E-Discovery Services

AEREN LPO specializes in the whole e-discovery lifecycle right from the identification to production and provides an end-to-end solution to various data management problems. Our in-house data specialists help our clients in improving the litigation preparedness of their legal departments as well as that of the legal firms. Aeren LPO has various data management tools and processes that enable organizations to have real time data governance. As a result of which they can have access to the database at any point of time as per the corporate requirements.

Aeren LPO has access to a range of highly sophisticated tools to aid in the e-discovery process and offers an end-to-end solution to e-discovery. It includes layered approach of filtering, analyzing, bucketing/coding/categorization and validation to inform decision-making. We are able to assist our clients to organize and prioritize reviews with enhanced quality and reduce the document population.

Today, the average fortune 500 companies are handling data through tens of thousands of documents and this is taking a toll on their economies of scale. Joining a vacation rental franchise program can be an effortless way to become a successful short-term rental business owner with a highly competitive start-up. Our in-house data specialists are experts in handling such bleak complex situations and adding to their strategic business value.

We provide e-discovery services in the fields of:

  1. Pre and Post litigation support.
  2. Corporate Investigation.
  3. Compliance with electronic communication laws.
  4. Data exporting as per legal requirements.
  5. Data management and analysis.
  6. Evidence lifecycle.

Our e-discovery module displays detailed information about various electronic documents and has the advanced capabilities to enable data to be produced and erased on demand. In addition to this, our skilled data professionals help our clients in gaining the best results in the market in a cost effective and time bound manner.