What Makes Contract Life Cycle Management (Clm) The Need Of The Hour

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What Makes Contract Life Cycle Management (Clm) The Need Of The Hour

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is the complete combination of software and tools that begins from the initiation of a contract to the full lifecycle term of the contract, managing every aspect that is there to contracts, protecting business and enhancing value through contracts to get manifold rewards.

A Contract Life Cycle Management in our current pandemic losses and bouncing back from these times even proves more effectual to handle your business and keep track of the complete workflow you envisioned by sailing through and getting you ashore safely.

The classic CLM process with AEREN LPO’s CLM services and solutions.


The initiation of CLM begins with the request for a proposal. Once the RFP process commences, to assess our Contract Lifecycle Management solutions for your contracts we will initiate two processes:

Bringing all the contracts together in your in-house environment.

Get all the contracts under the same roof. Once you get them together you will know what you have to deal with. Finding all the contracts itself is half the battle won. Now with new challenges around the globe for business, corporate houses making the best by identifying all the contracts and evaluating them for risks or new changes is the need of the hour.

We do it by creating a highly secured and; sharable environment, and putting in placea vast repository to capture all your contracts and bring them to the same place together.

Tracking the relevant data in the contracts to begin actionable procedures.

When all the contracts are gathered, the next course of action is finding all the critical and important data that is on the contracts and track them over the contracts.

At AEREN LPO we have special templates, both standard andcustomized, that will retrieve all the important data inputs and make them easier to track at any point in time and anywhere.


When you have all the inhouse contracts we know your standard or specialized clauses for your business or organization.

Before a new contract needs to be authored a library for clauses and templates will be created that will be promptly added when additional contracts are required to be made.

We make sure that no details are left in creating the standard clauses and templates and the additional customized ones that will be added to our libraries from which you will have easily authored contracts

We have separate packages for business users, the subcategories of various business verticals, and for legal firms to collaborate with our authored contract information.


With experience in authoring many numbers of contracts, contract creation just got easier with us by using features like a quick drag and drop features with the already maintained library of clauses and templates.

Contract creation has never been easier despite being complex in some domains. Time and complexity are greatly reduced with our in-house attorneys.

Contract creation from scratch is also easier and quicker with the right set of our contract creation toolset.


A contract is as good as it gets only after the negotiation. Negotiation is a special task thatrequires its own set of contract management tools to identify stark differences to minute changes that come under scrutiny concerninga prior contract and to include mechanisms in bringing new ways to make negotiation simpler, easier, and hassle-free to track through the changes or additional details.

We equip you with easy to use tools in redlining, gap analysis, and compliances that add value to negotiation.


Approval is mandatory to have a risk-free contract. Risks need to be assessed and verified. In some cases, it will be with external sources of data that need additional strategies to bring the right contracts to you.

With our attorneys, we ensure a complete check of the contracts mitigating any higher chances of risks and also in circumstances that prove challenging to your business and a dearth of unwanted risks creeping in and protect you.

Sign and Execute

Signing is the sealing pact and with the recent global trend of work from home and other new ways, signing with the online digital signature saves time and business. Collaborating with digital signatures and then validate and verify them.

Before it goes back to repositories contracts undergo encryption and security to ensure they are not modified or tampered with.

Authentication and security will be of the utmost importance with our infrastructure with zero compromises.

Obligations & Compliances

When the contracts are digitally signed and executed, the continual process of performing to the contract’s obligations will be guided for you in every process in the workflow of the contracts you carry out.

Compliances are a definite must to be adhered to considering the changing government and company policies amidst COVID-19. With this global pandemic and post-COVID-19 changes, current compliance guidelines need to be integrated into the contracts.

With Contract Lifecycle Management, looking out for obligation fulfilments and compliance adherence will be easier and thoroughly mitigate you from every risk which otherwise you might be caught off-guard in your business.

Amendments &Renewals

With bringing contracts together and data tracked with templates, renewals will be no more a lost cause. Your business and organization will be on a day-to-day basis with updated information with the contracts. Along with timely and proper maintenance, contracts big or small will be adding value to your organization and save you a lot of money from contracts.

Contract Management is your friend for your contracts. With time, CLM makes automation of the whole contract management process easier, faster, and cost-effective. CLM eventually gives you big rewards sans liability in any way.

Reach out to us now to get your business under the CLM umbrella and ace your contract challenges like a pro. For legal firms, we are your valued outsourcing strategic partners giving the top niche contract management services.

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