Legal Transcription Services

Our Legal Transcription Services includes but not limited to, the transcription of depositions, testimonies, official court hearings, interrogations, legal briefs, client letters, general legal correspondence, documents, notes etc.

  • Transcription from source material (digital recordings) i.e. audio transcription or video transcription
  • Proof reading and Formatting of automatically transcribed files through transcription tools
  • Live dictation via stenographer

Step 1. Receipt of source material via email or FTP.

Step 2. Family Reviews the source material by carefully listening & copies it verbatim to a written format.

Step 3. If the source material is relating to interrogation or a court proceedings, the nuances of speech patterns and grammatical inconsistencies of conversational speech are maintained.

Step 4. Editing & corrections by the review team to ensure accuracy and grammatical integrity of the transcription.

Step 5. Formatting according to the required standard.