Merger and Acquisition (M&A) Support Services

At the international level, as a result of globalization the mergers and acquisitions have increased owing to the evolving business practices, better risk management and cultural integration. Moreover, in a bid to enter the league of fortune 500 companies, this type of business relation is being given preference.

Consequently, the acquired and the merged companies have a pool of contract portfolio that requires to be integrated/reconciliated with the acquiring/merging corporate entity.

Aeren LPO provides an extensive variety of support services to execute the initial stage of merger and acquisition process. In the pre merger and acquisition stage, our contract specialists first review the whole pool of contracts of the acquired company in order to extract the relevant information that can be reviewed by the senior attorneys of the legal firms of our clients. This can help in reducing a lot of time and cost that has gone up substantially to 60%.

During the post merger and acquisition phase, we begin with the process of integration of the contracts of the acquired/merged companies based on the above relevant information extracted. This further relieves their legal departments and makes them to focus on more core functions.

In addition to this, our legal team also coordinates with the different vendors of the acquired and merged companies in order to get various legal requirements complied with and fulfilled by them, as well as by the concerned companies.

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