporarily till the pandemic subsides for the better, the overall burden for each one becomes high. Plus the cost of handling much staff in-house is not feasible in a normal economic time when there are options like labor arbitrage, let alone at this time of pandemic lockdown.

We at AEREN LPO give you the top legal talents for various avenues like

  • Enterprise law firms
  • Small and medium-sized law firms
  • Boutique law firms
  • Corporate houses
  • Legal publishing houses

Our 10 point solutions to overcome COVID-19 legal staffing challenges are:

  1. We truly understand your legal needs, the necessity behind each legal service carried out with your organization, challenges of yours will be overcome, done and delivered legal perfect for your organization.
  2. We are here to provide you with outsourcing legal staffing solutions and at the end of the day ensure your maximum satisfaction in every aspect of the legal outsourcing job being carried out with our legal staffing solutions.
  3. We will handle your critical functions that press for time concerning COVID-19 worldwide emergency and essential legal services.
  4. We will ensure your client will be delivered with prompt services by collaborating with your business continuity plans and give you a stronger legal work front.
  5. We will work with your immediate short term legal business footing goals along with added other services on legal operations maintenance in the long run.
  6. Our attorneys will help you find legal solutions around Corona pandemic related restrictions with our team of attorneys, our infrastructure in handling the project with giving you updates to your contracts and reviews in terms of customized software platforms or novel solutions.
  7. We will turn your changing work environments more flexible and also make it to your utmost efficiency and give you the best legal decision making with your required legal staffing with legal services. Here you can compare top moving companies in San Diego, California.
  8. Our attorneys can also become your virtual employees and take complete consideration for your organization’s legal needs and deliver your mission and vision and give you full collaboration, control and faster turn around time delivery of your projects.
  9. Scourging for talents and a constant lookout for competitive attorneys and paralegals never stop and we provide that to you constantly and whenever required with skillsets and reliability.
  10. Our agile and virtual legal staffing solutions can give you streamlined and dedicated full-time legal solutions that provide seamless integration with your organization’s current pandemic business decisions and continuity with the future.

We at AEREN LPO are pioneering in new ways with legal process solutions in outsourcing and virtual staffing to give the best economically feasible legal solutions and legal quality both in terms of cost and resources from our team of attorneys.

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