Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)

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Are you feeling stressed coping with Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs)? Living in the world of technology, where almost all processes are connected to data. It is challenging to obey data protection and management laws. One such piece of compliance is Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), and handling such requests may prove to be tedious and intricate.

To assist you in this matter, Aeren LPO provides a DSAR solution that simplifies the information delivery process. Our system helps submit requests without any difficulties and does not overload businesses. Our team of DSAR experts supervises every step of the process to ensure it works smoothly and by the law. Our DSAR service utilizes experienced incident response professionals, data analysts, and review specialists.


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Reduce Costs and Minimize Risk with Aeren LPO's AI-Powered DSAR Solution

Managing DSARs manually is costly and could even result in legal action against your organization. However, incorporating our DSAR solutions to your legal requirements can eliminate such bottlenecks. AI powered by cutting-edge technology and our knowledgeable team enables you to single out the data quickly and without mistakes.

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Compliance and Reduced Risk
Efficiency and Cost Saving
Enhanced Customer Experience

Enhance Efficiency and Service Delivery Through Tech-Infused Legal Solutions

Automation Streamlines Workflows

We streamline resource allocation by automating routine tasks, enabling focus on strategic work.

Secured Document Management

Digital contracts and secure document management ensure vital transparency, traceability, and security for compliant industries.

Real-time Digital Collaboration

Cloud tools enable real-time collaboration between legal teams and clients, overcoming geographical barriers.

Case Study

A legal firm faced enormous pressure and was receiving higher volumes of incoming Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs). These requests, due to requirements such as GDPR, enable the person to retrieve their information in the possession of organizations. Processing these requests through paper-based means was inefficient and cumbersome to the legal staff who had to search through different systems for data.

Our Solution:

Particularly, the eDiscovery competence that was displayed by Aeren LPO happened to be the ideal solution for the firm. Aeren’s team used state-of-the-art technology and a talented workforce to simplify the process for DSAR. This involved timely retrieval of relevant data from different systems, data masking for various information, and delivering a reportable format of the information to the clients in the most secure and compliant means.

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