Contract Harmonization and Standardization

AEREN LPO has an In-house team of contract specialists that can help the MNCs, legal firms etc. in reducing their cost, time and the limited resources they have relating to contract template drafting and focusing more on devising strategic moves to increase their revenue many folds.

We follow the process of reviewing each contract that the organization has entered into and observe the terms and conditions mentioned therein. The purpose is to understand and observe the general terms, clauses, and conditions for each type of contract and prepare the Standard Request for Proposal templates.

The standard contract template is prepared as per the following basis:

  1. Global Level
  2. Region Level
  3. Country Level
  4. Local Level

Based on the above standard contract templates, our contract specialists prepare a library of common contractual terms and conditions for our clients. This further helps our clients in executing various types of contracts for future reference. In addition to this, modifications are carried out in contracts as per the prevalent global, regional, country and local level norms and regulations.

Our team has the expertise, experience and knowledge in standard/diversified contract making practices spread across the globe.

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