At Aeren LPO, we aim to deliver quality and client-oriented legal outsourcing solutions. Our core values include enhancement, innovation, and providing value to the clients. This commitment is evident in our growth, ISO certifications, and investments in legal technology.

Aeren LPO facilitates the business growth of enterprises by promptly working on high-volume legal tasks. This allows your internal staff to concentrate on higher-value processes that directly contribute to your organization's goals and objectives. We prove it with flexible services that meet the demand and grow according to your business.

Yes, Aeren LPO employs a dedicated project manager and a team leader for every project. This helps you to avoid working with different people from the time you drop your project to the time it is returned to you.

In terms of quality control, we adopt the Six Sigma approach as part of the company’s data security strategy. This is done by our two-tiered quality check team and a quality assurance team.

Our LPO services are designed to address the legal requirements and challenges of businesses effectively. Aeren LPO provides a wide range of legal services.

We provide CLM, Managed Document Review Services, Cyber incident response (data breach), e-Discovery, DSAR, Global immigration service, Deposition summarization service, Paralegal services, Offshore legal staffing solutions, Legal research & analysis and Litigation support services.

These services offer a full spectrum of support in Law. Our team of attorneys invests time in researching your case, assessing legal complications, and writing effective briefs for your case.

Our paralegal services envelop a wide variety of support, including legal research, document drafting, case management, trial preparation, and administrative errands. Our paralegals are trained to meet the particular necessities of our clients to upgrade their legal tasks.

Yes, we specialize in providing customized solutions that are precisely crafted to align with the unique requirements of each client. Our approach ensures that every solution is precisely tailored to address specific needs, fostering optimal outcomes and client satisfaction.

We prioritize understanding clients' unique business needs and goals to align with their operations. Our tailored solutions seamlessly integrate with their workflows, ensuring efficiency, effectiveness, and collaborative success in achieving objectives.

We always prioritize our data security protocols throughout the entire process. Our secure work environment and well-established protocols are designed to protect the client’s data. Also, our team follows global e-discovery rules and regulations.

To ensure the high reliability of its document review, we utilize a multi-step approach that comprises filtering, classification, and verification steps. This guarantees that only documents that are relevant to the case get to the reviewers, whom experienced attorneys further support.

Our team communicates effectively to understand and address each client's specific requirements. Through clear dialogue and active listening, we ensure alignment and deliver tailored solutions that precisely meet their needs, fostering satisfaction and success in every interaction.

Our CLM solutions are customized to improve overall contract management, including contract drafting tools, layouts, and contract tracking with date alerts. We provide clients with collaboration highlights, risk management, functionalities, reporting, and analytics.

With precision in work and adherence to legal prerequisites, our DR service can assess many legal documents, including arrangements, contracts, court reports, and administrative filings.

We employ several cutting-edge e-discovery products and services for data identification, collection, processing, and analysis. These tools help avoid errors and increase the efficiency of the team by allowing them to pay more attention to higher-priority activities.

Our team creates effective cyber incident response plans. We swiftly evaluate data and extract sensitive information from provided records. Our stringent QA team creates an error-free list to ensure all relevant parties are notified without unnecessary duplication.

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