E-discovery has become important in the legal process. However, in order to make the e-discovery process, successful one has to understand the importance of project management in it.

It is necessary to have efficient project management as well as a good e-discovery solution. The reason behind this is that, if there are errors at any stage or if certain aspects are not covered with care then they might break the entire e-discovery process and can take more time than expected. You have to understand the concepts of project management.

When it comes to successfully manage the project, then you must manage these 3 elements-

‘’Time, Scope and Cost’’

TIME- The project’s completion schedule.
SCOPE- Tasks that must be completed in order to meet the goals of the project.
COST- Resources needed to complete the project.

As the complexity of E-discovery solutions has grown, the technology in the form of software and hardware has also grown to meet those needs. This growth brings with it a great deal of change and many new project management challenges.

In E-discovery, project management is a critical component of successfully delivering meaningful results. However, project management is not just about planning and monitoring. Rather, it’s all the activities that must be executed to generate the deliverables. Understanding the role that project management plays in eDiscovery projects involves taking a closer look at the two main phases of discovery: collection and processing activities.

Applying the Elements in the E-discovery Project

Discovery projects are impacted by some elements. Here are couples of examples that impact the real world of e-discovery.

Processing Data

The game changes when the scope of a project grows, and you need to juggle time and cost. These two challenges are commonly encountered in projects that rely on eDiscovery solutions for their implementation.

Linear Review

The scope of relevant search terms is broader than expected, leading to more documents to review for relevancy to meet the production deadline. This results in additional cost and extended review times with E-discovery solutions.

Factors That Normalize These Elements

Firstly, you can use available project management and scheduling tools that help to identify and then optimize the problems. Secondly, the team can consider the tradeoff between cost, schedule, and quality when making their performance decision. However, these two factors can normalise-


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The power of technology is a ‘wild card’ in the equation. For example, if predictive coding is used in the review project above (either initially or when faced with increased scope within a given deadline), the same time/cost constraints can still be met.

In the End!

So how exactly does E-discovery affect your project budget, schedule, and quality? Learn what you can to avoid getting caught in a net of surprises!

Stay on track with the proper implementation and use of project management which you can get at AEREN LPO for your e-discovery.