Must Tech Trends for Your Legal Domain!


Must Tech Trends for Your Legal Domain!

We’re seeing new kinds of innovation impact just about every part of our business lives. The practice of law is impacted as well like new innovations are profoundly changing the legal domain for legal departments to operate.

Technology is driving globalization and is bringing about the geographic ‘spread of businesses’. This implies closer monitoring of law among many different countries at a broad level. On the other hand, same time, maintaining contractual obligations and commitments with different parties at a project level.

Technology can help here as well, a large number of GCs at organizations of all sizes are showing greater interest in bringing meaningful legal technology solutions in order to future-proof their businesses.

In-house Legal Department

The pandemic further demands technology enhancement among all legal departments. All of which tech keeps on developing at breakneck speed. Rather than basic grappling to catch up with long-delayed technology investments, corporate legal leaders must build a strategy that addresses pain points for better legal outcomes, considering new solutions as well.

According to a recent report by Gartner, technology will altogether reshape the activities of work of legal departments and law firms in ongoing and coming years.

Key factors and insights based on the Gartner survey of legal leaders-

  • By 2025, people in the legal domain will build their spending on legal technology threefold.
  • In 2024, people of the legal domain will replace 20% of generalist lawyers with non lawyer staff.
  • By 2024, legal departments will have automated half of the legal work related to major corporate transactions.
  • In 2025, corporate legal departments will capture only 30% of the potential advantage of their contract lifecycle management investments.
  • By 2025, no less than 25% of spending on corporate legal applications will go to non-specialist technology providers.

  • Technology process is unavoidable

    Hence, constant development is a key to success. Something like the smartphone that was a choice a decade ago is now a must for nearly everyone, they accomplish such a great deal more than basically keeping us associated. Since, technology development for coming years will remain remarkable, those organizations which do not perceive this as an opportunity will be left out of the system.

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