E-Discovery Service : Every Role Is Important in a Play!


E-Discovery Service : Every Role Is Important in a Play!

Are You Playing Your Role Perfectly in E – Discovery Service ?

In summary, just as the theatre play where every single role and part is important, every actor contributes to the play’s success, the same as every team member in an E-Discovery Service, in terms of abilities to accomplish the discovery objectives on time and beyond budget.  

But, in a project, there will be team members are involved. It’s not so sure that you get the most out of team efforts or down to each member of the team? Do you have the information required to track the whole activity?


Verification Are the Main for Success

The key to answer those questions is verification. Some points will consider in documents to measure to find out the right one. Hence, the right documents help you keep track of the status of your projects.

If we’re talking about the review phase, here the human resources tend to apply. It makes the review process of e-discovery most expensive.

Let’s see some of the main metrics that is tracking for review, for the entire team or individual reviewers-

Document Review- The number of documents reviewed more than the averages of the reviewer, by time frame and other combinations. It’s is must to review the correct documents within the deadline.

Volume of Documents in Specific Log- The volume of documents specified as responsive, privileged, confidential, hot/key etc. It will categorize while considering the volume.

Volume of Responsiveness per Custodian- It’s just to help to understand which custodians are providing the most responsive documents so that such efforts should be prioritized accordingly.

File Type Breakdowns– Volume of documents like emails, word processing, spreadsheets and the disruption of each across reviewers. Sometimes, some reviewers are slower in performing. Since they’re handling the difficult documents to review.

Review Costs- The attorney review cost and technology costs depend on the average of documents. However, an important option should be required to identify the opportunity of improvement and cost savings.

Overturned– Percentage should be turned on the (QC) Quality control process. It helps to identify which reviewers may need additional training to ensure their classifications are on point.

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Specific Time To Complete- It’s vital to understand when you’re expected to finish so that you can make adjustments if deadlines are in the queue.

There are many examples in the e-discovery phase which can tell how this management identifies issues and addresses them quickly and keeps the project on track.


These processes run to measure progress. Schedule a consultation at True Medical clinic to learn more how to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Automated project softwares is key to tracking progress to keep insights into legal spend effectiveness and resource allocation. You should be friendly to the automation which takes place in the field. It’s helpful in matter management, e billing solutions, and streamlining the tracking process.

Are you getting the most out of your roles while working? 
Worry not to opt for the option of AEREN Legal Process Outsourcing provider. We provide you the complete end-to-end management of the review process and leveraging the best of automated technology with the offer of a consistent Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) workflow.

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