Did you know that the US market is in need of 10 million high-skilled employees to fill in the nationwide job openings? And according to a recent survey, only 8.4 million Americans are actively looking for jobs. Health risks, early retirements, and care responsibilities are some of the major reasons why the American workforce is deteriorating.

Now the burning question is how will the US-based companies bridge the talent gap. Well, research shows that ever since consultancies have started seeking help from immigrant management service providers, many high-skilled immigrant workers got a chance to contribute to the American Dream. Believe it or not, immigrant workers significantly add value to the diversity of sectors such as healthcare, hospitality, Information technology, and many more.

Keep on reading to learn more about how immigrant management service providers are helping US-based firms to bridge the ever-increasing talent gap.

Helps in dealing with mounting backlogs

Under normal circumstances, the United States welcomes more than 1 million global immigrants, three-quarters of which contribute to the workforce. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, there was a significant drop to about 263,000. And that’s one of the prominent causes of the escalating talent gap.

In order to deal with that, the US government has launched various initiatives and immigration firms are helping them integrate the right way. But even with efficient immigration initiatives, there are more than 400,000 pending visa applications at U.S consulates resulting in mounting backlogs.

And here’s where associating with immigration management service providers can help. Such professionals assist consulates with administrative tasks and brush the burden off their shoulders allowing them to focus on core tasks. They are also well-versed in document drafting and filing. This helps in speeding up the visa approval process which in turn reduces the rate of mounting backlogs.

Prioritize efficiency during the documentation process

When it comes to immigration, a lot depends on the documentation process. Do it wrong and the candidate might lose their chance of getting their visa approved. And consulates often struggle in ensuring the utmost efficiency while drafting and filing necessary documents.

But that’s not the case with integrated immigration management services. Such professionals closely monitor the document filing process and are familiar with the related complexities. This, in turn, allows them to foresee potential issues and take preventive measures to streamline the visa application process.

Additionally, the reduced time in the application process grants permission to join the US workforce, making a huge difference in Healthcare, Information Technology, and many other industries.

In the end,

Needless to say that the increasing talent gap is certainly a rising concern for US-based industries. And immigrant management service providers with their tailored plans and quality approach are helping them bridge the employment gap gradually.

How We At Aeren LPO Are Assisting Global Immigration Firms?

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