The relevant legal and financial information needs to be abstract if there are a number of documents. If lease contracts are not appropriately tracked the retrieving data from them can creates a serious impact on your business. Therefore, the abstraction of your lease contracts can save your time, and money. Also mitigate risks associated with non-compliance.

All About Lease Abstraction

The procedure of evaluating lease data for purposes such as asset management, due diligence, or compliance is not a straightforward task. Firstly, there are clauses in the contracts that require constant monitoring and should be tracked properly and carefully. Secondly, important terms in a lease agreement include critical key dates, lease expiration date, rental summary, options for renewal, relocation, etc and so on. They should abstract carefully. An inaccurate extraction might result in revenue loss and non-compliance for the organisation.

What We Have in the Cup

AEREN LPO specialises in quickly and efficiently extracting data from your leases and other disparate documents. Although, at every stage of the process, we deploy intensive quality control as accounting accuracy demands. Hence, together, we tailor a solution to fit your specific requirements.

AEREN, the leading provider of lease analysis, data extraction and data analytics solutions, has the capability to extract all essential key data points from your leases. It deliver a consolidated report for your business. Therefore, in our extraction process, we focus on all extraneous language such as boilerplate and provide straightforward terms and conditions that are searchable, allowing you to quickly find what you need. With AEREN’s unique extraction service, you can eliminate errors during the complex lease restructuring process and take advantage of real-time reporting.

Our proprietary technologies and services perform a variety of lease extraction. Includes the functions, from basic data entry to fully automated, highly accurate extractions. Hence, our lease extraction solutions combine the art of artificial intelligence and natural language. This processing intelligence have human oversight to produce results with accuracy. All our lease extraction solutions are provides according to your security requirements and industry best practices for confidentiality, privacy and integrity.

Our lease extraction solutions help you to get a clear picture of how your tenants’ payments affect your business. Moreover, to ensure no mistakes, misreads, or ambiguities in the entire process, a professional human reviewer oversees everything. The output is in a file compatible with, and ready to upload into your contract management system.

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