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The primary goal of managed document review is to examine legal documents thoroughly. However, accurately identifying crucial information demands significant time and resources. This is where Aeren LPO steps in as your trusted partner, navigating through voluminous data and documents essential for locating, gathering, and producing electronically stored information (ESI).

At Aeren LPO, our Document Review services help organizations and law firms in streamlining the document review process. We aim to reduce the time and cost associated with reviewing large volumes of documents while uncovering critical insights to support legal, regulatory, or business decisions.


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Equip your legal team with state-of-the-art eDiscovery technology.

Document review is becoming more expensive due to the abundance of electronic data, particularly in the legal and business sectors. Choosing an outsourcing team for this task is more budget-friendly than maintaining an in-house team. At Aeren LPO, we provide the advantage of an outsourced team serving as an extension of your company at an affordable price.

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Swift Turnaround Time
Streamlined Review Process

Enhance Efficiency and Service Delivery Through Tech-Infused Legal Solutions

Automation Streamlines Workflows

We streamline resource allocation by automating routine tasks, enabling focus on strategic work.

Secured Document Management

Digital contracts and secure document management ensure vital transparency, traceability, and security for compliant industries.

Real-time Digital Collaboration

Cloud tools enable real-time collaboration between legal teams and clients, overcoming geographical barriers.

Case Study

One of our clients from England which is a legal firm there, contacted us as they wanted to avail the Document Review Services. They need assistance with a significant amount of papers for a future legal matter, which necessitates a rapid and accurate review procedure.

Our Solution:

Our legal team after having a detailed discussion with the client understood every requirement and guidelines of the client. Immediately after the discussion, a project manager was appointed to the client and he gathered an expert team of reviewers who conducted the first-pass review of the various documents through the use of predictive coding to analyze their relevance and earmarked them.

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