Deposition Summarization Services

Depositions are carried out in United States federal courts under Rule 30 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP). Deposition is a out of court question-and-answer session asked by the opposing counsel and answered by the witness. Sometimes, witness is also referred as deponent.

The sworn oral testimony of witness during a deposition is converted into a written transcript which can later be used in court. Depositions are commonly used in litigation in US and Canada. According to FRCP Rule 30, the number of deposition of each deponent is limited to 10 deposition per side. The person to be deposed (questioned) at a deposition is usually notified to appear at the appropriate time and place by means of subpoena.

Procedure for Deposition

Deposition usually takes place in attorney’s office, court reporter’s office, and sometimes at witnesses’ workplace or at home. A deposition can also be videotaped. This is usually done when the deponent is very ill and may not be well enough for trial, or if the deponent will be out of town or otherwise unavailable during trial. Before deposition reasonable notice must be given to witnesses the opposing counsel wants to depose.

Deposition is attended by the person who is to be deposed, their attorney, court reporter and other parties in the case. The attorney asks witness/deponent a series of questions about facts and events related to the lawsuit with the entire deposition recorded word-for-word by a court reporter. In a deposition the questioning is designed to gather any information that can reasonably lead to the evidence.

Deposition Services in Aeren

Deposition Summary Services at Aeren is performed and drafted by qualified and well trained attorneys who posses the extensive knowledge and complexities of every matter , who are competent in reviewing, analyzing and identifying the leading facts. Testimonies are many times very large and our attorneys know how to summaries large testimonies without missing key aspects. Areas of depositions summarization that our Aeren team has done so far are enumerated below:

  • Medical Malpractice
  • Breach of Contract
  • Personal Injury
  • Insurance Cases
  • Wrongful Termination