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Contract Lifecycle Management

Trends in Contract Management That Defines Contract Lifecycle Management Circle!

The need of adopting technology is to be efficient in Contract Management Services & practices. Digital contract management is here to stay infinite. Lockdown has caused remote access to centralized Contract Lifecycle Management software. Especially on the ways of work life from which we are familiar with.

Although new innovative offers the technological advancements. It’s also transforming the contract management from a routine process to a critical dimension. That can give the immense value creation to the businesses. And the Contract Lifecycle Management circle is the only one that shapes success within an organization. Hence, These are two categories that affect the CLM cycle for your business. What are the trends that organizations should be aware of?

On the People Side

Contract Team

Organizations mainly focuses on the team with the right mix of talent to run the Contract Management process. Therefore, for working on a new software product, it must include some factors. Namely, the representative of the IT department, vendor department or other team representatives to support.

Transparent Engagement

At First, all the parties involved in the contracts are agreed upon and will be impacted with clauses and commitments together. Secondly, there should be transparent interactions between the team member and the contract which have to be ironed out.

On the Technology Side

Remote Access

After the pandemic, companies are rushing to adopt the Contract Lifecycle Management software. Since the offices shut down, lockdowns, physical distancing, and employees working from home have necessity.

There may be a trend gaining momentum to shift the work remotely. This has promoted the legal process outsourcing services in a loop. Also, they can focus on their core competencies, make decisions, and initiate actions for business goods.


Automation of the Contract Management Services is a big boon. It abruptly frees time and removes risks. It also guarantees compliance and efficiency.

As the companies grow so does the volume of contracts. Only the right automation and human intelligence is the way to grow and ensure business growth.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI has optimized your management strategies and mitigated risks. AI will take shape in the decade to come. Organizations will also adopt the same into their operations.

Hence, Both AI and ML play an important role in simplifying the contract management process in the future.

Data Privacy
The online scenario makes the work quick and well organized. It has also caused other problems to happen. Also, lack of data privacy, data breaches and cyber-attacks have come in the digitizing journey.

What would be helpful here is to implement data security proven methods.

Digital Identification

Hence, Digital identification mechanisms are required to access data. Whole data is being accessed from anywhere. This makes using identification and verification crucial in the CLM software.
Such trends and several other emerging ones are defining the Contract Lifecycle Management. AEREN completely focuses on your contract services with the best security methods. In Conclusion, AEREN LPO will assist you in accomplishing your targets. This includes all contracts related services. Review, contract drafting, redlining, risk management, due diligence, execution process, obligation extraction, contract research, compliance, utilizing volume discounts, successfully managing obligations are some examples. It decreases the contract risks. Also, odds of litigation and diminish your time-to-contract.

A New Blend of Artificial Intelligence in Contract Management Services

Presently, artificial intelligence is becoming a fast and essential part of the technology industry. Since it helps in solving many challenging problems. Hence, Artificial Intelligence has the ability to make a computer program or software think smartly the same as humans think. In artificial intelligence there’s a use of algorithms, and such instructions that a mechanical computer can execute. This new blend of artificial intelligence is supportive in Contract Management Services.

Firstly, AI has the capability to produce numerous benefits in every sector. Through the blend of AI in contract management helps innovations in every field. Secondly, it’s adding the greater advantage for automation of contract drafting to extracting important information from already executed contracts. It’s not only speeding up the contract lifecycle but also improving the compliances and reducing value leakage in every business.

Contract Lifecycle Management

We at AEREN LPO deliver the powered solutions of the AI for data extraction from contracts using their own intelligence and natural language processing technology. We do the data extraction and migrate legacy data into different Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) systems for tracking and reporting in.

This work involves customizing data extraction requirements for different types of contracts. In addition in meta-data, terms and conditions, legal provisions, and obligations. We believe in our Contract Management Services, no software can do the magic alone with the help of our legal experts. There is no existing combination of software packages that deliver a high-quality accuracy which is most required. Human intervention is always needed for stringent quality.

Contract Drafting and Review Services

Contract Drafting And Review Services

Extraction is a concern for many organizations. Today leading companies are leveraging AI. Hence, artificial intelligence and machine learning are also more in demand to automate Contract Management Process.

Artificial intelligence is here to facilitate handling all legal projects, increase productivity in completing long projects with the right resources, run things faster, tracking and searching for any keyword, clause or dates in contract or legal documents. 
Hence Artificial intelligence with Contract Management Services with attorneys in law will be a truly killer combination of brains and speed with no room for errors and unmatched quality.

Can AI Contract Review Replace Human Intervention?

Augmentations in Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is what the world is glue to. At present,  there is an increase in workload to ensure both transparencies as well as transformation. To cater to this ever-increasing demand,  humans must continue to work parallelly with machines. This amalgamation of human knowledge and machine learning is what most people are excited about. But are we ready to throw all this workload on the machines without any human intervention or have we accepted that machines are more intelligent than humans? In short, the answer is NO! While technologies like artificial intelligence have a huge impact on shaping today’s world, however,  they are mean to complement human capabilities, not replace them. Same as in contract management services.

Maybe if we rephrase our original question of “who is smarter?” with “what kind of synergy will humans and machines create?”, we will have a more sensible and sustainable solution.  

What Role Will AI Play in the Legal World?

AI technologies increase computing power to deliver faster and more accurate or enhanced voluminous data sets. With legal expertise, AI technologies can be utilize to create a game-changing experience. 

The legal system is vast and constantly changing, but with the use of AI, attorneys get insight into the legal domain within a second. For any legal research, a significant number of man hours is require which automatically reduces the profit for a law firm. And this is exactly where AI does its magic. Moreover, AI provides highly efficient and advanced tools that cater to the needs for advising and litigation. Artificial intelligence has made legal services smarter, efficient, and perfectly easier and bearable.

Can AI Mean Zero Human in the Field of Law?

AI without human interference would look like a child operating a remote car. An AI software is fast, easy to operate, keeps track of everything, and finds you even if you lost.  However, like a toy, without actually using it where it is most needed, it will remain a fancy tech tool. The AI is most used in contract management services, as well as in managing document review services. How to make the best use of AI tools has to be decided by an attorney to reap the best benefits for your business.

AI in Contract Review

As everyone knows, contracts are kind of engines of every business which drives growth and tackle critical obligation and opportunities in business. Hence, attorneys too spend thousands of hours reviewing contracts. Even in the digitized world, quick TATs may lead to errors in missing some obligations. So, machine learning can make the process more efficient and effective. With human intelligence and AI technology, the legal industry is now equip to:

  • Review and analyze the big data with high-level knowledge in the form of a contract repository
  • Draft contracts on existing data according to the situation
  • Summarize, analyze the contract clause data/metadata to identify risks and running problems.
  • Translate contracts in other languages

The combination of AI and the attorney team perform robust quality checks to collect the contractual data into a structured form. Today, ML tools help us work with small teams and delivers reports by adding value to contracts with improved speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Human intelligence is also require that who shape up the emergence, adoption, and innovation solution. However, human interference is necessary for the ‘why’ and ‘What if’ critical situations. Human oversight, expertise and quality assurance by the human brain are essential in using AI-generated outputs.

Complementing Each Other

Hence, human is more active in making the decision and AI is foremost in performing the best in technology task. The smart combination of AI and humans can complement their respective skillsets to help businesses scale faster and better. When human expertise is systematically injected into AI technology, AI becomes more accurate and gives the best results.

Key Performance Touchstones To Outsource All Your Legal Workflow Management Assisted Tasks

Legal firms, corporate houses, legal publishing houses, attorneys. And many legal outsourcing experts current unsettling agitation is the looming voluminous caseload. Since, low to mid-level legal assist tasks. And a deterministic solution in fixing an easy. Also streamline, and all through the year organize workflow management. For all levels of the organization.

Therefore, Off-shore outsourcing is a definite long term as well as short term solution that legal firms and organization. So, it can decide to move their workloads. And eliminate backlogs and increase efficiency in the way they conduct their business and relationship with their clients.

Therefore, AEREN LPO is throughout in the forefront for pioneering legal outsourcing . And leads our clients in strategic decision making and making leaps by delivering the consistent value. Since no legal task is too small to go unnoticed or pushed to the background. Since, everything has its own significance in the legal journey. And we ensure to deliver from large to small projects. So as the dedication, commitment, and full justice in making your outsourcing benefits manifold.

Access to Proficient Legal Experts

Hence, our attorneys, project managers, paralegals are not only experienced and deftly skilled. But hugely accomplished, qualified, and thoroughly adept in their practice areas. Moreover, each project is steered with the best of minds in the industry delivering world-class solutions every step of the way for all your concerns.

Latest Technology

We use and strategize technology both in-house. As well as the third party that enhances the access to perks a technology or a software brings into the workflow process, the much needed time, cost-saving, and quality infused in delivering everyday projects.

The Choice To Scale And Hire

So, we believe in not limiting ourselves to only a certain way of work done is done and considered. We believe in flexibility in needs, skills as well as the seasons of change that happens in any workplace environment. We give the utmost flexibility to our clients to choose to scale, hire, rehire, or limit resources at any time throughout the year.

Multi-dimensional Saving

Therefore, outsourcing is all gains, saving, and quality in all retrospectives. Since, A combination of the best resource assets, technology access, and management of everyday operating costs and training with complete transparency in bringing result-driven legal workflow management leads to huge perks and intangible profits expanded benefits.

Accord to Security and Confidentiality

Every project is guaranteed to uphold data security, confidentiality, and compliance adherence at all levels consistently. Since, not only limited resources and point person is in access to the information with the complete onus of responsibility in dealing with sensitive information in all of our project levels. Equipped with the industry state-of-the-art facilities and secured servers, we give utmost importance to mitigate data breach discrepancies.

Pilot Projects

To test the flow of project management and requirement understanding. So, we undertake free pilot projects to assess, co-ordinate and streamline the actual project workflow before the actual nod and initiation with further payment options in carrying out the complete project.

Hence, we ensure to deliver solutions customized to every fine detail and fulfill all our client requirements in each of their legal workflow tasks, including project initiation, continuation, mobile car wash near my location and completion with us. We offer end-to-end legal outsourcing in Contract Management, Managed Document Review Services, Global Immigration Management, Litigation Support Services, Global Compliance and Regulations, Legal Research and Analysis, Merger and Acquisition, Deposition Summarization and Transcription Services and Para Legal and Virtual Assistant Services.

Visit our website at www.aerenlpo.com to learn more about all our complete legal outsourcing services and solutions.

Contract Execution and Its Significance in the Contract Lifecycle Management Process

When the interested stake holders come together in agreement and sign on the dotted lines. Since, it sets in motion the execution and the actual responsibility from both the sides in fulfilling various obligations. Contract Management process also consider to be noted.

Since, digital signature kick-starts the very beginning of the contract execution in the contract lifecycle management. Therefore, it is from this point of a contract there on is considerfor the way ahead as post-contract management activities.

Post Contract Management

So, post contract management follows a series of a mandatory and vital set of post-contract activities like obligations, compliance, and Amendments& Renewals.

At the start of the contract execution, both the parties to the contract, and all the concerned stakeholderswho need to perform the purposes of the contract, must accomplish to discharge the contractual obligations, terms, and conditions. Non-performance of a contract entails a variety of legislative actions that are carefully designed to undertake in the contract itself.

Contract execution is overseen in terms of financial or other transactional output saturation limits mentioned in the contracts. This can be between two individuals or one business to another or one individual to a complete business entity or at times within inter departments of the organization itself who are obligated to complete and adhere to the contractual terms.

It makes better sense when the actual stakeholders or the ones responsible for the contract execution process are validated with every term of the contract,and thus have complete transparency in carrying out a successful performance to the said terms.

The term of the contract key decider is the date of execution until the termination date. The period in between therein lies the obligations, value, and business.

Next, we have the compliances, which are both standard and evolving with time. Rules, regulations may find itself, changed, updated, or become completely irrelevant with time. The second part of success in the execution of the contracts is staying abreast of the compliance and the latest relevant rules and regulations framework. The contract needs to fine-tune for any changes in the existing compliances and gear to work further towards enhancing the value of the contract in deeming the obligations.

Amendments & Renewals

Amendments & Renewals is the gateway in the execution of the contract and deciding the future conceptualization of every existing contract and their lifecycle. Consider, for instance, the COVID-19 pandemic had completely overhauled the performance of contracts. Many new amendments for non-performance of the contracts is consider in terms of force majeure, material adverse effects, a new outlook in business continuity plans, to say a few.

In Conclusion

Contracts were either closing out prematurely due to extreme non-performance, the pandemic-pushed business in the beginning and mid of the lockdown time frames. Individuals and businesses are looking up now for alternate strategies currysupply.com and building them up. The initial dated terms of the contracts is extend or in severe case to made void. But the change and restructuring of the contracts became inevitable.

Contract execution is not the signing in itself, the terms of performance lie beyond that. A carefully plans, supervision and update contract is a journey that begins with contract execution.

AEREN LPO’s Contract Lifecycle Management experts provide full-fledged contract management support for each phase of a contract. Call us today to learn more.

The Best Contract Management Strategies For 2020

Time and again contract management has been an ever trending topic of importance for legal services. The sheer cause is the importance the contracts hold in every business activity. Contracts do more than just being a handful of T&C or agreements. So finding ways on how better contracts can be enhanced. And look out for strategies of keeping in place good contract management is paramount for any dealing with contracts.

Streamlined online contract repository with secured contracts

For a date back or when a fresh contract is make the prime goal is in storing the contract in the perfect way to easily track, find, and identify every contract and keep them centralized. Therefore, online contract repository keeps all your contracts in one place safe and secured, never lost, and with more visibility and transparency.

Automated workflow for contract process with value for time

Going online for storage for your contracts and it doesn’t stop there. However, you need to automate all the contracts in a Contract Life Cycle Management (CLM) tool, for diligently creating workflow levels for your contracts where automation helps in bringing timely notifications, reminders, and alerts that go with the contract time stamps and keep you and the stake holders always in the loop.

Instant standardized templates and documents assembly

No more starting from scratch when you are press for deadlines and need effective solutions right away. Also, an armory of various templates for all your contract abstraction and summarization are quite voracious for you to choose from. Also drafting contracts have never been easier with CLM. And the right document templates, and assemble to your needs in record time.

Electronic Signatures wherever you are on the go

The electronic signature is a super smart way in saving a lot of time, effort, and money on getting your contracts sign on the dotted line. There is no better (or worse) time than this pandemic to give a jolt to everything going digital. For more info be free to contact Elite Remodeling in Frisco, TX. Electronic signatures increase your chance of no more hiccups on the way,between countries and bordersfor business contracts going strong.

Remote Online Notarization making your presence everywhere

With the increasing number of states approving Remote Online Notarization (RON) by this year, the joke is on the pandemic itself if only each one of us has been deem to be safe. Nevertheless, no more walking around to make your presence felt some where else in this pandemic and can guard yourself and also at the same time prove your identity verification, get all your documents notarize via digital signature, audio, and visual -a tri-level identification validation.

It’s the era of smart contracts with the never before best CLM tools and software at your disposal to make your contract management more reliable, interesting, and just right about how the contracts will be always of value to the end of their life cycle and even after that.

Go ahead and make use of the best approaches and strategies contract management can offer in this ongoing 2020 and add immense value to your business.

How Docusign Digital Esignatures Can Be Your Right Solution For Legal Documents

DocuSign is a digital transaction platform that lets organizations sign and manage electronic agreements.It gets all your remote work done faster and easier. DocuSign helps businesses and people go completely digital.

With DocuSign, the users can send documents over the email or cloud, get signed, and reverted quickly all within a timeframe of less than a day.

You can keep all your digital legal transaction secure and safe.

DocuSign lets you be truly mobile with eSignatures being possible in real-time.

One can sign documents for free from any place, any time, and use it across any device.

DocuSign ‘Request to Sign’ feature is in the compliant with the federal ESIGN act for signing electronically and also be legally binding.

What you can do with DocuSign?

  • Sign documents.
  • Request signatures.
  • Check document status.
  • Send reminders.

DocuSign in COVID-19.

DocuSign is easy to use, highly secure, and reliable for all your digital transactions. Especially with this COVID-19 pandemic lurking, international traveling coming to a halt or might very cautiously resume in the coming days, people are more skeptical now to travel than the times before.

DocuSign lets you complete legally binding agreements between businesses right at their home base for getting well and sober. The importance and utility of DocuSign had never been more appropriate than the time and world at current for business legal transactions.

The 3 easy steps for eSignature for the recipients.

  1. Review the document.
  2. Adopt a signature.
  3. Go ahead to complete the signing process.

DocuSign with Legal Process Outsourcing.

A cost-efficient and digitally faster way to send and sign documents.

Ease of access to clients with any internet-enabled device.

Completely hassle-free and promotes non-paper-based transactions.

Can send documents for eSignature easily to clients from Gmail, Google Drive, and Chrome Browser, check http://dustandmop.com.

Gives you real-time status about the document as well as the eSignature status.

At AEREN LPO, our specialized attorneys help our clients integrate with DocuSign in our Contract Management and Managed Document Review Services for all your digital transactions.

What Makes Contract Life Cycle Management (Clm) The Need Of The Hour

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is the complete combination of software and tools that begins from the initiation of a contract to the full lifecycle term of the contract, managing every aspect that is there to contracts, protecting business and enhancing value through contracts to get manifold rewards.

A Contract Life Cycle Management in our current pandemic losses and bouncing back from these times even proves more effectual to handle your business and keep track of the complete workflow you envisioned by sailing through and getting you ashore safely.

The classic CLM process with AEREN LPO’s CLM services and solutions.


The initiation of CLM begins with the request for a proposal. Once the RFP process commences, to assess our Contract Lifecycle Management solutions for your contracts we will initiate two processes:

Bringing all the contracts together in your in-house environment.

Get all the contracts under the same roof. Once you get them together you will know what you have to deal with. Finding all the contracts itself is half the battle won. Now with new challenges around the globe for business, corporate houses making the best by identifying all the contracts and evaluating them for risks or new changes is the need of the hour.

We do it by creating a highly secured and; sharable environment, and putting in placea vast repository to capture all your contracts and bring them to the same place together.

Tracking the relevant data in the contracts to begin actionable procedures.

When all the contracts are gathered, the next course of action is finding all the critical and important data that is on the contracts and track them over the contracts.

At AEREN LPO we have special templates, both standard andcustomized, that will retrieve all the important data inputs and make them easier to track at any point in time and anywhere.


When you have all the inhouse contracts we know your standard or specialized clauses for your business or organization.

Before a new contract needs to be authored a library for clauses and templates will be created that will be promptly added when additional contracts are required to be made.

We make sure that no details are left in creating the standard clauses and templates and the additional customized ones that will be added to our libraries from which you will have easily authored contracts

We have separate packages for business users, the subcategories of various business verticals, and for legal firms to collaborate with our authored contract information.


With experience in authoring many numbers of contracts, contract creation just got easier with us by using features like a quick drag and drop features with the already maintained library of clauses and templates.

Contract creation has never been easier despite being complex in some domains. Time and complexity are greatly reduced with our in-house attorneys.

Contract creation from scratch is also easier and quicker with the right set of our contract creation toolset.


A contract is as good as it gets only after the negotiation. Negotiation is a special task thatrequires its own set of contract management tools to identify stark differences to minute changes that come under scrutiny concerninga prior contract and to include mechanisms in bringing new ways to make negotiation simpler, easier, and hassle-free to track through the changes or additional details.

We equip you with easy to use tools in redlining, gap analysis, and compliances that add value to negotiation.


Approval is mandatory to have a risk-free contract. Risks need to be assessed and verified. In some cases, it will be with external sources of data that need additional strategies to bring the right contracts to you.

With our attorneys, we ensure a complete check of the contracts mitigating any higher chances of risks and also in circumstances that prove challenging to your business and a dearth of unwanted risks creeping in and protect you.

Sign and Execute

Signing is the sealing pact and with the recent global trend of work from home and other new ways, signing with the online digital signature saves time and business. Collaborating with digital signatures and then validate and verify them.

Before it goes back to repositories contracts undergo encryption and security to ensure they are not modified or tampered with.

Authentication and security will be of the utmost importance with our infrastructure with zero compromises.

Obligations & Compliances

When the contracts are digitally signed and executed, the continual process of performing to the contract’s obligations will be guided for you in every process in the workflow of the contracts you carry out.

Compliances are a definite must to be adhered to considering the changing government and company policies amidst COVID-19. With this global pandemic and post-COVID-19 changes, current compliance guidelines need to be integrated into the contracts.

With Contract Lifecycle Management, looking out for obligation fulfilments and compliance adherence will be easier and thoroughly mitigate you from every risk which otherwise you might be caught off-guard in your business.

Amendments &Renewals

With bringing contracts together and data tracked with templates, renewals will be no more a lost cause. Your business and organization will be on a day-to-day basis with updated information with the contracts. Along with timely and proper maintenance, contracts big or small will be adding value to your organization and save you a lot of money from contracts.

Contract Management is your friend for your contracts. With time, CLM makes automation of the whole contract management process easier, faster, and cost-effective. CLM eventually gives you big rewards sans liability in any way.

Reach out to us now to get your business under the CLM umbrella and ace your contract challenges like a pro. For legal firms, we are your valued outsourcing strategic partners giving the top niche contract management services.