IP Services

Prior Art Searches

A blanket thorough search on Patentability, State of Art, Patent Invalidation, Infringement, Freedom to Operate.

Patent Watch

Periodic & Comprehensive watch for infringement launch of products by competitors.

Patent Drafting, Illustrations & Translation

Expert drafts and convert regular drawings to AUTOCAD, all under compliance with the PTO guidelines.


Forecast trends and activities for any technological specified domain.

Patent Portfolio Analysis,Patent Licensing & Monetization

Converting IP assets to Monetary value by successful licensing.

Open Source Licence Compliance

Solid fool-proof compliances to open source license agreements.

End-to-End docketing and administrative support

End-to-end docketing support in all IP related administrative tasks-data management, data verification, timeline tracking, and reminders through our ISO 9001:27001 certified system and processes.