Offshore Legal Staffing Solution

Most of Commercial & Government Organizations have varying staffing needs from temporary to permanent. Such needs arise from various situations that include sudden influx of workflow, peak workload, long-term leave, Family and Medical Leave, looming deadlines, volume, lack of access to special skills & expertise etc. In such situation, contingent workers are the best strategy to save the cost and time in a most seamless manner. This Contingent Workforce strategy allows them to grow & shrink their needs as the situation warrants. 

Offsite-Offshore Legal Staffing Solution

We provide legal staffing from entry level workers to senior level workers, from low level projects to High level Projects.

We Support corporate legal department and Law Firm in varied capacity – from Contract management, compliance solution, e-discovery, Document review, Legal Research, Legal Writing and many more.

We offer greater flexibility in our Legal Staffing Solution that allows our clients to hire Legal Professionals “On-Demand” for short & long-term i.e. for one day, one week or as long as they need and hire 1 legal professional to over 100 legal professionals either on part-time or full-time basis.  Besides, we offer various options to our clients from legal staffing to Managed Legal Services to Off-Shore Virtual Captive Center

We offer World-Class & State-of-the-Art technology enabled, secured and well equipped with latest technology & equipment “Document Review Project Rooms”, “CLM Laboratories” & “Advanced Research Centers” to our clients to ensure the most comfortable, productive & secured environment.

Our clients always feel as if we are their extended & Virtual office in India. We not only provide legal staffing and training but also provide Project Management & QC Services.

Why Legal Staffing at Off-Shore Location More Advantageous than On-Site?
  • Substantial Cost Saving due to Labor Cost arbitrage
  • Significant savings in Capital Expenditure to create additional infrastructure for extra-legal staffing
  • Substantial Savings in Overheads
  • Leveraging Time Zone Difference to increase Daily Output without going through managing the second shift or overtime wages
  • Access to specialized skills & practice areas.
  • 24×7, 365 days operations
Our Contingent Legal Workforce Catalog

We provide quality & specialized Attorneys, Paralegals & other Legal Support Staff across wide spectrum of legal services & practice areas on a temporary and long-term basis. All our legal professionals are picked from India’s best Law Schools and have adequate experience of diverged legal systems across the globe. Aeren LPO Academy is a venture of our group company Aeren LPO, is a unique investment that solidify our commitment to provide clients with the best talent and continuous enhanced customer experience through continuous education & training so that they can address their most complex business requirements expeditiously.

Our “On-Bench, At Work” Legal Professionals & “Database” are comprised of Attorneys, Paralegals & Legal Support Staff having wide spectrum of experience, expertise, and specialized skills across the diverged practice areas & industries across the globe.

  • Document Attorney Reviewers & Project Managers
  • Contract Specialists
  • Litigation & Trial Consultants
  • Attorney – Legal Research & Analysis
  • Attorney – Global Regulatory Compliance
  • Attorney – Merger & Acquisitions
  • Attorney – Immigration Support
  • Attorney – Regulatory & Tax Investigation Support
  • Attorney – Legal Writings
  • Legal Transcriptionists
  • Paralegal
  • Legal Support Staff
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Invoice Management Assistant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Receptionist
  • Clerical & Administrative Support Staff