Needless to say that every organization works at its level best to serve quality and reliable solutions to its clients and shareholders. And drafting full-fledged and transparent contracts is one of the best ways to do that. However, without the right contract management solution, there’s a good chance that you may end up missing out on some loopholes. These loopholes can further turn out to be problematic and give rise to prominent issues such as contract value leakage.

Now, what is contract value leakage?

Know that there are times when the involved parties do not pay attention to improving the integrity of the contract. This, in turn, ends up degrading the value of the contract.

According to the professionals offering contract management services, one of the prominent causes of value leakage is when involved parties use agreements that haven’t been optimized appropriately. Here are some common mistakes that pave the way for contract value leakage.

Let’s learn about contract value leakage with an example. Suppose there’s a company that sells online legal services. In that case, it is mandatory for the company to create a contract after negotiating terms with their potential customers. Additionally, the drafted contract should also be in compliance with the country’s laws. If done otherwise, the company may struggle with legal and financial obligations.

In a recent survey, many organizations have suffered a revenue loss of around 9% while dealing with contract management challenges. And no business professional would want to deal with that.

So, what’s the solution?

Challenging as it may be, dealing with contract value leakage is not as problematic as it may seem. All you need to do is associate with the right people. However, investing in an in-house team can end up breaking your bank. Thus, it is often beneficial to outsource end-to-end contract lifecycle management and delegate tasks to industry professionals.

Such professionals will look after everything from drafting, and negotiating to the renewal of contracts. Not to mention, they will also use their expertise and resources ensuring confidentiality and integrity throughout the management process. The best part of outsourcing such services is that their tailored plans allows you make informed decisions. Additionally, with reliable and valued contracts, it would be easier to make better and informed decisions.

How We At Aeren LPO Can Help Prevent Contract Value Leakage?

We at Aeren LPO strive to understand client requirements to deliver quality results and services. Our team helps you gain a competitive advantage by analyzing the non-standard clauses in your contract.

With end-to-end management services, our team helps clients to focus on their key responsibilities while managing complex contract management tasks. This, in turn, takes the pressure off the in-house team and help them focus on core tasks.

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