Managed Document Review Services

In today’s legal and complex business environment, the review cost has increased many fold owing to the exponential growth in the electronic data. Aeren LPO helps in reducing this cost significantly as each page of the document is thoroughly reviewed and analyzed by Aeren LPO’s legal team manually as well as through various legal review tools in order to prioritize each document according to the relevant facts extracted by our legal experts from the various documents.

The process of document review specifically requires the expertise of a legal attorney who can fully understand the relevant facts and issues involved in each document and mark them on the basis of privilege and responsiveness. Aeren LPO’s legal team has experience in performing document review, varying from simple responsiveness coding highly to complex Ones.

The Managed Document Review Services often consists of many phases. Our legal team accomplishes a first pass review in order to examine documents for relevance and code/mark them for relevant subject matter. Afterwards we upload the coded data into a searchable database that permits litigation team to easily situate key documents at every phase of the litigation process.

Further legal team conducts a second and more detailed review to determine which documents should be withheld from production.

Aeren LPO Document Review Offerings
  1. Responsive Analysis: Under this, we determine as to whether the documents are responsive or non-responsive to a given legal case or issue at hand.
  2. Privilege Analysis: We determine the documents that are withheld from production due to privilege like attorney-client privilege and application of attorney work product doctrine and preparation for privilege log.
  3. Confidentiality Analysis: We determine the documents that are confidential in nature and that also includes documents wherein certain portion should be redacted. For example:, Documents discussing the trade secrets are excluded from production to maintain their confidentiality.
  4. Hot/Key: We determine the documents,that are of high relevance to the litigation process for production or withholding purposes.
  5. Redaction Services: Under this, we hide selected portion of documents to prevent disclosure of any confidential or privilege or personal information.
  6. Privilege Log: We also prepare a privilege log in the form of spreadsheet with privilege coding.