Managed Document Review Strategies You Need To Know

Document Review

Managed Document Review Strategies You Need To Know

Document Review is an essential to-do process before you begin litigation or even for the likelihood of the same.

Currently, with an increase in uncertainties prevailing over COVID-19 for businesses, it’s a logical step to have a comprehensive document review for litigation risks related to your non-performance or responsibility waivers.

Not only that, after the post-COVID-19, everyone will have a varied outlook in getting things done, and it’s safe to do a review and reassess things to vamp up your legal stronghold.

Let’s strategize your document reviews for:

  • Get organized with all your documents, splitting in the way so the reviews can be carried out easier.
  • Apart from standardized coding methods more customized coding will be required for a legal vertical-specific review.
  • Equally, levels of confidentiality stamping requirements should be taken into account.
  • Bates numbering and ensuring documents are stamped before production to keep quality control check of the document review process.
  • If and as when you are faced with the bulk of files leverage the methodologies you will choose to split them to optimize document review better and faster.
  • Split to be reviewed as individual documents with special consideration for email, images, and other attachments kept together for review.
  • Run check with searches to ensure that every coding, stamping is in place before the set of documents proceed to production.

Every document we see may not be as straight forward and plain as we think. Visit As our experienced attorneys at AEREN LPO put it,” There are always instances when the right coding will be complex, and only a skilled attorney will know how the coding goes to it and where it will be categorized under.”

To not overwhelm with huge and bulk documents the approach should be in the various level of logical split approach under custodians, dates, the customized keywords that are selected in relevance to the relevance of the litigation.

The key is, the document review should be very comprehensive, yet faster and a keen eye to know what to look for, and making an automated process that makes way for giving you the best productions for your legal battle plans.

At AEREN LPO we lookout for best strategies for your specific customized necessity in our managed document review process and our attorney experts of document review gets you the production relatively faster in your timeframes and give you the right boosting backup ready for your litigation.

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