Migrate For Hassle-Free Immigration Solutions By LPO Providers


Migrate For Hassle-Free Immigration Solutions By LPO Providers

Immigration to the USA – A Dream for Many

Oscar Handlin(1915-2011) an eminent American historian and a pioneer in Immigration to American history, quotes in his Pulitzer winning book, The Uprooted (1951)with the beginning lines“Once I thought to write a history of the immigrants in America. Then I discovered that the immigrants were American history.”

Immigration to the USA is a cherished aspiration to many across the globe. American Community Survey (ACS) data shows numbers at 44.5 million immigrants residing in the USA in the year 2017.

This can vary from people touring to the US, students looking for opportunities to study, ambitions to work in the US, obtain legal permanent resident status also familiarly recognized as “green card” and for many, eventually to settle there, after going through the naturalization of the citizenship process.

Immigration is the term we say in general, however, when accurately used we mention as immigrants and non-immigrants. Immigrants are the people entitled/already have the permanent immigration status to get a green card and the naturalization thereafter. It includes immediate relatives, family/company-sponsored preferences and special immigrants and Diversity Immigrants Lottery.

Non-immigrants refer to temporary visitors like tourists, students, job candidates staying for a specified period. Total visas issued were 533,557 for immigrants and 9,028,026 for non immigrants in 2018,  stated by the US Department of State. The numbers in 2017 are 1.13 million for legal permanent resident status and 707,265 for persons naturalized in the US by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Seeing the numbers we naturally pique to think we do have our opportunity too. The phrase, “This is all easier said than done”, is applicable precisely for the whole immigration process scenario for the USA.

Prospective people have to go through patiently a long process of checklists before your visas get stamped and approved so that you can officially travel to the US for whatever time duration you intended for in the first place or forever. Here instead of just mentioning as people why it is,we mentioned as prospective people? That is because people have high chances of getting rejected for entry into the US than your chances for rejections on love, university, job or even a transplant!

Immigration Lawyers to the Rescue

To save lot of time, confusions and stress it’s a good thing we have immigration lawyers who see to it that all your documents, proofs, verifications, payments, self-presentation, and timely filings are done in a hassle-free, quick and in all means in a smooth manner for obtaining visa without getting caught in the loops of the whole process.

Immigration Lawyers

In another angle, immigration lawyer’s services are applicable to save you from illegal deportation and find means to keep you safe from it. The deportation numbers stand at 295,364 in 2017.

Immigrant lawyers are professionals equipped both in deep knowledge and experience for the whole Immigration process so that your chances of going to the USA don’t get delayed or stopped due to inexperience or over looking certain things that needed to be completed.

Immigration Solutions By LPO Providers

Migrating the immigration process to legal process outsourcing vendors lessens overheads for an onshore immigration lawyer. The law firm can focus on acquiring potential clients and building a bond with them which literally goes hand in hand with the immigration technical process.

Immigration lawyers in an LPO are well versed in language, profiling, drafting, document preparations,obtaining labor certification from the Department of Labour (DOL),  filings of visa petitions, fill necessary forms from the United Nations Citizenship Immigration Services (UNCIS) for approval, next with the National Visa Center (NVC) for pre-processing the petition by collecting mandatory proofs and evidences for the verification of the personnel, and the due payment processing. In case, if any Request for Evidence (RFE) from USCIS rises, the subsequent steps will be taken care of.

The entire exhaustive list of preparing for immigration will be done proficiently by our pro Immigration lawyers, so be free to contact Monder Criminal Lawyer Group and you can have many happy clients whose dream of visiting the US come true and appreciates your commitment and bonding the entire time. Tada! Win-win for everyone.

At AEREN LPO we have an accomplished team of skilled Immigrant Attorneys to render the best client immigration handling experience. To know more about us visit www.aerenlpo.com.

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