A Working Mother! It’s Not So Difficult After All


A Working Mother! It’s Not So Difficult After All

Have you ever thought that being a mother might take a hit on your career? This is not just the case with the legal sector, but across all industries. But why is that? Why does motherhood have to deprive women of their careers? Why can’t women manage both? Is it because of the perception that a career-oriented woman might not make a good mother? There are too many ifs and buts when it comes to a woman’s career, especially after becoming a mother. This mother’s day we look at feasible ways to manage an excellent work life balance:  

It is often said that there is a particular age at which everyone is more focused on their careers especially lawyers. You put in more efforts in terms of efforts, focus, and time. But once a woman steps into balancing a professional life as well as a personal life being a mother, it might put them in a spot. The demands of being a mother as well as working professional (like a lawyer) can be extremely overwhelming. According to a research, two-thirds of women in law industry leave their jobs to take care of their children and perhaps try to return later.

Well, there is no magic solution to this riddle. If you want to be fulfilled as a person or as a lawyer choose your workplace wisely. You must find a way to devote time to research, assisting  your firm management, client assignment etc. Make an agreed fixed time between you and your law firm. Terms of attorneys may step up and help to cover when you need time off. Your clients and partners may work with flexibility in return you should deliver the work with excellence. That kind of workplace helps you to keep you growing. Don’t let your child’s time and work time merge and lose the sets. 

Mothers are great multi-taskers, their efficiency is probably way up. You know that if you are away from your kids that time has spent on something useful and productive for your career. And more importantly, do not pre-decide between growing a professional and being a mother is a miss of one thing. Females work equally to achieve their goals. Mothers are role models for all. 

In AEREN, we focused more on balancing life between work and family. We have immense admiration for women who juggle better to balance both. Our legal process outsourcing services make them better to focus on their work-life and family too. We are more flexible and make a better work culture to perform the quality work they are trained in.

Let’s raise a toast to all the mothers out there who would like to be both, a professional and a mother! 

Let say it to the universe ‘IT IS POSSIBLE’!

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