Personal Identifiable Information, Term You Need To Know!


Personal Identifiable Information, Term You Need To Know!

In summary, Personal Identifiable Information, also known as PII-based data, and considered the stone in the desert. Presently, PII includes the information used to identify an individual’s data. Actually, it’s provided by the user themselves, such as name, email address, and phone number etc. Let’s have a look on such terms:

PII protections under the GDPR

GDPR requires the protection and evidence to measure the place of Personal Identifiable Information. Similarly, We use to collect, process, store and transmit the data. Accordingly, in GDPR, we can request for followings. Firstly, In this, individuals can request that their data should be deleted. Secondly, can have a right to object to processing the data. And Thirdly, the right to data portability as well- in electronic form. 

HIPAA Protections

Consequently, HIPAA explains the importance of consent, organizations should be mindful of the following in order to be complaint to GDPR laws:

Data subjects must be made fully aware of what they are giving should be given in their consent.

Consent is applicable only for the use of data for a specific and clear purpose.

Obtaining consent for materials from checking tick boxes is no longer acceptable.

Regulatory Compliance & Document Security

Actually, adding redaction to shared documents isn’t mandatory. But it can help you in reducing the risk in legal terms and compliance challenges. For Personal Identifiable Information, we required a redaction service. 

Firstly, companies face the challenge of the necessity of redaction, especially by demands. Secondly, If you are not going with the redaction process then your organization could face increased regulatory oversight.

For Case in a Point  

In the healthcare industry, we need several clinical studies that require peer review. And for this we need redaction. Every report has some specific Personal Identifiable Information. 

However, not everyone agrees to share their personal information with the broad audience. It’s crucial to protect the participants’ involvement and  Personal Identifiable Information to ensure that no harm comes to them.

A Changing Landscape

Therefore, if you’re dealing with multiple data types then you should look up for the solution. Last of all, choose AEREN for your outsourcing to add multiple redactions or codes to clarify your intent and keep data secure.

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