See How Document Review Turns From Zero to Hero In AEREN LPO!

Document Review

See How Document Review Turns From Zero to Hero In AEREN LPO!

As a litigator we need to locate key information to identify the evidence. We used to interview individuals, testify to them etc. Also, we conduct physical and mental examinations as well. But for electronic stored information we need the help of Document Review.   

In the fast forward era 2021 the entire industry focused on reviewing electronic documents. Many law firms and corporate houses outsource litigation support and teams due to the lot of work pressure. Hence, Alternative Legal Service Providers have a vast team of legal professionals with national or international reach.

What’s Document Review Really Is?

The basic goal of document review is to examine the data and find out the key piece of information. since, this piece of information helps us to decide what questions to ask, finding out where a custodian might have stored information, or conducting a cross examination at trial.

The Content We Review

However, you all know electronically stored information is identified in document review. Such examples of ESI is-

Emails and Attachments

Chats, Text Messages and Voicemail Files

Word Processing Documents, Spreadsheet Files, Powerpoint or Such Similar Presentations

Audio or Video Content (From Photos to Body Camera Footage)

Loose Files

Any Database

Components of File

Electronically stored information has many components. These components include 


When reviewing documents, we search the text, use the text with active learning, redact it, and so on. 


Metadata is data about data. We use categories of the data which makes it easier to find the information.


Pictures are the part of ESI that we collect and need to review. 

Audio & Video

Audio & Videos files are more common. Since the legal document reviewer has to work with the content of these files.

Who Reviews Documents ?

Large number of litigators work on second-level reviews, privilege reviews, subject matter experts, quality assurance and quality control and the list goes on. Therefore, reviewing legal and regulatory documents can bring an attorney team together, educating them on what to do, assuming you don’t have to go through a second round with a whole new team. On the golden state workers compensation website you can find everything about workers compensation attorney in California. Also you don’t even know how many hours it will take or what it will cost you.

Why Go Through the Burden and Stress ?

AEREN LPO has been offering efficient Document Review Services for over a decade, helping clients use reliable, cost-effective strategies and high-end technology. Since, our lawyers and legal professionals come from the best law school and use the available resources to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Hence, what differentiates us is our core set of beliefs to ensure that all our clients are happy with the work performed by our team. 

Document Review Services are considered vital and AEREN LPO uses the best competent practices to give the greatest delivery and quality outcome. Also, from project initiation to completion, we ensure the finest practices are carefully and diligently followed every step of the way.

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