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Are you finding it difficult to effectively manage the cyber incident response review process to protect your client's data? At Aeren, we understand the critical need for organizations to have a robust cyber incident response plan. Our review teams possess the advanced expertise to handle the process, tailored specifically for collected data.

Additionally, we make detailed lists to notify everyone involved accurately and without repeating information, following regulatory standards. This approach provides clients with a robust, compliant response plan that minimizes the impact of cyber incidents and safeguards sensitive information effectively.


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At Aeren LPO, we leverage AI to revamp our Cyber Incident Response Review system. Our procedures provide error-free compliance notification lists, eliminating duplication and ensuring all parties are notified. By reducing the impact of cyber attacks and protecting sensitive data, our AI strategy gives clients a strong and compliant response plan.

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Case Study

A mid-sized financial services firm recently discovered that a sophisticated email phishing campaign compromised the personal and financial information of thousands of their clients. The attackers tricked employees into clicking malicious links, which gave them access to a database.

Our Solution:

The Aeren LPO team was quick to assess not just the extent of the situation but also what information had been compromised. We first filtered out the records by sorting them according to priority and the degree of sensitivity and then culled out the redundant records before generating a notification list.

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