Global Immigration Management

Immigration is the global passage of people into a destination country of which they are not prior natives or where they do not possess citizenship, in order to settle or stay there, especially as permanent residents or naturalized citizens, or to take up employment as a migrant worker or temporarily as a foreign worker

Finding capable and efficient human resources to properly execute the filing process and having regular and right communication with the client is becoming a big challenge to the immigration consultants, Immigration attorneys and law firms.

Rapid developments and change in the immigration laws and procedure further increases the complexity.

By leveraging right mix of people, process and technology, Aeren LPO’s Global Immigration Management helps clients to deliver the services to their clients.

Challenges faced by Immigration Attorneys are as follows:
  • Management of multistage processes of Visa filing and processing;
  • Regular communication with the clients;
  • Finding a capable and diligent human resource to properly execute the filing process;
  • Drafting of requisite petitions and cover letters in consonance with legal requirements of immigration departments;
  • Filling of pre visa certifications including LCA and PERM for the U.S. and LMIA for Canada.
  • Staying updated with all the developments in the field of Immigration Laws and procedures;
  • Scrutinized filling of immigration forms for the U.S. and Canada in accordance with the requirements of Immigration Departments.

End to End Support in Immigration Case Management Services includes the following:

  • Acting as a virtual assistant for the Immigration Firms.
  • Collecting information from client on the prescribed case management tool/database.
  • Scrutinizing information in consonance with visa specific requirements.
  • Interacting with clients on behalf of the attorney/Firm for queries and other information requirements.
  • Drafting specialized and supporting letters for Visa petitions.
  • Drafting Attorney cover letters for visa application forms.
  • Providing expert services on various software platforms like INSZoom, LawLogix and BlueDot.
  • Filing of Visa application forms with department of immigration (for e.g. USCIS) online.
  • Providing post submission track on the status of applications/petitions.
  • Continuous research on the changes and amendments in immigration policies and rules.