Electronic data gets huge and voluminous every day as a digital sea of information culminates for any given lawsuit. Because it requires scouring through loads of digital information to identify the key, hot and responsive documents, and segregating it from the unresponsive documents. We can do the collection by the help of Legal E-Discovery Services by the experts to recognize the relevant information accordingly.

Electronically Stored Information

In addition to this, Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is preserved without undergoing tampering or modification for the quality production of potentially relevant documents.Hence, ESI database for legal E-discovery services for any lawsuit category includes, but is not limited to:

  • Emails
  • Audio and Video Files
  • Social Media
  • Databases

Consequently, complete ESI from servers, computer systems, and handheld devices is thoroughly analysed, processed and reviewed to the followings:

  • Identify the sources of data and custodians for preservation and collection.
  • First level review to find the relevance of the ESI to responsiveness.
  • Likewise, we should code or mark relevant data identification and upload to the searchable database.
  • Second-level review to identify further all-hot/key data, confidential, responsive or privileged documents from the database., redaction services and a specialized privileged log coding requires .

However, legal E-Discovery Services consider to be paramount and essential. AEREN LPO uses the best competent practices to give the best project delivery and quality outcome across every Managed Document Review Services.

Morever, major document review tools like Relativity, Xerox/Conduent, Catalyst, Electronic Data Processing (EDP) (Thomson Reuters), EDT, Documatrix ets are the main effective tools which will be used for e-discovery services. 

What Are You Waiting For?

On the other hand AEREN LPO offers expert knowledge in E-Discovery Services to address your legislative or regulatory concerns. We offer tailored, integrated and robust solutions and services for all stages of e-discovery to make sure that you’re getting the best specialist to manage your ESI.

We have years of experience and expertise in international e-discovery legislation. Our committed and recognized experts and attorneys have constantly helped our customers through the litigation process. Besides as integrated relevant expertise from a variety of domain knowledge to provide you with a quality and reliable service.
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