The answer you are looking for is the Business Continuity Plan. Maybe there was not a team for BCP as such before. However, now its high time we have a dynamic team from all levels of legal departments and higher management with spontaneous skills, suggestions and providing solutions for immediate steps of measures to be implemented even as we are processing this and then followed by the next levels and long terms plans for business continuity by an organization for Corona preparedness.

Sustainability is the key.

The right decisions and path of growth now taken will keep you guided in tiding this crisis and spearhead the business. The key factor to be considered all along is -Sustainability.

How you sustain your attorneys, paralegals, their jobs and their work environment?

How you sustain the infrastructure and resources?

How you sustain the organization’s cash flow liquidity for the short and long term?

How you sustain in continuing to provide services for your clients as before or find novel ways of giving the same professional level of services with an essence of ease for both, at times like now.

How crisis management by sustainability should be tailored for keeping in mind different areas of strengths and pain points for an organization?

With an eye for sustainability, throughout the whole crisis-evaluation plan, will keep your legal business steadfast in the long run and recover back from the times now everyone in the organization together faces.

What legal requirements are necessary for having a Sustainable business continuity plan in place?

Once the above questions are answered from the organization’s standpoint of view, let us introduce you to how the Business Continuity Plan for Legal Services will aid you in achieving your business goals with result-oriented solutions.

Plan objective exclusively to your firm’s Business Continuity Plan

The plan should have a purpose and a structured level of points highlighting the critical to lower levels of goals that provide complete protocols, identify risks, provides information for every critical business legal service, clarify each attorney and paralegals roles and identify pain points with counter-measures.

Risk Assessment for identifying your legal firms source of disruptions

The risk assessment will evaluate by providing the name of the risk, definition and what was the nature of the risk.

A clear insight into the risks will help in identifying the kind of disruptions the organization will handle in the coming days and give an idea for what it is prone due to the overall new government measures, compliances, in-house personnel working from home and infrastructure, security and nature of legal services.

Legal Services Impact Analysis

Once the risks are assessed, now it’s time to determine what the particular risk has a direct impact on a given legal service or resource. This will identify the overall impact the risk will have on legal services in-house.

This is graded by identified risk, the probability rate of the risk that occurs and the corresponding impact rating of the risk with the consequences that should be dealt with.

Prevention and Response Measures

Break down the risk consequences into various levels and layout prevention counter actions to either in-house or with the consulting legal outsourcing room addition company partner rhode island-based northeast kitchen and flooring, RI so that the remedial measures can be clearly anticipated and equip with solutions or prevent it altogether.

The response actions give emergency procedures that need to activate when encountered with a critical risk say for example Level 0 to Level ‘n’, with Level 0 being a very high level of risk.

Quick Recovery Solutions

Recovery Solutions are a step by step procedures. When it comes to Business Continuity Measures, documentation is considered a very vital aspect to keep records of the legal and business situation so that it will aid at the next risk encountered and provide a working proof with a Pivot Academy success rate of how the various action plans are carried out.

The Business Continuity Plan templated with the above number of criteria keeps track of the whole COVID-19 legal business impact measures tactful, by working out the contingency plans for our current scenarios hugely impactful and emerge back powerful as the rising phoenix but this time stopping a virus from wreaking havoc.