End-to-End docketing and administrative support

Aeren IP provides end-to-end docketing and administrative support through its ISO 9001: 27001 Certified systems & processes. Data stored on IPMS is used for decision making such as renewals, M&A or to safeguard IP in general. It is critical that this data is correct and updated. Our team provides additional external support to your IP admin team to help them manage all IP-related administrative tasks.

Workflow: Generally, the workflow involves below steps:

Step 1: Setting up a common, web-based mailbox designed to receive all communication with outside counsel and PTOs.

Step 2: Aeren IP’s team accesses the mailbox, extracts relevant information, and updates the IP management systems on daily basis.

Step 3: A 100% manual quality check is done on all docket entries.

Step 4: Clients receive productivity & quality reports periodically.

Scope: Docket support includes all IP-related administrative tasks such as data management, document management, data verification, timeline tracking, and reminders

Engagement Models:

Depending upon the portfolio size, engagement options include:

Full Time Equivalent (FTE)Plug & Play team
– Dedicated staffing – 140 hours per month– Scalable team of paralegals – used on need basis
– Fixed attractive price points– Hourly billing
– Hybrid onshore/offshore options – Weekly reporting

Quality Assurance:

  • – ISO 9001: 27001 Certified systems & processes
  • – Manual Quality review
  • – Periodic reporting for process health & corrective actions
  • – Data is verified straight from the source, including the national PTOs
  • – Single point of contact for all questions


Our docketing experts are highly experienced with EPO, WIPO and 60+ national PTOs to handle all the correspondence and formalities across the prosecution cycle.