Is E-discovery The Solution To Find Relevant Data!


Is E-discovery The Solution To Find Relevant Data!

As a practitioner or attorney, we all know the importance of relevant data in any project. That is done by e-discovery. It is important for evidence to require in cases. It is a needle in the haystack.

Why Should We Care For Relevant Data? Why Is It Important?

When you initiate a litigation, you want to get and evaluate enough evidence to make your case strong. If you are a party in active matters then you must know the importance of data accessibility. It is important to make decisions to settle or to proceed. You need data to be able to plan effective strategies and frame the actions. You need relevant data to build your case, as well as to identify weakness of your case. Addressing relevance in your data is as important as food to live. 

Getting Relevant Data

Getting Relevant Data

Under Rule 26(b)(1), the discovery parties may obtain information or data. We need to discover four type of information that is-

  • Information stored in tangible objects
  • Stored in papers
  • Information in people’s head
  • Electronically stored information

The scope of information that parties want have three factors. Firstly, Privileged information. Secondly, the information needs to be relevant to claim. Thirdly, proportionality comes into play. It consider five factors:

  • The needs of the case
  • Relevance of issue at stake in the action
  • The parties resources
  • Relevance of discovery in resolving the issues 
  • Pricing proposed discovery outweighs its likely benefit

These factors are always gone when you gain access to another party data or data and might actually be relevant. These rules are determined on the basis of circumstances. 

Ready to find relevant data

Ready To Find Relevant Data ?

Even if you have found the relevant data, you never know if you need to find yet more data. Your this need can be met if you opt for the option of outsourcing your work. AEREN LPO is the perfect partner to meet your workload and deadlines. 
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