Document review is the process of analyzing the documents related to any legal cases thoroughly and being successful in finding out documents relevant to the case, also known as responsive documents, the ones which are privileged and confidential that needs to be redacted and the documents which can aid in the crucial success of case called as key or hot documents. The rest which is irrelevant should be categorized as non-responsive. This whole process of classifying, scrutinizing, verifying and systemizing of every document related to legal constitute the document review process.

According to United State Courts and Federal Courts Judicial Caseload Statistics report on the workload of the US Courts, the cases filed, terminated and pending put together makeup to a whopping 100 million-plus cases in the year ending March 31, 2018. The U.S also has a rule 26(f) under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, according to which it is mandatory for the parties connected to a case to designate and specify a stratagem for reviewing of digital information before submission to the court.

With these many higher numbers of cases and just a little over million lawyers in the US, anyone can do the math that literally the caseload and the people to see them is a humongous and a gap as wide as the Grand Canyon. No wonder their attorneys’ works are stretched and stressed over the limits.

Considering the above statistics now let’s talk about any legal firm getting at least one million cases, imagine what would even the attorneys do? Feel happy they are having so many clients trust and base or grimace what would they ever do to do justice for the cases? And let’s not even wonder why attorneys cost in the US so much, eventually ending up having sky-high expenses for the organization.

A law firm, corporate house or a legal publishing house now has to win cases and that’s how your reputation grows, business grows and eventually the revenue and clients- a complete cycle all over again. With every case, you have a large number of documents related to them. Few times a single case can have documents running in   100s-10000s and even more. So to get this started you need a team who can be competitive, smart, focused, collaborative in-house and too efficient to handle the gravity of the voluminous details of documents and nuances to sort through it to find the ones really relevant, responsive, privileged and key hot documents that are turning points to the case and win cases in favor of you.

This is when LPOs come to your rescue big time. Without being bogged down by the sheer size, the responsibility, time and cost factor that comes with a document review process, it’s only natural to outsource the voluminous but much needed and relevant work to LPOs. The LPOs are specially equipped to handle Document Review process which they provide as a one in among many other services they have to offer.

How and who can carry out a successful Document Review Process?

The reliable and the best answer to that question is-

  • An experienced attorney who has a keen eye to look and find for what exactly needs to be found or even not to be found.
  • A team with natural talents and a special interest in the document review process.
  • The best tools for automation or AI adopted with the right rules to find relevant keys to notice and detect information that is overlooked and not require a second time to follow up the probe.
  • The legal team must thoroughly be trained for the ability to examine and inspect the documents swiftly and be convinced to come up with masterly decisions to build up the case.

When an LPO takes care of your legal process needs the responsibility at which the work is being done conforms to the highest standard of veracity. For more info visit This definitely saves you huge time, money and frees your legal attorneys to be open for strategic opportunities.

At AERENLPO we take it duly on us entirely as much as it’s yours, to deliver you class apart legal work obligatoriness. We don’t just say, we make it work for you with definiteness. We have had many successful clients from Fortune 500 who made a killing out of the legal issues we handled for them just by the evidence we found from document reviews. Our attorneys are highly competitive and good in what they do a vision to change challenges to success for you. We have very much experienced and talented in-house lawyers specially trained to specialize in Document Review Services equipped with the latest in the technology.

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