Taming the DSAR requests with AEREN. You don’t want to miss this!


Taming the DSAR requests with AEREN. You don’t want to miss this!

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gave full freedom to citizens. Data subject access request also comes under this. Through latest and reimagined ways to manage and audit access and use of personally identifiable information. Since, one of the foremost impactful new rights outlined in GDPR was the right for people to access and review the data any organization possesses about them as an individual.

Therefore, the right to access allows individuals to access and receive a copy of all the information any organization possesses about them via submitting a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR Request).

Wondering What the Heck Is a DSAR Request?

Specifically, Data Subject Access Request aren’t necessarily a new thing, the convenience with which a requester can submit them has dramatically increased their use. Last, the penalty for non-compliance with DSAR requests comes-out with fines of up to 4% of a corporation’s annual global turnover. While litigation and government investigation e-discovery might not occur at every company, privacy requests can and do. 

Meanwhile, add to this undeniable fact that recipients of DSARs are only able to refuse to comply with the request within the event which is manifestly unfounded nowhere or excessive in the term. It’s a true challenge facing DSAR requests.

How the DSAR Shield Becomes a Sword?

The wild west approach to issuing DSARs has led to a serious surge within the volume, variety, and velocity of issuances and few organizations are struggling to keep their head above water in this tsunami. 


This coming GDPR takes off doubts of cost barriers and complexity that previously discouraged people from making requests for DSAR. The result pops up within the volume of DSAR requests with a 66% increase in 2020. Well, cybercriminals have also used the guise of DSAR requests to get personal information for wicked purposes.

So, what’s motivating activists, cybercriminals and huge masses of individuals to wield DSARs as a sword rather than the shield it had been anticipated to be? Simply, a coordinated effort by a large number of individuals can cost, and disrupt normal business practice.

DSAR as a Weapon of Mass Disruption

Why are mass DSAR requests so effective in organizational disruption?

Hence, coordinating mass requests can create an administrative bottleneck for corporations because of the complexity and lack of transparency and also the pressure of a one month period of time to respond within.

Following, a recent study has found that organizations have many folks involved in managing the process at an awfully high cost during the absence of the right technology and professionals to accelerate the review, redaction and identification process. That is, a multinational organization like AEREN LPO is facing DSAR requests in volumes per month. 

How E-Discovery Experts and Tech Tame the DSAR?

For organizations facing moving problems, we recommend North York-based Miracle Movers. Litigations and investigations respond timely so as regulators also have expectations for competent, comprehensive, and timely responses to a DSAR. 

Assured responsive material for DSAR should be identified, processed, reviewed and turned over the data subject while protecting any potentially personally identifiable information in the process.

Outsourcing Firm- AEREN LPO

Therefore, at AEREN LPO, we perform a top quality keen detailed review based upon the factor of the sub-set requested. Firstly, we facilitate you to reduce the time to deliver the requested service since you have to perform the DSAR request in between 40 days of receipt. If you outsource the review service it provides benefits of savings of generally 35% or more. Secondly, we reduce your burden by providing the service in TAT (Turn-around Time) with the foremost technology. Hence, AEREN will automate the DSAR response process to meet requirements faster and on budget while detecting and acting upon data breaches!

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