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Aeren LPO's Litigation Support Services can simplify legal processes and ease the strain on your team. Our experienced professionals assist with legal writing, case research, and transcription. We leverage advanced technologies to ensure accuracy and efficiency as you focus on strategic aspects of cases instead of administrative work.

Outsourcing time-consuming tasks to Aeren LPO allows for cost savings and faster turnaround times. Our team works closely with you to understand your requirements, providing high-quality work that complies with industry standards. Leave the heavy lifting up to us so you can focus on providing your clients with exceptional outcomes!


Legal Transcription


Legal Documents Created


Case Researches

Enhance Your Litigation Process With AI-powered Solution

Are your caseload and deadlines increasing exponentially? Aeren LPO's Litigation Support Service offers an effective solution by employing cutting-edge AI technology. By automating tedious tasks like document review and identification of evidence, AI frees up time for strategic analysis and case building while simultaneously speeding turnaround times, and cutting costs.

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Cost Saving
Time Saving
Expertise Access

Enhance Efficiency and Service Delivery Through Tech-Infused Legal Solutions

Automation Streamlines Workflows

We streamline resource allocation by automating routine tasks, enabling focus on strategic work.

Secured Document Management

Digital contracts and secure document management ensure vital transparency, traceability, and security for compliant industries.

Real-time Digital Collaboration

Cloud tools enable real-time collaboration between legal teams and clients, overcoming geographical barriers.

Case Study

A large multinational pharmaceutical company found itself dealing with a highly complex patent violation lawsuit. The opponent had submitted a large number of electronic records and documents in the form of email communications, internal documents, and research papers.

Our Solution:

Aeren LPO used its team of experienced e-discovery to structure and analyze the big data. Employing efficient sources and justifiable procedures, Aeren LPO located the right documents and excluded unnecessary data.

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