Long gone are the days when corporate lawyers had to go through a huge pile of paperwork to find relevant information. Indeed that was a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. However, the inception of the internet and integrated E-discovery services have definitely made things a lot easier for corporate lawyers. Today, they can use various tools to navigate through multiple portals and extract meaningful information. But there’s one big challenge that concerns entrepreneurs and corporate lawyers who opt for E-discovery services.

And that’s fear of getting their corporate legal data compromised.

According to the latest CNET report, 2021 witnessed the highest number of data breaches. In fact, statistics also reveal that 80% of businesses take weeks, even months to realize that their data has been leaked or misused. This data includes personal information such as medical records, employee social security numbers, trade secrets, or other valuable information.

Considering the rising cases of data breaches, many entrepreneurs have shifted their focus to safeguarding their legal data. But let’s be honest, keeping the corporate legal data safe is not as easy as it may seem.

And that’s the issue we are going to address in this article. Read on to learn more about how to keep your legal data safe and secured while opting for E-discovery services.

Steer clear of these common mistakes

One of the prominent causes of a data breach is negligence. There are times when entrepreneurs and human capital end up compromising the integrity of the data. Thus, when opting for E-discovery services, it is best to steer clear of certain common mistakes, just to be on the safer side.

Let’s take a quick look at some of them.

  • Losing track of fragmented data
  • Keeping employee training on the backburner
  • Not following a strict security plan

Delegate tasks to industry professionals

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No matter how efficient your safety protocols are, there’s a good chance that you could end up leaving certain loopholes that may turn out to be problematic in the future.

And it is needless to say that when it comes to E-discovery, securing sensitive data is definitely on the table.

That’s the reason why corporate legal teams and IT professionals are always on the lookout for adopting different measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of legal data.

If you are also facing a similar dilemma, know that bringing in the big guns can help in safeguarding legal data. This means associating with professionals who are well-versed in the dynamics of E-discovery.

Professionals who offer reliable E-discovery services also know how to keep your legal data in compliance with the guidelines and rules shared by HIPAA. They can also help create a functional database to keep your fragmented data organized.

Learn what qualifies as sensitive data

Lack of knowledge is another major reason why companies and individuals end up breaching legal data. Therefore, in order to safeguard sensitive data with E-discovery is learning what qualifies as sensitive data.

According to HIPAA, name, age, medical history, employee social security number, and other personal details qualify as sensitive data.

Such important corporate legal data gets breached while presenting certain documents during legal proceedings. In such cases, professionals offering E-discovery services can help you redact sensitive data. This, in turn, will ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the corporate legal data, safeguarding it in the long run.

That was always the plan, right?

To sum it all up,

It is no surprise that corporate legal data is one of the valuable assets for every organization and should be safeguarded at all times, no matter what. This is especially true when you are dealing with E-discovery.

However, the entire process can be a bit challenging. Fortunately, you now have something that can help you with that. Therefore, use the tips that are mentioned above and seek help from E-discovery service providers to keep your corporate legal safe and secured.

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