Come 2021, E-discovery is entering into a new decade of more demanding and vast data processing like never before.

Data has been on an exponential growth this century and while we entering into the next decade, we will see more of it, purely because data is the most valued yet in baby steps processing due to the sheer size of the data that is being added every day.

However, Managed Document Review provides the complete umbrella of end-to-end management of letting process the legal documents leveraging the best the technology can update and offer with the consistent Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) workflow.

Therefore, software providing a suite of functionalities will lucratively enhance the document discovery process and go for the best results in the management of electronic data securely in collecting, reviewing, and bringing them into production optimally.

EDRM Master Facets for the Next Decade

Managing Data Variants

The data that enters the EDRM is in a variety of formats of audio, video, and texts. However, the combinations succeed the actual raw data model with more and more technological applications coming into the market and everything using many formats of data that is being entered, used, or collected in the digital formats. Therefore, securing every data variant and proceeding towards a common ground enhancing the uniformity is of prime goal in the next decade of data management.

Identification Paradigms

Undoubtedly data mushrooming in all places, the need and the tenacious skill to identify the right data that clicks the big legal puzzle. So makes it all come together in a collaborative process is a challenging yet interesting aspect in devising paradigms that make the right fit for capturing the vital data.

Specialized Processing and QC

However, constantly evolving specialized software that integrates all the advanced features that require in processing the new data patterns and formats for deriving the right data set for production is a crucial step in the future EDRM which will make the whole managed document review experience a notch higher to the increasingly digitalized world. Find out here what are the best pavers for a driveway?

With AI being slowly but inadvertently weaving into our everyday process, the next decade can see in more trained models, which gets increasingly accurate and effective as an add on in the managed document review process to enormously make reviews easier to match quality in production, eliminating sophisticated review methods and bringing welcoming turning pointsfor managing the swivelling data along the right axis for the coming decade in the legal process.