Deposition Summary

Deposition Summary is an objective and summarized clerical digest of important points of a deposition transcript. The summary classifies vital points in the deposition by page and line.

A Deposition Summary is a brief document going over the basic and relevant information from a Deposition Testimony taken before a trial to help legal attorneys to collate, categorize and interpret meritorious facts. Preparing a Deposition Summary requires going over the testimony rigorously which runs into hundreds of pages, taking ample notes on the subject matter of the deposition, and thinking about the most relevant information that comes up. Our Legal Attorneys may break it into a series of headings covering specific topics and can include a table of contents so that our clients can have a direct reference to the required facts.

In addition to this, preparing Deposition Summaries requires fluent English writing skills as well as good command over the English language so as to deliver best in class deposition summaries to our clients.

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