A New Era of Chatbots Revolutionizes the Legal Industry- Where Do Legal Process Outsourcing Services Stands?


A New Era of Chatbots Revolutionizes the Legal Industry- Where Do Legal Process Outsourcing Services Stands?

At the end of 2019, and six months later, a global pandemic was struck, and therefore the world was plunged into a remote working environment while opt to outsource the legal process outsourcing services. Of course, the exponentially increasing the usage of chats and collaboration of these platforms. 

Hence, we had just realised that the developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning had sparked the emergence of chat messages and their rapid adoption.

Although the concept of an AI bot continues to be in its elementary phase where high-level executives across industries have eagerly installed chatbots for doing a lot of activities, like boosting employee work productivity, engagement of customers and reducing support costs etc.

In other words, realizing the enormous potential that chatbots hold, most executives have already introduced chatbots in their organization to achieve the advantage of the early adopters. Despite about 80% of businesses attempt to deploy chatbots by 2020. Chatbots are estimated to grow into a business of approximately USD 8 billion by 2022.

What Are Chatbots?

Chatbots work using Natural Language Processing (NLP), which is an artificial intelligence field concerned with interactions between human languages and computers. Any kind of data provided by the users is analyzed and processed by the chatbot to respond accordingly.

We have realized the importance of having a smart way of engagement and communication with users and hence enterprises across the globe are considering chatbots as their initial step towards a whole digital transformation. However, the continuous research & development in AI and Machine Learning, promote the creation of Chatbots for the connate, precise, and intelligent responses. As we can see some of the statistics –

  • TEAMS- User increase of 31 M users in one month, and a further 40M within the proceeding 4 months to 115M daily users.
  • SLACK- On boarded 9,000 additional companies in one quarter, a 25% increase.
  • ZOOM- Hosted 300M daily meeting participants in April 2020.
  • WHATSAPP- 41% usage increase in March 2020.
  • WECHAT- Daily users increase from 1.1 to 1.2B users.

Legal Industry and the Chatbots

On the other hand, chatbots did find their place within the legal industry. Firstly, the first legal chatbot was created in the United Kingdom named DoNotPay to fight against the unfair issuance of parking tickets.

How AI Chatbots Help the Legal Industry

Easy Information Access & Management

Lawyers and paralegals go through mountains of information on a daily basis. Firstly, a chatbot may be a perfect solution for saving time and hassle of analyzing documents. Secondly, users can get quick information from the Q/A interface of Chatbots they require.

Onboarding & Employee Management

A chatbot also helps in HR and administrative related works in any legal organization. Although employees don’t have to float around the HR department for insignificant issues, they can use a chatbot for leave application management, a smooth onboarding process, and setting up notifications & reminders etc.

Integration With Intranets

If your legal department uses intranet for internal communications, then here’s a quick merger in-between. This adoption not only boosts the rate of the intranet but helps users to find all necessary case-related information.

Brilliant User Experience

Here’s a quick case scenario for an improved understanding of the bail bonds norwich ct term brilliant user experience, check https://www.bailcobailbonds.com. The litigation is filed when a company announces a third-party merger. Firstly, chatbots go through the information based on the legal firms and provide relevant information about the mergers and attorneys related to cases.

Role of a Legal Advisor

New advancements in natural language processes have boosted the potential which improves human understanding and results in a longer phrase, wider terminology, and more synonyms. This understanding of language gives more accuracy & precise responses. Chatbots are really helpful for a legal firm and also a significant step towards AI and digital transformation in this era. AEREN has perfectly adopted the new transformations. It maintains a team of trained legal professionals with the best Legal Process Outsourcing Services experience who do the best technology tasks and perform quality control.

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